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Phone working again

Similar problem like with tablet, a lot of energy somehow got stuck into the device, but this one one different, it certainly wasn't mind and it kept discharging the phone when I was around.

Tablet fixed

I managed to fix my tablet today. I performed a bigger ritual yesterday, which wore me out. Today when I had taken the tablet into my hands I have felt a great excess of energy, it was mine. I drained the energy from the tablet and now it's working fine.

I wonder if I can fix my phone this way, as well.

Energetical overkill

Sorry for vague title, but I don't know how else I could name this.

My practice changed a bit, during my procedures I have a recurring vision of myself being wrapped by some unknown energy, going upwards just like fire.
My phone somehow cannot stay charged for more than 2 hours (already tried a ton of things to fix that, so I thought the battery is dead). Today my tablet started clicking by itself, computer switches on and off and the strangest thing. I charged my phone yesterday and let it on the table. Today when I got back home, I found out that the phone is still on, with just half battery consumed (normal consumption for the smartphone).
Another strange thing: My girlfriend has an orchid, she didn't water it for over the week and the soil is completely dry, orchid doesn't seem to care and still flourishes.

Defeating theory, part II

So, let's get started :).

Model caseClose the book, grab some clothes, go outside, I will tell you something about Magick.

You look out of the window with suspicious face, weather isn't very good today, the rain doesn't look like ideal condition for the journey. OK, change the weather.

You get outside, you think that you could go grab some food while you are there, ouch, traffic light says that you should wait. Fine, change the light and let's get going, there is a lot of things we have to do before we can call it a day.

Fast food is far away. Go for public transportation service, there is a mundane solution for that.

You are in the bus when you notice a beautiful lady/guy in front of you, sitting there and reading newspaper. Only problem is that you cannot really see her/his face as (s)he is turned away. Time to make the subject turn back at you, focus...

Fine, you got out of the bus and now you even have someone's number, nice catch, now let's go to grab the …

Finally some home project

This is not occult related, but it certainly made my day.
I have been planning to create some game for over 3 years now. There was always a problem with lack of people that would cooperate on the project (making scenario, character models, environments, textures, lightning, game logic, everything on your own is quite depressing).
Today I have talked with my gf about the problem and we choose not to make a game, but rather some movie, she said she will try to make some scenario :). WOOHOO

Defeating theory, part I

Introduction I am going to create a series of articles talking about theory versus practice in Magick. Reason for that is to help those who wish to practice but are scared of possible road blocks. In this part we will focus on some general ideas behind Magick

Part I: I should know all theory before starting with practice Actually opposite is truth, more mental garbage you have associated with Magick before starting with your practice, worse it will be. You don't really need to know much to start with practice and through practice you will get a lot of knowledge on your own.
Call it sorcery, if you wish, still I would rather be sorcerer than arm chair. Magick started with practice and through practice science was born. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, it all started with Magicians. Unfortunately Magick lost its leading role on scientific field during the ages, all the arm chairs do now is using scientific labels for Magickal phenomena to make it sound more "scienti…

Internet is full of weird people

Woman/witch/seer/medium with vast experience and ultra leet skills begging for spell on how to get rid of another woman that is supposedly attacking her...

Internet is fun :-P

Value of evidence: Video recordings

To put the story short, I think all of you have seen some videos proving supernatural abilities.
Telekinesis, levitation, teleportation, even ghost and alien stories.
Video from unknown source shouldn't be considered as a evidence from following reasons:
1) You don't know what set up happened before the video was taken (wires, levers, platforms, mirrors, etc)
2) You don't know what effects were applied to the video during post-processing.

Applications and effect studios like ADOBE After Effects allow user to create effects of Hollywood movie quality.
It is also possible to use tracking tool like Voodoo Tracking and export vertices to more available graphical studios like Blender. Blender itself will have integrated motion tracking system in next release of Blender 2.6x (currently a development version of the studio with this functionality can be downloaded and used till the official release hits the fan).

Example of After Effects:

Example of Blender's functionality:


3D Art


Few misconceptions in Magick

It takes years of dedicated practice to obtain results Well, it takes years, decades, sometimes even lifetimes to obtain mastery in Magick, true indeed. But you don't need to be a master to have results, results are usually granted along the path, first result can be obtained in range of days.

Practitioner must believe in God God that requires faith is not God worth the faith, you don't need to believe in anything supernatural to practice Magick and any faith-related Magick can be easily adapted to suit your needs

There is only "this" way of doing things There are currently 7 billion of people with individualistic needs, desires, thought processing and talents. Thinking that there is only one way to do Magick is silly, Magick is limited just by limitation of practitioner's imagination.

Chakras do/do not exist This is a bit hard topic so let me explain in greater detail. There are information from many clairvoyant people, some that do see chakras …

Recent update - summary

Well, I guess I haven't posted anything in a while so here is a quick update:
1) I got mesmerized by idea of creating a servitor for energy accumulation (I got this idea from MrBlack, so, thank you for that).
I have created a servitor with ability to accumulate energy from elements, planets, trees, rivers, Earth's core (interesting energy), recently I ordered him to learn how to gather healing energy (funny results with that, but I will describe it later) and how to pass the energy to someone else through his symbol (haven't tried that one, yet).

Anyway, I would rate it as a good idea as opposed to what some teachers at TDS thought.

I have created a formula to remember all dreams, this formula (even with my servitor's help) is still in process of charging.
My original idea was to remember all dreams when I woke up, for now it works more like I wake up after every 2 dreams, but if you wanted to try it anyway, the formula is TAVOMAP INKHESHU INIS. Repeat it in your head …