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It's coming

So, I have decided to try out vegetarianism (not veganism, I love eggs and I love milk), so for the full month of august I will eat no meat.

Mozart - Coronation Mass K 317

Food for the ears.

About death curses

Let's speak about inflicting death with curses and all the bad decisions behind it.What is a death curse?
A death curse is a type of a spell that inflicts death to its victim. This can be anything from a car accident to instant heart failure, it can be also as bad as a cancer. There are few infamous death curses like Pulsa diNura.Pulsa diNura is a very strong Jewish curse in which angels of death (if I remember correctly) are called to prevent any God's forgiveness to reach the target, the target then dies because of his/her own sins. If curses were considered weapons, Pulsa diNura would be a nuke. It could also be considered an act of terrorism because it is usually abused against political figures, often for different ideologies.Why people choose to use death curses?
People who tend to use death curses are usually insecure and emotionally unstable, thinking they can kill people remotely gives them some inner security and sense of power, that's why death curses are often …

An interesting idea

This is an interesting idea regarding sigils I found on reddit:

Cigarette Magick

Warning: This is an article for those who already smoke. Smoking is harmful, expensive and not very socially acceptable either. If you don't smoke, don't even start.Introduction
Ok, so from the warning I think this is obviously a smokers only article. The thing is that when you already has a packet in the pocket, there is a couple of things that cigarettes are actually good for, so let's say a thing or two about cigarettes and their use in Magick.As we all know, cigarettes contain tobacco, a plant that was originally sacred and smoked by shamans and elders for celebration purposes, thanks to the western society it became a casual thing so many of us "celebrate" daily, some people can hold even 60 such celebrations a day :-D.Stress oriented
If cigarettes are actually good in something, it's a stress relief. Cigarettes can get you in the right mood, get you rid of stress and help you concentrate. I think I am beating a dead horse now as all practicing smokers p…

Scott Adams about affirmations:

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, speaks about his experience with affirmations and also his troubles with skeptics:

I didn't find the original post on his blog yet, but I found one that is probably a follow-up on this: