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Occult community

After 3 years of experience I might already be used that occult community is full of all the different people. Still, sometimes I get surprised. I don't know if you already noticed, but sometimes you meet people (especially on-line), having all kind of arguments and "expertise" on everything, not completely understanding what they are talking about and even not really listening to you, just arguing for the sake of argument.
It's like when you teach first graders that 1+1 = 2 and some ass standing nearby starts arguing with you about the symbolic meaning of numbers, rationality and representation of each digit by a bunch of nested empty sets.

If I can give you some hint, don't grow to be that way. Remember that different people need different kind of information and also that different people hold different values. Arguing about values or about an amount of information being handled is the worst thing you can actually do. And also, believe me when I say that these…

Month of Necronomicon

May, month I have associated with Necronomicon, is slowly approaching. I have already started with my preparations and every day I manage to repeat
for about hundred times.Last year I had quite some trouble matching story of Necronomicon with my belief. Fortunately I became more mature and my study of Kabbalah also progressed, so this year I expect no issues.ZI ANNA KANPA,