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Interesting experience

So, I have already started working on planetary servitors I have mentioned here: Yesterday was my first day so I have started with Moon (generally the week here starts with Monday so I am just following the cultural convention). I've gotten some interesting visual imagery but nothing out of ordinary, that was supposed to change today. Today I have worked on creating a servitor for Mars. I created a very decent seal right on the first try, derived the name from it and started with focal meditation while vibrating the name (silently, I was in the bus at the moment). A feeling of immense heat followed this process and I got a very good feeling about this. Then, after I left the bus I lit a cigarette like usually, thinking about following days when some gypsy came to me, asking me for a cigarette. I have handed him a cigarette. He then took some perfume out of his bag trying to pursue me to buy it. I suddenly yelled bac

Vacancy of mind

What is the vacancy of mind Vacancy of mind is a state of awareness when no side thoughts are produced and the infinite mental chatter is stopped. It is also a form of gnosis and chaotes reference it as a gnostic state as the psychic censor is switched off together with the chatter. Vacancy of mind is hard to enter and usually the early attempts can keep up just a couple of seconds. The process of entering this state is also often made harder by many mistakes people tend to do in the beginning of the practice, some of these mistakes will be mentioned later. What is the vacancy of mind good for As mentioned before, vacancy of mind is associated with deactivating the psychic censor. From this state you can either switch into the absolute awareness, which is a way how to shift your focus fully on a certain object and "charging" it this way (absolute awareness is good for sigil charging and I refer to it as the inhibitory gnosis in the book Liber Azag: The Book of Sigils or a

Example of merging sigils

Here is an example how to combine two or more sigils together

Ouija troubles

So, many of you might have noticed the picture of a custom made ouija on my twitter account. I have created it for a entertainment purposes (for that is what Ouija really is). First day I have used it with my wife, an old "friend" reappeared, a spirit that was the reason I started with the occult to begin with, to get rid of it :-D. My wife then had the usual nightmarish dream, next day our animals were agressive towards her, etc, usual stuff. On the second night we were contacted by another spirit that seemed to be troubled by the same "friend" of ours and wanted to ask for help, we also get a date since when our "friend" should exist, 1879. I promised I will do my best but then something unexpected happened, I did the Sacred Chamber Ritual while my wife was hugging me. Next day the Ouija didn't work. I have originally thought it is because of the Hexennacht, but even a day after it didn't work. Question is what happened, maybe the ritual has so