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About suicide

The topic of suicide has appeared on the number of occult forums I frequently visit so I decided to write something about the topic from both mundane and occult sense. Suicide can be defined as a voluntary end of one's own existence, before we talk about the implications of such act, let's make a quick overview of common reasons.Reasons for suicide
Most common reason is depression, the person thinks that no one loves him/her, no one cares for him/her, this is actually quite common for teenagers. The social background doesn't matter in this case, whether parents are abusive or careless or whether family is rich or poor, this case can still appear.Another reason (often mixed with the first one) is that people believe they are worthless, that they have no value in the society, no reason for living, this is also a form of depression.Another common reason is pain, a horrible, persistent, unbearable pain. Pain that cannot be stopped and often immobilizes the person, making him/h…

Progression with IIH

First of all, I shouldn't speak too much about it, so let me see how cryptic I can get...

I think I have already forgotten how many bad "qualities" I have. My black mirror is nearly finished, most negative stuff is sorted in elemental columns and now I am going for the 3 column separation for each element.

I also do the physical exercises mentioned in IIH step I on regular basis and my body already feels much better, it seems that now I am able to regulate my body temperature more easily.

Progress with Lugalanna

Yesterday I had to omit the ritual as I was becoming too tired.

Anyway, I think that Lugalanna has already shown me my True Will. I have done some re-checking and found out there are abilities I have lost. For example I am no longer able to make myself hear the sound of a bell without seeing the bell in my mind's eye. Considering the amount of stuff I lost I restarted my practice with Initiation Into Hermetics (so I am at the step I, now).

Also, I finally made some time and changed the payment settings for my books, so all of my books are completely free now (including Magickal Curriculum AND Astro Magick Essentials).


This is something I have said on one forum about 2 years ago and recently I found it during skimming some threads.

performing magick is like riding on a horse. We can even make an analogy of training to domestication of the ridden horse.
IIH teaches you how to ride the horse and how to domesticate the horse before actual ride.
Performing Magick without training is like trying to hop on a wild mustang without any previous training. You will certainly get somewhere. Question is where and in what state.
Abramelin's Magick is like taking some time to gather best horse sellers and acquire best horses from them for your purposes and Enochian Magick is like paying a bunch of guys to guard you during your ride while they are leashing and manipulating the horse.

Lugalanna, AP

Yesterday I did an invocation of LUGALANNA, spirit that suppossedly is able to help you find your True Will and also boost your Magickal abilities. It was also the first time I have used my altar for a ritual.I will continue with invocations till Friday to see if anything will happen. Yesterday I also tried AP, but with not much luck is it was really late and I had to sleep (I overslept, anyway). Two days ago I got to the point of the vibration, but got too excited about it and it stopped.I have also noticed my problem with the breathing being stopped during projecting reappeared. Now I solve it simply by taking a deep breath-in and breath-out.

About empathy and the use in the occult

General description
Empathy is an ability to feel into another person, to get the first hand experience on how the person feels, what are the problems of the person, etc. Empathy is a part of our survival programming, it helps to connect people into groups, hence assuring the protection of the mass.Now it can seem hard to understand what are the implications in the occult terms, but rest assured that what is above is below and that everything mundane has metaphysical part, as well, and the subtle version of empathy is one of the finest and most useful.The new level of empathy
Have you ever attended some martial arts training? Or some sort of traing where an exact execution of the movement was required? Things like martial arts, gymnastics, dance, require us to learn complicated movements. Now what if I told you you can learn these movements much faster by using empathy?Every movement is associated with a set of feelings. If you are able to feel into the teacher, if you are able to gra…

New altar

So, I have decided to buy a new altar (I actually needed one for quite some time now) And this one got in my way.

Tarot: The Celtic Cross spread

This is the little excerpt from the book about Tarot I am currently working on, enjoy :).
The Celtic Cross The most famous of all spreads, unfortunately also the most overused one. The Celtic Cross is a common-use spread, if you don't know what spread to use for the reading, use this one. This spread has qualities of many aforementioned spreads, plus it shows many tendencies we want to use or avoid. Unfortunately it also contains a great deal of relations between different card positions which normally isn't well taught. That's why I will teach you this spread traditionally, as I was taught.
For this spread you need to select   10 cards. Meanings of these cards are as follows: Card 1: That's it Card 2: That crosses it Card 3: That's the crown of it Card 4: That's the base of it Card 5: That was before it Card 6: That comes after it Card 7: That's the querrent Card 8: That's where it takes place Card 9: Those are hopes and doubts. Card 10: This is the re…

Current project

I do not post much once again. The reason is I currently use my spare time for writing. I am working on a book called Liber Azag: The Book Of Tarot (I will post some parts here a little bit later).