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New year, new design

New year brings a couple of changes and news.

First of all, you might have noticed the new layout and design of this blog, I hope you will like this minimalistic approach. It's probably the last of this year's changes, starting with the removal of all ads and ending with the integrated Twitter account.

As of 2015, I am currently working on a Sumerian spellbook and when that is finished, I will start writing a book about sigils. What topic will I pick after these two books are finished is still unknown, if you wish, you can give me your suggestions in comments or via e-mail or twitter.

Let's return to the design changes of the blog. I personally still think this solution is not perfect and during the next year I want to finally finish my own Content Management System and run a separate site, that will work not only as a blog, but also as a nicely categorized article storage, course in Magick for registered users (including their own blogs for them) and as a sort of a site w…

About atheism

What is an atheism?
Based on the definition atheism is a belief that there is no god, but generally this belief states there is nothing paranormal, everything that exists can be observed, measured and reproduced. [1]
Pros of atheism
Atheism gives a very good and solid logical foundation based on research and experimentation. It also states how to use a cold logic where most people would let themselves be deceived by the heart.
Cons of atheism
Atheism, as any other belief, states itself as the ultimate truth (or at least through the mouths of many dogmatic atheists found on the internet, this of course doesn't apply to everyone), so there is a great factor of ridiculing other beliefs.
Proof based thinking
An average internet atheist will tell you that there is no God as there is no proof for one and if we want to prove there is something more, we have to provide evidence for it.  Atheism didn't provide any evidence that there is nothing outside this world, but they are right the w…

What's new

Well, a lot of stuff, actually. First of all I am happy I published the first part of the book about tarot. Firstly because I have some recent achievement in terms of publications and secondly I can start writing something else and get back to it when in mood.Also in two days my vacation starts and because I have been slacking physically for a few months now, I plan to be very hard at myself for next 3 weeks (my vacation time) and get solidly ripped. In the mean time I also want to start working on some other book, either a Sumerian spellbook or a book about sigil magick (specify in comments if you care).I am also working on an essay about atheism and why it is a belief like anything else (might take some time before I publish it, I want to make it as clear as possible).I am not also going to publish the first level of my game as I promised earlier this year, simply because my computer is too old to handle the graphics and the development is too slow because of that (I am going to buy…

Spiritual protection

Spiritual protection is an important act in the occult, both against malevolent spirits and attacks of other occultists. Unfortunately it is one aspect of the art which isn't described sufficiently for young minds. This then causes a lot of suffering in the case of an actual problem or a lot of confusion regarding analytical overlay.
Some methods I will describe below are general, these can be done by anyone, some are related to my path and spirits I serve. I cannot force into my path but let me tell you that my spirits are very kind and absolutely ok even for beginners. Their biggest benefit is that they are paid by your energy whenever you use them so you don't have to mess around with offerings. They will take what is theirs and they will leave the rest alone. These spirits are a mix of Sumerian, Assyrian, Akkadian and Babylonian deities (for obvious historical reasons).
Prevention is an important aspect of protection, keeping your natural defenses hi…

New book available

New book called Liber Azag: The Book of Tarot is available now:

New blog

I have recently discovered a new blog about Magick, necromancy and a new practice in general. I have to say that so far I liked what I saw so I wanted to share this with all of


A quick and beautiful presentation of writing in cuneiform: