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So, I recently got sick so I had to calm down a little in my practices, I am currently focusing more on the internal stuff.Regarding Shazu: I did a couple of readings with him, two about possible client cases. I like how descriptive the reading gets with Shazu, he really helps to get some insight.Unfortunately both client cases were a no-no, for one I was told the girl has to resolve her problems on her own. For the second one I originally didn't use Shazu. The case was about the dark entity possession, I checked, found no entity, and contacted the client. I told him that I found nothing but sometimes these pesky creatures are very good at hiding. I also gave him some advices based on our communication and later I got sick. Then I called Shazu to find out the reason of the sickness and I was told about this case and that I should mind my own bussiness and also a safety of my family, so there it goes...Yeah, I also found an old occult novel I was working on so I guess I will contin…

Another talk with Shazu

So, I have had another talk with Shazu to gain better understanding of our previous conversation.So, regarding the eye of Luna, I should ask Nanna about that. Fortunately Shazu had told me I do not need to go through the gate walking ritual and had shown me a summoning mandala for that purpose, I will try to redraw it when I get home (I forgot my drawing equipment home and Shazu was quite funny about it).
Akenu: Can you show me the mandala again so I can draw it?
Shazu: you won't be able to
Akenu: Why? Oh, I didn't take the pen and book with me, right?
Shazu: Reading future from the past.He had also told me that to get his help for divination I have to make a white tablecloth with his seal on it and before the card reading or any other system of divination to call his name and word of power.I have also asked him how far reaching his insight into future is, to which he responded that he can see my state till the end. I asked if my future was already decided then and he said it has …

Communication with Shazu

I hope I remember the whole conversation as it was very interesting. Shazu himself appeared with big decorated helmet (similar as Thai deities have).Akenu: Shazu, can you teach me to read minds of others?
Shazu: No
A: and if I do the 3 days long ritual, can you teach me then?
S: Yes
A: So I will be able to hear thoughts of others?
S: No.
A: So what can you teach me?
S: To see the future, the present, and the past, and to read the future from the past.
A: and regarding telepathy?
S: To strenghten your manipulation of others.
A: Can my eye of the moon help in this?
S: No, but eye of Luna can.
A: You mean the eye of Nanna?
S: Yes.
A: O mighty Shazu, can you bless me in the name of Enki, the lord of Magicians and Marduk, the master mage?
S: I give you my blessings
A: Thank you, o mighty spirit.Now I am very curious what he meant by the eye of Luna, maybe a Moon on the sky? Anyone any ideas?

Eye of the moon: awakening

So, originally I didn't want to reveal this practice but I ran my mouth on the forum and people got interested. It's one of the few things I discovered early when working in my past orathory. A technique very similar to the evil eye but a bit more conventional.
But be warned, misuse of the eye of the moon leads to insanity and split personalities, so I do not hold any responsibility for you, but still, if you have any troubles, feel free to contact me any time, sooner the better.
What is evil eye
Evil eye is a spiritual ability manifested by a great amount of hatred and greed. It's part of the folklore. It usually happens when you envy your neighbour soo much that you can literally kill his farm animals just by staring at them. Evil eye usually manifests only randomly and there is no conscious control of the process.
The eye of the moon is different in that it is easily manifested consciously and has rather hypnotic than destructive effects. It also bears some sort of clair…

Against curses

Just made a ritual to get rid of any evil spells or hexes put against. I will have to repeat this ritual for few more nights to get some potent effects.Pro tip from one practitioner of sareva: rather write important names or word of power on your forearm, that way you will have it ready during the crucial part of invocation in case you forget the spelling