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Mind-Body Intervention

New article about Mind-Body Intervention available here:,23557.msg224462.html#msg224462

Visualization explained

What is visualization
I think that not once somebody has questioned the importance of "imagining" in the occult, but as you will soon find out, visualization and day-dreaming are two different things. Specifically speaking the visualization is something that aids in your focus while day-dreaming shatters it. And yes, you can do Magick without visualization, just like you can fry eggs without pan and write on paper without hands.

To make a little bit better distinction, we could say that imagining is something that draw the attention away from your real perception while visualization actively participates within. Or to be less mysterious we could say that if you imagine apple, you can see it falling from the tree, if you visualize an apple, you can see it right before your very eyes.

More here:,23553.0.html

Defeating theory, part III

Third part of the Defeating Theory series is now available at,23552.0.html

Shinichi's notes on the seer work

A completely outstanding series of notes for the seer work as written by Shinichi can be found here:,23527.msg224369.html#msg224369

Blog temporarily moved

I am moving my blog to the Veritas Society forum.

More information here:,23527.0.html

Quick notes

Yesterday we continued in the Zener cards experiment, but this time success rate was only 50%, still impressive but not as much as before. Thinking whether that could do something with correspondences (will probably check that later).Anyway, today while meditating on the tattva for Air, I've got a very strange vision of an hourglass cracking open and a scorpion being released from there. Hourglasses are of the air element but scorpio is water element as far as I am concerned. Question is what can that mean. The scorpion also had a kinda silvery color. I will have to check both western and sidereal astrology to figure out what the meaning could be.Anyway, the vision was very vivid and sooner I know the meaning probably better.

New Facebook account

So, after some problems I have had with people I have let on my personal FB account, I have decided to create a new account completely separate from my private life.

So, if you want to add me on FaceBook, you can do it here:

How to be an atheist (funny)


ZENER cards experiment

During the weekend I have made a series of experiments with my wife using ZENER cards (cross, square, circle, waves, star).In this experiment I would shuffle the cards and then project one on the top to my wife. My wife had a 100% success rate receiving and calling out the correct card.The interesting thing I have noticed in case of ZENER cards is the ease to keep each individual card in the plastic visualization. Hard to say whether this is caused by the superb design or the fact that these cards are used strictly for this type of use and got some egregores built for them.Anyway the use is really simple.  For the selected card I have visualized a plastic image I held at the center of my wife's third chakra (sometimes also slightly above on the forehead). As I already said, it was fairly easy to keep the visualization strong and effects were amazing. I really recommend experimentation with ZENER cards.

Project for October

So, I originally wanted to work on the compact chaos magick ritual, but lately I am more inclined to this idea of mine.Some of you who have read Astro Magick Essentials know that I have presented a new way to calculate different set of planetary squares (well, not new, more like refreshed) and also how to calculate gematric values for latin alphabet.While looking through Agrippa's work a little bit deeper for some unrelated stuff, I have discovered a system of numerology being very similar (he just omitted some letters that I still used). This has shown me that I could be on the right track so this October I want to try to use this system of numerology to extract formulas and spirit names from both traditional and "new" squares to see where it can push me.

Water found(?) on Mars

So, it seems that NASA finally found evidence of water being on Mars:

Funny that if anyone before mentioned the possibility based on the publicly available images, they were ridiculed. Maybe NASA should release a public apology? Nah, who am I kidding...


Germany, are you insane? Did you really start oppressing your citizens, throwing them out of their apartments to place there some refugees?Those citizens are the heart and working force of your country, they are your future same as the future of the refugees you have attracted to your land. You cannot just throw out an old lady from her home, same as you cannot just throw out a single mother with her children.Wake up, before it's too late, wake up before your actions will lead to the rise of yet another dictator. Take care of your own people, help your citizens in need, and then play a nun of different nations. Help doesn't come in price of suffering people your society stands on.

Interesting telepathy suggestion

So, yesterday on my way home I had a very sore throat so when I was about 5 minutes from home I have sent a suggestion to my wife to make a drink by mixing water and a form of a fruit syrup (usual drink in my country) and to bring it to the garage (we usually meet in the garage and have a cup of coffee before going home, the reason is that we don't smoke in the house).So I came home and a glass of a "pre-ordered" beverage was there waiting for me, plus another glass of 7UP. So I have asked my wife about that and found out that about 5 minutes ago she thought I would need a drink and went upstairs to make one, completely forgetting there was already 7UP in the garage.

Recent black mirror experience

On Saturday I had few drinks with my former apprentice and suddenly an idea came to the mind to relive some of the past. I took my old black mirror, wiped away a notable amount of dust, quickly recharged the mirror and we started the work that consistent of focusing on the center of the mirror while trying to have no thoughts.In some cases we were completely in sync, our eyes started watering at the same time, we got numb at the same time, but it was also interesting how our internal symbolism changed during a time. For example when I have seen a very thick and oily black fluid nearly overflowing from the rim of the mirror, my "co-worker" had seen a giant eye coming out of the mirror. Yet things like speed, direction and sometimes even a color of things like swirls, orbs and flashes were the same for both us.After the session I had a very long abstract dream with a great deal of detail so I have decided to continue with experimentation on Sunday and even when I was interrupt…

About the energy paradigm

In the energy paradigm there is a belief that everything consists of an energy coming from one universal source and if you are able to control that energy you can control reality.The whole idea of the energy manipulation is very interesting, especially if you consider that it is hard to predict what will happen if you move energy from A to B. For that purpose the energy paradigm has to borrow from other models For example when you use affirmations during energy work you have fused energy paradigm with either psychology or information paradigm, if you have ever done LBPR, you were using combination of energy and spirit work (divine names used as words of power).A brand on its own
It would be unfair if we spoke about energy work only in comboination with other models as there is one nice addition, being purely energetic in nature. There are various correspondences splitting the energy into different shades. You can then work with the shade closest to your desire. These shades can be div…

Femen activists beaten by Muslims on the conference in Paris

I personally don't support all activities of Femen, but this kind of behavior as presented by Muslims should NOT be tolerated in Europe. Kicking a woman on the floor is a disgusting and ignorant thing to do and I hope that justice will prevail and attackers will be punished.

Czech Choral "Svaty Vaclave"


New amazing website

Don't know what to read? Are you bored? Are you looking for some universal source of information regarding occultism?

Check this site:

About objectivity, reality and dogma in Magick

Well, this is going to be one of those weird articles about dogma I am used to write on a regular basis, but stay with me, ok? :-)About truth
I think the truth is what we all seek, digging deep into the core of mystery, avoiding the sharp edges of disinformation, fighting the shark of dogmatism with our harpoon of logic to finally find that treasure chest on the bottom of the ocean (too much analogy?). I think this is an important topic everywhere, after all none of us wants to get stuck in a malfunctioning system full of weird beliefs, silly practices and brainwashed hierarchy. We want to avoid all that and get to the sweet bottom where the chest is hidden.Few years ago I was arguing with psions about existence/non-existence of chakras. They claimed chakras don't exist and I claimed they bloody do. My argument was that I had already seen them, their claim was that you cannot see a chakra of a person that was never in contact with some "guru" teaching about chakras and t…

New mandala template

I have created a new mandala template. This one has a way more useful center.


Strange synchronicity

Yesterday my ex apprentice has offered me to get me to the office today as he had a drive by. Thanks to that I got to work 2 hours earlier than usually, coincidentally right on the meeting I completely forgot I had :D.

Squares away

How sad is that? Well, I was about to create new planetary squares for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, thinking it's an easy deal. Unfortunately I just read in J. Vesely's book about this problem.I originally thought that these planets will just continue in the Chaldean sequence, giving number 10 to Uranus, 11 to Neptune and 12 to Pluto. Unfortunately J. Vesely is right that the Chaldean sequence shows the planets in the order from the further to the closer (or as Chaldeans believed). That means the numbers should be 2,1,0 and you cannot make Magick squares from these numbers. J. Vesely describes a method how different numbers could be extracted but I have to research that one more before I will finally get myself some sweet new planetary squares.In the meantime I might post something about 3 philosophical principles, also known as the principles of alchemy (mercury, sulphur, salt) and their relation to the elements as it is something not so widely available on the internet.

Challenger appears

So, I was recently challenged by Fouchet Nan Pwen. Being the kind soul I am I of course accepted the challenge. Fouchet now has one month to do something to me, this challenge expires on 8th of October, then I will be posting a review.Fouchet got one month because this allows a full Moon cycle, which means Moon will go through each zodiac sign once. It also means it will get into all relations with other planets and that can also be a great ally. Let's hope Fouchet (aka LegbaCrossroads) will live up to his words and do something nasty to me.More information here:

Downfall of the psychology paradigm

What is the psychology paradigm
It is a concept in Magick that basically says everything in the occult is done via your own unconsciousness, but I have also met with other things like "telepathic fields" etc.The psychology paradigm is generally dependent on the collective unconsciousness which is some mass form of unconsciousness independent of any individual mind. Users of this concept then believe that you can tap into the collective unconsciousness and via this action cause a change in the external reality. The thing is that such a modification is limited, you either unconsciously change your own behavior or a behavior of another person.In this paradigm it is also possible to tap into the common behavioral patterns called archetypes (and forget anything you know about Jung's archetypes because this is simply a crazy way to say egregore).Advantages of the psychology paradigm
This paradigm is great in explaining some simple concepts like how to limit your bad habits, wh…

"New" death posture

So, I recently finished reading a book by Kenneth Grant that I got from my mother-in-law last Christmas. I generally don't like Grant's writing style but I have to admit he certainly knew both Crowley and Spare. In the chapter about Spare I have actually found a description of one death posture that was used by Spare.It was said that Spare used one hand to cover his mouth and nose (pinching the nose with the thumb) thus preventing the oxygen to come in or out while he was drawing the sigil with the other hand, focusing fully on each line of the sigil.This find is very interesting, not only because usually during a posture you focus on a finished product, but also because my wife uses a similar method, she usually keeps redrawing the sigil over and over again (deepening those lines with each repetition) while chanting the sigil mantra prepared for that very sigil.

No Meat Report: Day 31

So, this is my last day of the vegetarian August. I have managed to spend the whole month wihout any meat (including sea food).During this whole period I didn't have even one outburst of energy some people like to speak about while talking about vegetarianism. I also still remember the taste, the smell and texture of any type of meat I am used to eat so there also wasn't any forgetting period also mentioned in sync with vegetarianism. My left shoulder also started cracking back and fourth quite painfully during the movement which is why I had to restart the 5 Tibetan Rites to keep me from "falling apart" (it is not THAT bad, but it is annoying).I am pretty sure that a lot of people will want to tell me "I was doing it wrong". To you, I would like to say: "not eating meat is not a rocket science, all you do is not eating meat". I think all those positive effects people list are simply caused by the fanatism effect and mass "hysteria", you…

Pendulum experiment

So, I have executed a series of experiments to find out how pendulums actually work. Some of these experiments were run by me together with my wife, some were run by the former apprentice of mine and some by an old friend of mine. Experiment #1
In this instance it was needed to check the accuracy of the pendulum itself, so a random 2 cards (one red and one black) were selected. These cards were shuffled and put face down on the table without anyone knowing which card was which. The process was to use the pendulum find the red card. This experiment was within the scope of statistical error. Experiment #2
In this experiment the person shuffling cards took a peak at the cards before placing them face down on the table, this way the scryer didn't know which cards was which, but there was at least one person who knew. Thanks to this the scrying became accurate (about 80% success rate). Experiment #3
This one was done together with my former apprentice. Cards were laid face down as before…

No Meat Report: Day 20

So, it seems my body finally got used to the new diet as I gained back few of the pounds I lost on the ninth day. Yet I still think that this could be a very good slimming diet if combined with heavy exercises and cardio. But that's about as much of the benefit I find there. Frankly, if this wasn't a willpower training, I would be already getting me some meat.

No Meat Report: Day 17

So, nothing much to report, there is nothing better and worse than my usual self would have, maybe except there was some slight malfunction in my left shoulder few days ago, when moving it back and forth there was something jumping off and on again, making a clicking sound and it was slightly painful (more annoying, really).Maybe what I have noticed I am much more "mindful" person now in that I think about things and philosophy way more now, but that's simply because what I eat now is not as "heavy" and hard to digest, which might sound good but it also has a downfall, a heavy food is a great tool for the relaxation.I have to say this whole experience made me thinking, maybe I usually eat too much meat? Consider that normally I eat a meat based product at least twice a day and it is recorded that our ancestors normally ate meat just once a week. It's true that this was more based on availability of meat at the time, yet I guess it shouldn't be overdone,…

No Meat Report: Day 10

Well, I pretty much stopped feeling any different now, I am not tired anymore and hunger also seems not to be an issue. What got definitely worse is my alcohol tolerance, I got pretty much "destroyed" this Saturday and was sick whole Sunday.I also checked the scales yesterday and found out I lost 11 lbs of weight. I found it interesting as I eat still pretty much the same amount, just meat was omitted from the equation. It is even more interesting because if you remember that I had a no food fast quite recently which I was able to hold for 2 days and I didn't lose a single pound.

Spiritual poetry

Probably something that nobody knows is that I write poetry in my native language, a little poems with spiritual background that then go right into my drawer.

It's then of no surprise that I can enjoy a spiritual poetry quite a lot in all its forms. For example recently I found a following snippet online from a poem named Universal:
Everything belongs to one
We are universal
Hearts connected by love
Strange cosmic rehearsal
Life is flowing, like a dance
Loving, ever knowing
Hope and fear, lovely romance
Constantly reaping and sowing

This type of poetry is amazingly in sync with Kabbalistic teachings, and, actually, if you want to read more of it, you should visit a blog of its author:

No Meat Report: Day 5

So, I am kinda tired, which might also be a result of my once again broken sleep cycle, and, I am also way more hungry. While I was eating meat, I was used to much longer breaks between meals, now it seems I get hungry more easily.I also managed to slip out of the "I can't eat meat" mood yesterday and was able to operate normally without constantly thinking about meat. I know this might sound obsessive, but you should understand I normally eat meat at least twice a day.This whole thing actually made be to respect vegetarians in a sense. There are so many types of meat and ways of preparing it and if you are lazy to do so yourself, you are free to visit any restaurant or fast food you want. In case of non-meat based meals, restaurants usually have a very limited options (usually fries and fried cheese), thinking about it now, I don't know where I will be going to lunches this whole month as the whole fried cheese thing is already getting ridiculous.Well, I hope I will…


I have recently discovered Sophrology. It is not as old as progressive muscular relaxation or autogenic training I was talking about earlier, but both of these were of a great influence to the sophrology, founder of this scientific field also spent a great deal of time in Tibet and India, analyzing yoga and various practices to figure out what is really that useful part letting us relax, get rid of stress, headaches, sleep disorders, in simplicity how to become healthier without all that religionism.

Result is sophrology. I have found a very nice "sample" here:

No Meat Report: Day 3

So, this is my 3rd day of eating no meat. I have to say I really hope there is some "getting used to" period, because else all those reports like "I imediately had more energy/was more active" etc sounds like placebo now as I am very tired at the moment.

It's coming

So, I have decided to try out vegetarianism (not veganism, I love eggs and I love milk), so for the full month of august I will eat no meat.

Mozart - Coronation Mass K 317

Food for the ears.

About death curses

Let's speak about inflicting death with curses and all the bad decisions behind it.What is a death curse?
A death curse is a type of a spell that inflicts death to its victim. This can be anything from a car accident to instant heart failure, it can be also as bad as a cancer. There are few infamous death curses like Pulsa diNura.Pulsa diNura is a very strong Jewish curse in which angels of death (if I remember correctly) are called to prevent any God's forgiveness to reach the target, the target then dies because of his/her own sins. If curses were considered weapons, Pulsa diNura would be a nuke. It could also be considered an act of terrorism because it is usually abused against political figures, often for different ideologies.Why people choose to use death curses?
People who tend to use death curses are usually insecure and emotionally unstable, thinking they can kill people remotely gives them some inner security and sense of power, that's why death curses are often …

An interesting idea

This is an interesting idea regarding sigils I found on reddit:

Cigarette Magick

Warning: This is an article for those who already smoke. Smoking is harmful, expensive and not very socially acceptable either. If you don't smoke, don't even start.Introduction
Ok, so from the warning I think this is obviously a smokers only article. The thing is that when you already has a packet in the pocket, there is a couple of things that cigarettes are actually good for, so let's say a thing or two about cigarettes and their use in Magick.As we all know, cigarettes contain tobacco, a plant that was originally sacred and smoked by shamans and elders for celebration purposes, thanks to the western society it became a casual thing so many of us "celebrate" daily, some people can hold even 60 such celebrations a day :-D.Stress oriented
If cigarettes are actually good in something, it's a stress relief. Cigarettes can get you in the right mood, get you rid of stress and help you concentrate. I think I am beating a dead horse now as all practicing smokers p…

Scott Adams about affirmations:

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, speaks about his experience with affirmations and also his troubles with skeptics:

I didn't find the original post on his blog yet, but I found one that is probably a follow-up on this:

Fasting fail

So, yesterday I finally screw up the fast...The morning started really well as already described and the day went well, too, then I did what I believe was the main mistake. I thought that Psyllium can improve greatly on the cleansing process so I took it (at around 4PM), as it turns out, it's not a so good idea if some food doesn't follow and since that time I felt really, really weird.For the rest of the day I experienced suffering and I was contemplating greatly on the whole fasting thing and the idea of balanced diet (combination of food, air, light and sleep). When I came home I was in agony!!!So, I got home, had a coffee with my wife and during the chat I found out she didn't eat much today which made me thinking of food even more. Then I decided to do something I originally intended to do on Sunday, I took the scale and found out I didn't lose even 1 gram during the 2 days long fast. So at 11PM I finally succumb to the idea of cancelling the fast and went to the …

Fasting continues

This is the second day of my "no food" fasting so let's sum up the first day.First of all it went much smoother than expected, I didn't have to use Psyllium and and I felt pretty energetic the whole day. Only issue was that my time perception sped up so now an hour feels like 2 for me, that's kinda bad. I finished the day with Five Tibetans and got ready to sleep, that's when the real hell started. It happened to me a couple of times that while falling asleep I suddenly became fully awake and grasping for air, this was usually resolved by one deep inhale, yet this problem persisted for about 2 hours and when I finally fell asleep, it was way after 1 am.This morning I woke up a bit late, but against common odds I got up without that numb and confused feeling I usualy have right after waking up. Yeah, and my stomach is already fully empty, which means nothing prevents the "fumes" from it to go up and causing a weird taste in mouth, hopefully another s…

Spiritual fasting

So, today I am a week of a complete fast, no food till Sunday. Let's see how that works out :D.

To put some information in, I have prepared a formula I will keep repeating during my meditations instead of my normal incantation to better accommodate to the time without food and to get from the fasting what I need to get from it (same as in case of conscious breathing and conscious eating, you need to direct that process somewhere).

I also know it's not a good idea to have an empty stomach the whole time, so I have bought some Psyllium, let's see how that one works out :).

Some updates

So, I am working on the planetary servitors project now, last week I managed to create 6 out of 7 servitors (I overslept on Sunday and didn't manage to create the Sun servitor).

I will keep charging the servitors this week (and fortunately create the last remaining one on Sunday), then I will vectorize their seals so I can print them and laminate them.

For now, the Moon servitor gives me quite a patronizing attitude, as an overprotective mother. Mars servitor is quite mean but can send the message across, Mercurial servitor gives me some sort of rush, very hard to stop thoughts in that mindset. Jupiterian servitor didn't show much yet and Venusian servitor brought quite a lot of unwanted attention in my direction (women seemed to be watching me a bit too much).

As for the Saturnian servitor, it is still undecided what his use might be, so far I managed to oversleep one day :D.

Interesting experience

So, I have already started working on planetary servitors I have mentioned here:

Yesterday was my first day so I have started with Moon (generally the week here starts with Monday so I am just following the cultural convention). I've gotten some interesting visual imagery but nothing out of ordinary, that was supposed to change today.

Today I have worked on creating a servitor for Mars. I created a very decent seal right on the first try, derived the name from it and started with focal meditation while vibrating the name (silently, I was in the bus at the moment). A feeling of immense heat followed this process and I got a very good feeling about this.

Then, after I left the bus I lit a cigarette like usually, thinking about following days when some gypsy came to me, asking me for a cigarette. I have handed him a cigarette. He then took some perfume out of his bag trying to pursue me to buy it. I suddenly yelled back at …

Vacancy of mind

What is the vacancy of mind
Vacancy of mind is a state of awareness when no side thoughts are produced and the infinite mental chatter is stopped. It is also a form of gnosis and chaotes reference it as a gnostic state as the psychic censor is switched off together with the chatter.Vacancy of mind is hard to enter and usually the early attempts can keep up just a couple of seconds. The process of entering this state is also often made harder by many mistakes people tend to do in the beginning of the practice, some of these mistakes will be mentioned later.What is the vacancy of mind good for
As mentioned before, vacancy of mind is associated with deactivating the psychic censor. From this state you can either switch into the absolute awareness, which is a way how to shift your focus fully on a certain object and "charging" it this way (absolute awareness is good for sigil charging and I refer to it as the inhibitory gnosis in the book Liber Azag: The Book of Sigils or as Fra…

Example of merging sigils

Here is an example how to combine two or more sigils together

Ouija troubles

So, many of you might have noticed the picture of a custom made ouija on my twitter account. I have created it for a entertainment purposes (for that is what Ouija really is). First day I have used it with my wife, an old "friend" reappeared, a spirit that was the reason I started with the occult to begin with, to get rid of it :-D.My wife then had the usual nightmarish dream, next day our animals were agressive towards her, etc, usual stuff.On the second night we were contacted by another spirit that seemed to be troubled by the same "friend" of ours and wanted to ask for help, we also get a date since when our "friend" should exist, 1879. I promised I will do my best but then something unexpected happened, I did the Sacred Chamber Ritual while my wife was hugging me. Next day the Ouija didn't work. I have originally thought it is because of the Hexennacht, but even a day after it didn't work. Question is what happened, maybe the ritual has some …

My little project

I think it's time for me to share a little project I am working on right now.

It's a geomancy tool written in Java called Geomancer. For now the tool is able to generate figures and even 3 full charts (Positive/Negative, Past/Present/Future and even the Shield chart). I am especially proud of the Shield chart as figures are not just randomly generated. After the generation of 4 mothers, the rest of figures is calculated as it should be.

So, if you are interested in the project, it is open source and all the sources are available at

Sigil and Law of Attraction Contradiction?

I have recently found this amazing thread on reddit:

The OP was:
Hey guys, I'm new to sigil's manifesting, and one thing that is confusing me a little is the final part of the sigil process, after energizing you are supposed to forget the sigil. Doesn't this contradict the Law of Attraction, where you are supposed to non-stop visualize your desire, non-stop until you have what you want? Am I missing something here? Any thoughts?
And of course, a totally amazing response from PsychopompPoet: Law of Attraction says if you are a vibrational match to "I want", it's a close vibrational match to "I do not have". If you are 'forgetting' the sigil, detaching from lust of result, you are less of a vibrational match to "I want" i.e. "I do not have" (you cannot be a vibrational match to abundance and lack at the same time). So you burn it, forget it…

Scrying using hands instead of a black mirror

Today while browsing on Reddit I have found a following link that explains how to scry just with your hands:

The book officially released

So, I have finally released the book called Liber Azag: The Book of Sigils.
The book is available as always on Scribd at

It is not fully finished, yet, as I didn't manage to fix the problem with ToC I was talking about earlier on my blog, but I am working on it and it should be fully up and ready sometimes next week. So for now there is a book without table of contents.

Book of Sigils: Still in progress

Yeah, so I have somehow underestimated the amount of work needed to finish the book. One of the reasons is I somehow misplaced the original Astro Magick Essentials document so I have to rewrite all Magick squares from zero.So far I have finished the book cver art and most of the illustrations including Nine Chambers sigilization methods. What I still have to do is to make an example of use of Nine Chambers, then example of the pictorial method and aforementioned Magick Squares. I have chosen to depict the traditional squares in the book, for my modern version check Astro Magick Essentials.There is also a weird problem with the current release of LibreOffice where it cannot generate the Table of Contents properly. I have already found a workaround on this problem where you first export the document to Microsoft Word file format which should fix the internal XML and allow LibreOffice to generate the Table of Contents but I have yet to try this solution.

Progress on books

I know many of you are waiting for the new book being released, especially when the Book of Sigils need only editorial stuff to be finished, I just had bad luck with my schedule recently.This weekend will be prolonged due to Easters so I should have time to complete the book.

Very simple meditation

Sometimes simple is better, this meditation will take you only a couple of minutes and there is no way you could forget any of the steps.1. Sit in a comfortable position, relax a little.
2. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.
3. Visualize that with each of your inhale an energy is drawn into your body and stays there, this energy says: "I possess Magick abilities", say that in your mind during each inhale and feel as your body is getting filled with this statement.
4. Repeat step 3 for a couple of minutes or till you feel full with the statement.This is a very simple exercise, in the long term it allows you to unlock new mystical abilities, in short term it helps you to reinforce your belief in Magick and as we already know, a belief is a very important asset in Magick.

Liber Azag: Book of Sigils, part 6

Spirit model
It's time to speak about the final of 4 basic paradigms in Magick, the spirit model. The basic belief in this model is that everything is inhabited and governed by spirits. When I say everything, I mean literally everything, the air we breathe, the ground we step on, the juice we drink or cigarettes we smoke, everything has its own spirits. The path of spirit model is the path of prayer and rituals, in this model we do our best to get the attention of spirits, to please them and to gain them for our cause. Because everything is governed by spirits, spirits are who do the work, all we can do here is to make requests. To please the spirits we have to make offerings and to have more probability of our requests being fulfilled and our expectations met, we have to possess a spiritual authority. Spiritual authority is the respect we get from spirits as practitioners, you could say this is the filtering mechanism, just like the psychic censor in psychology paradigm.

What is …

Some news

So, last week my computer broke down for good so I had to buy a new one and I spent this weekend installing it. The computer is super fast compared to one I had for 13 years so I can finally return to my original goal for 2014, releasing the very first level of my game. Working on the new computer is amazing, I can render real time and things like smoke do not slow it down even a little.I also plan to code a CMS for my new site, that should also be done this year, I am really looking forward to the new format of the site where I could clearly divide articles, blog, have downloads section and a design worth of the 21st century. Speaking of that, I have already found a good hosting with PHP5 and MySQL5 and a very good traffic and space allocation, that means I will be able to host blogs for people who will want so.As for the books, I am still working on the Book of Sigils, currently a chapter about spirit paradigm. After that is finished I will describe the meta paradigm. Then I will on…

Liber Azag: Book of Sigils, part 5

Energy model So far we have described mainly a psychology model of Magick with just a slight tap into the spirit model with our description of servitors, but still more from a perspective of our unconsciousness. We also described one energy model method, charging sigils with Akasha. But for the book of sigil magick to be truly complete, we have to explain different models, too. There are actually many reasons why to do that. First of all not everyone is psychology based, we are unique individuals with different tastes and beliefs. Secondly we don't want to be stuck to one paradigm forever, sometimes we just need to spice things up to keep it going. Third reason is that different models have different sets of qualities, some models are better for something and worse for something else, being able to shift the paradigm equals to being able to adapt to the needs of any given situation. And I know I am now diving a little bit deeper to the Chaos Magick, but still with Sigil Magick poi…