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Very first day of my vacation and I am already back in the office :D. We got an important training to do and I was promise I will have some plus free time unofficially, at least that's a good part :).

All the presents are bought and ready so everything I currently have to worry about is not to drink too much and maintain some sleeping schedule. Yesterday we had some shopping to do, my apprentice lost from my sight a couple of times but anytime I found him again, I was able to easily make him look at me using telepathy suggestion. I have originally considered this skill as a pretty stupid technique just to show some effects of the training, but yesterday it appeared to be a very practical technique and the training really seemed to pay off.

So far so good

For now the rest goes well.
I am currently reading the third Terry Pratchett's book (Pyramids) and I started with the karate training again.I still keep forgetting to cast the circle before going to sleep.

Magickal Curriculum: First and second grade now available.

So, I have finally found some time to compile the curriculum. The full 2 grade version can be found here:

For those holding the memory: It's the same link as before when there was only one grade finished :).


Few of my personal mandalas

Just few of the mandalas I have personally created.

Priesthood oath

It's already 9 days since I finished the oath of priesthood so I guess I should sum up the experience.As every year, keeping the oath of nobility, blessings and helping others was a very difficult task. During last year I received one ritual (Sacred Chamber Ritual) and one symbol (the symbol of balance).This year I have received the same symbol, but this time it is complete, plus a concept of an initiation ritual based on the symbol and a Kabbalistic Tree of Life, but I still have to build the ritual from it. Hard to say whether this is a standalone ritual or a continuation of Sacred Chamber Ritual.As every year I am truly happy that the oath is already behind me, keeping myself in control for a whole month is always a troublesome, but as my dear master, Papus, always said, one has to put himself into priesthood service for a month each year so for the rest of the year he can do the Great Work. People who never tried this oath before can't understand this, but basically 1/12 o…

2nd Grade, Week 6: Somnambulism

What is a somnambulism
Somnambulism is a half-awake state of mind. In this state it is highly possible a lucidity of the subject will activate, allowing contact with spirits and clairvoyance.Somnambulic subject appears to be fully woken up, for this reason it is very hard to differentiate from normal waking state, but without hypnotist's energy the subject will start slowly returning into the cataleptic state, for the outside observer it looks like the subject got stroke.After the subject exits the somnambulic state, he/she doesn't remember what happened in that state, that part of the memory simply isn't accessible same as when you can't remember events just before and after an accident.How to induce the somnambulic state
As we said previously, if you keep pumping energy into the subject, next state after catalepsy is somnambulism. During the catalepsy lecture we have said that if you force open the subject's eye, the subject will immediately get into the catalept…

2nd Grade, Week 6: Catalepsy

What is catalepsy
Catalepsy is a state of rigid, but stiff body. In this state you can position body of the subject in whatever shape you desire and this state will be kept.This state was used a lot during hypnosis on the state, positioning subject's head and feet on the chair, the body "floated" in the air, usually also some heavy item was put on the body to show its "strength". Accordind some legends, coming from stage magic, a hypnotist would stand on the body. This is a nonsense and a very dangerous attempt that could lead into possible injury of the subject, stage magicians used well hidden support of the subject for this feat and in the most cases the subject wasn't really hypnotized, it was a paid actor.How to induce catalepsy
You can either continue with the procedure used in inducing lethargy and in about a hour, cataleptic state will activated, the state can be verified by grabbing the hand of the subject and rising it. After you drop the hand, it…