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3rd Grade, Week 1: Pendulum divination

What is a pendulum?
Pendulum is some object on a piece of thread, normally used to find how straight vertical surfaces are.This object can also be used for divination, simplified procedure is that you grab the piece of thread, place the pendulum into the air, you ask questions and the pendulum swings in certain manner to give you answers.Many people buy pendulums meant for divination, these are usually made from stones or crystals with a small chain attached to it. Trust me that you can use any object you desire as a pendulum, whether a ring on a piece of thread or a long hair. Important aspect is that the object is heavy enough to affect the thread (too light object and a human hair will hardly point down)Charging the pendulum
To charge the pendulum to be ready for Magickal practice simply remember what you have learned about the Vital Force during previous grades. Pump the pendulum with the VF with intention to use it for divination, that's it.You can also cast Sigils to charge …

3rd Grade, Week 1: Black mirror creation

What is a black mirror
Black mirror is a divination tool used for scrying. It can be used for telling future, seeing past, distant places, performing invocations and evocations, distant healing or reality manipulation.Maybe the first scrying mirror used was the surface of a running water (eg a river). Later a black bowl filled with water was used, black reflective surface maximizing the effectivity of the mirror.Water was later replaced with a glass, which was called a solid water and many people believed it has the same spiritual qualities as the water.What do I need to create my own black mirror?
-picture frame (round ones look better but it really doesn't matter)
-black mat spray paintRemove the glass from the picture frame and spray paint it black on one side. Make sure the surface of the paint is regular and there are no weak spots, it must be consistent.After the paint dried, return the glass back to the frame, painted side should be on the bottom. This makes a nice reflecti…

Third grade: selected topics

So, this is going to be the third and final grade of the curriculum.

Hopefully I will finish it before April so then I can fully concentrate on the Armanen runes magick.

Week 1:
--black mirror creation and alternatives
--pendulum divination
--alphabet of desire
--basic format of the rituals

Week 2:
--charging the black mirror
--magickal prayer
--preparing own incantation
--eyeless evocation

Week 3:
--how to recognize a spirit's presence
--basic invocation
--dream invocation
--evocation through smoke
Week 4:
--first scrying evocation: Anael
--magickal chain
--shadow evocation
--physical manifestation of spirits

Week 5:
--basic planetary correspondences, positives and negatives
--remembering planets and calculating planet hours
--planetary correspodences on the tree of life and implications.
--planetary intelligences

Great joy

Yesterday my long lost brother contacted my mother, I haven't seen him for long 3 years.And the news are even better, yesterday I have become an uncle. I will love to see his face when I tell him he is an uncle for last 2 years :-D.May God grant long life and solid health to him and his daughter :-)


I guess my 48 hours cycles start to be a bit boring now, so rejoy, this is a bit different.Yesterday at 1AM I made a decision to go to sleep and avoid another needless two days day. To make sure I will be in the office on time I replaced my usual before-sleep procedures with simply "I will get up at 5AM" litany in hopes that my body is still able to be set up for the 4 hours sleep cycle I used to have while living in my oratory.My subconsciousness translated the affirmation in its own way so today I woke up at 5:50AM (yes, it was still 5, sorta), but what's funny thanks to this I recalled the dream I had when I used this techniques a couple years ago.Set up is as a following: there is a giant hole on the road and I am traped inside, trying to jump from obstacle to another one and trying to reach higher and higher obstacles to get out of the hole, during that my wife appears and tells me I have to wake up while I immediately wake up. Some of you might have already figured…


Surprisingly enough, I have survived today without any problems. No real sign of tiredness, just like I was fully ready. It seems that my body adapted to the 48 hours cycles and my mind was as good as fully awake.

Getting used to it

Yet another 48 hours day...It's amazing how much work one can do if he omits the luxury of sleep. I got finally my computer fixed (used my super old version of Slax to download new Knoppix and used the new Knoppix to install Debian), I also did some basic rituals, chopped some wood, stored some new plywood I recently acquired, cleaned the horse stables, cooked, did some Sigil work to fix my car (successful) and prepared what to do today in the office. The idea is that if I manage to do my work now in the morning I will be able to spend the afternoon on Youtube, therefore avoiding that "bored and tired as hell" stage of sleepless days.Fortunately my relaxation exercises partially replace sleep :-D