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The Summary

I haven't posted on this blog for a very long time, 2 years to be exact. Some people recently asked what's up with me, so here is some summary.

I started the journey in Magick 7 years ago (2012), since then I have written many articles and also books. I also got a lot of feedback for those (some positive, some negative). I am generally happy when people talk about my work and especially my books were well received. The problem arose when my phone with a QWERTY keyboard got destroyed. I bought a new phone without a hardware keyboard and I never really learned to type quickly on the touch screen. I know there are Bluetooth keyboards you can connect to the phone, I have one, as well, it just isn't so easy to type on those (wrong spacing, wrong key sensitivity, marks on F and J are not that prominent, etc).  Plus, frankly, I have written a lot of technical documentation recently and writing has become an annoyance.

Speaking of annoyance, I spend 5 hours every day traveling to …