About Trump and the "binding"

Some of you probably already know about this, on 24th February a public binding of Donald Trump, the president of the United States, happened. This binding was announced publicly in advance for "witches" to gather and join the cause.

Why is this so funny?
There are people of different opinions everywhere, including the occult. Announcing something like that publicly and not expecting the other side of the argument to join the fun and prevent the binding is both shortsighted and irresponsible. Even more, it actually shows the great lack of understanding of the occult and of other occultists.

To be frank it also shows the misunderstanding of the top politics, but what do we really want from people who didn't even know how delegates, super delegates or even electoral college work like. Seriously, this system is there since always, its not like you study it in school or something? In my country we learn about our political system in the elementary school (basic school).

To top it off, believing that the top politics have no protection whatsoever is also ridiculous, did you seriously think anything is going to happen? At least it was just a binding, imagine the horror of millions of people if for example Pulsa diNura was deflected back at them.

Now the sad part. Media has a tendency to twist and exaggerate anything Trump does, but even if everything we read in news was true, don't you think there is still some more pressing matter? I haven't noticed any public binding on Daesh on such a scale, or is this really the lesser problem for our "witches" than Trump? Fuck off, there are people suffering in slavery and you throw a tantrum because your presidential candidate lost. Seriously, fuck off.


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