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New year, new design

New year brings a couple of changes and news.

First of all, you might have noticed the new layout and design of this blog, I hope you will like this minimalistic approach. It's probably the last of this year's changes, starting with the removal of all ads and ending with the integrated Twitter account.

As of 2015, I am currently working on a Sumerian spellbook and when that is finished, I will start writing a book about sigils. What topic will I pick after these two books are finished is still unknown, if you wish, you can give me your suggestions in comments or via e-mail or twitter.

Let's return to the design changes of the blog. I personally still think this solution is not perfect and during the next year I want to finally finish my own Content Management System and run a separate site, that will work not only as a blog, but also as a nicely categorized article storage, course in Magick for registered users (including their own blogs for them) and as a sort of a site w…

About atheism

What is an atheism?
Based on the definition atheism is a belief that there is no god, but generally this belief states there is nothing paranormal, everything that exists can be observed, measured and reproduced. [1]
Pros of atheism
Atheism gives a very good and solid logical foundation based on research and experimentation. It also states how to use a cold logic where most people would let themselves be deceived by the heart.
Cons of atheism
Atheism, as any other belief, states itself as the ultimate truth (or at least through the mouths of many dogmatic atheists found on the internet, this of course doesn't apply to everyone), so there is a great factor of ridiculing other beliefs.
Proof based thinking
An average internet atheist will tell you that there is no God as there is no proof for one and if we want to prove there is something more, we have to provide evidence for it.  Atheism didn't provide any evidence that there is nothing outside this world, but they are right the w…

What's new

Well, a lot of stuff, actually. First of all I am happy I published the first part of the book about tarot. Firstly because I have some recent achievement in terms of publications and secondly I can start writing something else and get back to it when in mood.Also in two days my vacation starts and because I have been slacking physically for a few months now, I plan to be very hard at myself for next 3 weeks (my vacation time) and get solidly ripped. In the mean time I also want to start working on some other book, either a Sumerian spellbook or a book about sigil magick (specify in comments if you care).I am also working on an essay about atheism and why it is a belief like anything else (might take some time before I publish it, I want to make it as clear as possible).I am not also going to publish the first level of my game as I promised earlier this year, simply because my computer is too old to handle the graphics and the development is too slow because of that (I am going to buy…

Spiritual protection

Spiritual protection is an important act in the occult, both against malevolent spirits and attacks of other occultists. Unfortunately it is one aspect of the art which isn't described sufficiently for young minds. This then causes a lot of suffering in the case of an actual problem or a lot of confusion regarding analytical overlay.
Some methods I will describe below are general, these can be done by anyone, some are related to my path and spirits I serve. I cannot force into my path but let me tell you that my spirits are very kind and absolutely ok even for beginners. Their biggest benefit is that they are paid by your energy whenever you use them so you don't have to mess around with offerings. They will take what is theirs and they will leave the rest alone. These spirits are a mix of Sumerian, Assyrian, Akkadian and Babylonian deities (for obvious historical reasons).
Prevention is an important aspect of protection, keeping your natural defenses hi…

New book available

New book called Liber Azag: The Book of Tarot is available now:

New blog

I have recently discovered a new blog about Magick, necromancy and a new practice in general. I have to say that so far I liked what I saw so I wanted to share this with all of


A quick and beautiful presentation of writing in cuneiform:

Koetting's arrest: continuation

Some time ago I have published a post regarding Koetting's arrest. Recently Koetting himself has posted this video with explanations.

Kind of funny

Well, a bit funny thing has happened to me a few minutes ago.

I was in garage with my wife, taking a cigarette chat. After few cigarettes I asked whether we locked the door upstairs as we have a very over-active child so it won't run outside. A following conversation was really funny

W (Wife): Yes, I had to go upstairs again so I locked the door.
A (Me): Wait, you went upstairs?
W: Yes, I had to take the jacket, I was cold
A: You mean, like now?
W: Yes, you don't remember?
A: No, I don't remember.
W: You were kinda unresponsive.
A: So wait, I was like standing at one place, gazing in open space?
W: Yes.
A: And you went away:
W: I asked you a question, then I went away, took a jacket and got back and sat down.
A: And I was still on the same place?
W: Yes.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I was thinking about Shazu at the moment and I got possessed :D. Damn, this is great :).

E. A. Koetting arrested

So, for now this looks like the real deal, E. A. Koetting, author of Become a Living God was arrested.
More info here:

No sleep again

This is slowly becoming strange. Once again I am sitting in the bus heading to the office without any prior sleep.It is very hard for me to fall asleep before 3am, I am just too energized to sleep. Even when I am going without sleep for more days and I get quite tired in the afternoon, once I get home all signs of tiredness simply disappear.I doubt my new altar would be the reason as these problems arrived before I bought it. What I remember happening somewhat before this was an extended period of working with Necronomicon spirits. I remember that in Necronomicon spellbook (second book edited by Simon) it says that the best time for rituals is 3am for it being the most calm time when it comes to mundane or spiritual activity.To rule out other influences I stopped drinking coffee a couple of weeks ago but this problem wasn't reduced at all, in fact I can be fully awake for days without coffee or any caffeine based drink, I also don't use much sugars (I don't sweeten my frui…

Mandala template available

So, I guess the second prototype of the template is good enough for sharing, so if you want to try it out yourself, just download the template here:

The usage is simple, you just take the printed template and place another page on it, you can see the guidelines through the page so you can use them to draw your mandala symmetrically.

Second mandala template prototype.

Based on experiences with using the first prototype I made a second version, and this one looks pretty good.

Mandalas made by my wife

So, my wife also tried using the template to make mandalas and I have to say her results were amazing. It was also the very first time she managed to get to the meditative state when drawing mandalas

Few mandalas

Here are few testing mandalas plus also a reveal on how to draw these without rulers and compasses (for now it seems that the center is the weak spot, more tweaks will be needed)

The best

Yesterday I figured a way to create a perfectly symmetric mandala without the need to use rulers, compasses, and stuff like that, purely by free hand.

Today I tested it and it looks amazing. I will do some more tests and then I will send pictures and also a little how-to so you can start making amazing mandalas right away!

Amazing news

I don't know if you remember, but some times ago I have described my communications with Shazu and that I was given a vision of a circle to be used for the evocations.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't remember the whole thing, which actually made the whole conversation a big loss of time on both my side and Shazu's side.

I am happy to say that on one forum I visit there was a link to the German book no one there could read, so I took a peek and found out it's Maqlu text, which is contained within Simon's Necronomicon. So I was looking for a Necronomicon and found this:

The whole book is a bit cheesy and looks fictional, but that evocation circle that is there is exactly the one I have seen in the vision.

About suicide

The topic of suicide has appeared on the number of occult forums I frequently visit so I decided to write something about the topic from both mundane and occult sense. Suicide can be defined as a voluntary end of one's own existence, before we talk about the implications of such act, let's make a quick overview of common reasons.Reasons for suicide
Most common reason is depression, the person thinks that no one loves him/her, no one cares for him/her, this is actually quite common for teenagers. The social background doesn't matter in this case, whether parents are abusive or careless or whether family is rich or poor, this case can still appear.Another reason (often mixed with the first one) is that people believe they are worthless, that they have no value in the society, no reason for living, this is also a form of depression.Another common reason is pain, a horrible, persistent, unbearable pain. Pain that cannot be stopped and often immobilizes the person, making him/h…

Progression with IIH

First of all, I shouldn't speak too much about it, so let me see how cryptic I can get...

I think I have already forgotten how many bad "qualities" I have. My black mirror is nearly finished, most negative stuff is sorted in elemental columns and now I am going for the 3 column separation for each element.

I also do the physical exercises mentioned in IIH step I on regular basis and my body already feels much better, it seems that now I am able to regulate my body temperature more easily.

Progress with Lugalanna

Yesterday I had to omit the ritual as I was becoming too tired.

Anyway, I think that Lugalanna has already shown me my True Will. I have done some re-checking and found out there are abilities I have lost. For example I am no longer able to make myself hear the sound of a bell without seeing the bell in my mind's eye. Considering the amount of stuff I lost I restarted my practice with Initiation Into Hermetics (so I am at the step I, now).

Also, I finally made some time and changed the payment settings for my books, so all of my books are completely free now (including Magickal Curriculum AND Astro Magick Essentials).


This is something I have said on one forum about 2 years ago and recently I found it during skimming some threads.

performing magick is like riding on a horse. We can even make an analogy of training to domestication of the ridden horse.
IIH teaches you how to ride the horse and how to domesticate the horse before actual ride.
Performing Magick without training is like trying to hop on a wild mustang without any previous training. You will certainly get somewhere. Question is where and in what state.
Abramelin's Magick is like taking some time to gather best horse sellers and acquire best horses from them for your purposes and Enochian Magick is like paying a bunch of guys to guard you during your ride while they are leashing and manipulating the horse.

Lugalanna, AP

Yesterday I did an invocation of LUGALANNA, spirit that suppossedly is able to help you find your True Will and also boost your Magickal abilities. It was also the first time I have used my altar for a ritual.I will continue with invocations till Friday to see if anything will happen. Yesterday I also tried AP, but with not much luck is it was really late and I had to sleep (I overslept, anyway). Two days ago I got to the point of the vibration, but got too excited about it and it stopped.I have also noticed my problem with the breathing being stopped during projecting reappeared. Now I solve it simply by taking a deep breath-in and breath-out.

About empathy and the use in the occult

General description
Empathy is an ability to feel into another person, to get the first hand experience on how the person feels, what are the problems of the person, etc. Empathy is a part of our survival programming, it helps to connect people into groups, hence assuring the protection of the mass.Now it can seem hard to understand what are the implications in the occult terms, but rest assured that what is above is below and that everything mundane has metaphysical part, as well, and the subtle version of empathy is one of the finest and most useful.The new level of empathy
Have you ever attended some martial arts training? Or some sort of traing where an exact execution of the movement was required? Things like martial arts, gymnastics, dance, require us to learn complicated movements. Now what if I told you you can learn these movements much faster by using empathy?Every movement is associated with a set of feelings. If you are able to feel into the teacher, if you are able to gra…

New altar

So, I have decided to buy a new altar (I actually needed one for quite some time now) And this one got in my way.

Tarot: The Celtic Cross spread

This is the little excerpt from the book about Tarot I am currently working on, enjoy :).
The Celtic Cross The most famous of all spreads, unfortunately also the most overused one. The Celtic Cross is a common-use spread, if you don't know what spread to use for the reading, use this one. This spread has qualities of many aforementioned spreads, plus it shows many tendencies we want to use or avoid. Unfortunately it also contains a great deal of relations between different card positions which normally isn't well taught. That's why I will teach you this spread traditionally, as I was taught.
For this spread you need to select   10 cards. Meanings of these cards are as follows: Card 1: That's it Card 2: That crosses it Card 3: That's the crown of it Card 4: That's the base of it Card 5: That was before it Card 6: That comes after it Card 7: That's the querrent Card 8: That's where it takes place Card 9: Those are hopes and doubts. Card 10: This is the re…

Current project

I do not post much once again. The reason is I currently use my spare time for writing. I am working on a book called Liber Azag: The Book Of Tarot (I will post some parts here a little bit later).


So, i started tweeting, so feel free to follow me. I will follow you too, because I am a creep o_o

Just add FraterAkenu


So, I recently got sick so I had to calm down a little in my practices, I am currently focusing more on the internal stuff.Regarding Shazu: I did a couple of readings with him, two about possible client cases. I like how descriptive the reading gets with Shazu, he really helps to get some insight.Unfortunately both client cases were a no-no, for one I was told the girl has to resolve her problems on her own. For the second one I originally didn't use Shazu. The case was about the dark entity possession, I checked, found no entity, and contacted the client. I told him that I found nothing but sometimes these pesky creatures are very good at hiding. I also gave him some advices based on our communication and later I got sick. Then I called Shazu to find out the reason of the sickness and I was told about this case and that I should mind my own bussiness and also a safety of my family, so there it goes...Yeah, I also found an old occult novel I was working on so I guess I will contin…

Another talk with Shazu

So, I have had another talk with Shazu to gain better understanding of our previous conversation.So, regarding the eye of Luna, I should ask Nanna about that. Fortunately Shazu had told me I do not need to go through the gate walking ritual and had shown me a summoning mandala for that purpose, I will try to redraw it when I get home (I forgot my drawing equipment home and Shazu was quite funny about it).
Akenu: Can you show me the mandala again so I can draw it?
Shazu: you won't be able to
Akenu: Why? Oh, I didn't take the pen and book with me, right?
Shazu: Reading future from the past.He had also told me that to get his help for divination I have to make a white tablecloth with his seal on it and before the card reading or any other system of divination to call his name and word of power.I have also asked him how far reaching his insight into future is, to which he responded that he can see my state till the end. I asked if my future was already decided then and he said it has …

Communication with Shazu

I hope I remember the whole conversation as it was very interesting. Shazu himself appeared with big decorated helmet (similar as Thai deities have).Akenu: Shazu, can you teach me to read minds of others?
Shazu: No
A: and if I do the 3 days long ritual, can you teach me then?
S: Yes
A: So I will be able to hear thoughts of others?
S: No.
A: So what can you teach me?
S: To see the future, the present, and the past, and to read the future from the past.
A: and regarding telepathy?
S: To strenghten your manipulation of others.
A: Can my eye of the moon help in this?
S: No, but eye of Luna can.
A: You mean the eye of Nanna?
S: Yes.
A: O mighty Shazu, can you bless me in the name of Enki, the lord of Magicians and Marduk, the master mage?
S: I give you my blessings
A: Thank you, o mighty spirit.Now I am very curious what he meant by the eye of Luna, maybe a Moon on the sky? Anyone any ideas?

Eye of the moon: awakening

So, originally I didn't want to reveal this practice but I ran my mouth on the forum and people got interested. It's one of the few things I discovered early when working in my past orathory. A technique very similar to the evil eye but a bit more conventional.
But be warned, misuse of the eye of the moon leads to insanity and split personalities, so I do not hold any responsibility for you, but still, if you have any troubles, feel free to contact me any time, sooner the better.
What is evil eye
Evil eye is a spiritual ability manifested by a great amount of hatred and greed. It's part of the folklore. It usually happens when you envy your neighbour soo much that you can literally kill his farm animals just by staring at them. Evil eye usually manifests only randomly and there is no conscious control of the process.
The eye of the moon is different in that it is easily manifested consciously and has rather hypnotic than destructive effects. It also bears some sort of clair…

Against curses

Just made a ritual to get rid of any evil spells or hexes put against. I will have to repeat this ritual for few more nights to get some potent effects.Pro tip from one practitioner of sareva: rather write important names or word of power on your forearm, that way you will have it ready during the crucial part of invocation in case you forget the spelling

Random mandala

So today during the trip home I was drawing a random mandala to spend some spare time:

Well, this is as good as a drawing in the bus can get I guess :D

New book available

Astro Magick Essentials now available for sale, check it out:

Veganism not the healthiest

I have found this article from the ex-vegam so I am copying it here for further research: am not vegan, I like meat, but I am interested in veganism because of all health benefit claims around it.

What is Chaos Magick

After I got asked a couple of times what Chaos Magick is, I decided to write an article about it. People usually don't have any problem with general definition, they just want to know what it really means and how it compares to the traditional systems.Theory of tradition
The main question is the history of traditional systems, who founded them? There are many myths of fallen angels teaching Magick or great adepts (e.g. Hermes Trismegistos) sharing their wisdom with a group of initiates. Before we can get any further, we have to take these only as myths, with no credible evidence, later we will find out why.Historically speaking there are certain similarities in the Magick development all around the world. It starts with death. People were always fascinated by death. Where do our friends and relatives go after they die? Can they tell us? Can we contact them? Do they have any power in the other world? Burials are as old as humanity, it's our way of tributing our family which in …

Unexpected remote view

Today, during my astral projection attempt I was lying in my bed, when a very lucid vision of a black and red dog behind my fence appeared. I have one black and one red dog so I assumed the vision was about my dogs getting out of the garden.

So with certain difficulties I got up (my body was very numb and hard to control) and went outside to discover my dogs sitting in side the garden by the fence and looking outside, both of them at the same direction. I came closer to find out they are watching two dogs wandering by in the neighberhood, one was black and one was red :D.

I don't think it was an astral projection, it really felt rather as seeing things remotely.

Moon spirits

Yesterday I had to perform a healing for my son's illness. I have chosen to do a general Astro Magick ritual for the Moon spirits, as a side effect I had to wait for a suitable power and I overslept this morning, but guess what, my child is not sick anymore.So, I would like to give my thanks to spirits of the Luna for acting this quickly upon my personal request.P.S. General Astro Magick ritual will be available in the book named Astro Magick Essentials.

Strange dream

Yesterday I had a very strange vivid dream. I have noticed opened gate at my garden and horses nearby so I came to look if none of my horses is gone (this dream was set at night).No horses were missing, in fact there was a new one, an unicorn. Big white unicorn. Sometimes a dust has come out of its horn, making a sort of maze-like pattern in the air, every time it happened this pattern was more and more complex. The unicorn then ran away and when doing so, the dust was forming into animal shapes.The color of the dust was between violet and purple (this color used to be my octarine). I think it really was Posmiol because I am not a guy used to dream about unicorns... plus recently I had created his signature for the purpose of my new book.

New changes

I have finally decided to get rid of the ads, they were showing a nonsense most of the time anyway.

As the new feature there is now a PayPal donation button on the right, if you feel like donating then do so :D.

Some of you might also notice that Magickal Curriculum ( is now only a preview and for the full view you will have to pay 2.99$. This situation will be kept for 2 months to find out how commerically viable the eBook selling is. After two months it will be free again.

Now I am working on Astro Magick Essentials, which will be my first commercial book, after the work on the book is finished, I will update Condensed Magick 101, which is the second free eBook in my repertoire.

Magician's name

Many of you might have heard about a Magician's name or Magickal name. Is it something important? What does it really mean?

Meaning behind the name
There is this old belief that if we know the real name of some entity, we can control it. There are many myths coming from Egypt where people found real name of their deities and forced these deities to give them immortality, so in that case a knowledge of the name meant power.
But what would be the use of one's Magickal name? Magickal name is the name of the Higher Self, that part of you responsible for Magick. Knowing the name of your Higher Self refers to the ability to control the HS. But it also has a much more pragmatic use.

Living the life
We are humans with all advantages and disadvantages of being such way. Sometimes we lie, sometimes we don't even know what we want, most of the time we have to do things we hate. Most of the time we are short-sighted about our wishes.
Try to think, what would happen if anything we wished…

Please support Quareia, new free on-line Magick school

I myself like the idea a lot, plus it comes from two very skilled occult practitioners.

EM is back!

All members of

New link is:

All data from are there, so nothing is lost, accounts and everything work as before :).

Alternative education

There is a lot of criticism regarding alternative education. Well, let me tell you something about the mainstream one. I was in the school for 14 years. Nine years of elementary school, four years of high school and one year college.Elementary school was the worst one in the republic (but was the nearest one). There was a lot of bullying in the school and also drugs. The only reason I didn't start with drugs was I wasn't one of the cool kids. Most lectures consisted of old Communist teacher writing really fast on the blackboard and erasing it when it was full. You weren't able to write down notes fast enough? Your problem.I started smoking weed on the very first day of the high school, I was one of the cool kids, till 2 years later when we had an argument. Our networking teacher once told us that we are not active enough and why won't we e.g. try to get admin access to the lab computers. This teacher later hated me for hacking computers in all 3 labs we had and he did …

Karmic retributions

The theme of karma seems to be reappearing lately. The western idea is that good deeds bring good to the life and bad deeds bring bad to the life.Western understanding is based on the concept that there is objective good and objective evil, that there is objective morals and universal justice. I am personally more inclined to believe that morality is subjective and that these retributions happen based only for this subjective morality. Do something against your better judgement and you will be punished, but what if this better judgement takes killing and stealing as good deeds? Then the idea of objective punishment falls apart, doesn't it?No, there still is an objective retribution, but based on subjective criteria. It is more oriented in a sense of whether you believe you did good or bad, so we could say the judgement is based on your conscience.It is also good to say that not every event is based on this retribution, random stuff hapens most of the time, hence why good people su…

New book draft ready to revision

Feel free to review a following condensed approach to the basics of Magick:

This stuff happens

There is some event from yesterday I should mention. When I was returning from the car service there was a part where I forgot myself and instead of driving the usual 90 kmph (which is a speed limit) I went 20 kmph less. In the turn I have met a truck that was trying to overtake the tractor, effectively blocking my part of the road. If I were going the usual speed, I would surely be dead by now as my BMW isn't truck crash resistant :D.
So yeah, stuff like this happens when you are practicing Magick.

Bardon's teacher

People on the internet usually don't believe me that Quintscher was actually Bardon's teacher instead of his student, even when I am Czech so I got a bit better access to this information.

Fortunately I have found this:

It's from my favorite occult author, Frater U.D.

Now, it doesn't mean that IIH is bad, IIH is a great system, it's just not from Bardon's head.

International trip

International trip. That's when you go to Prague to meet a Russian that will sell you an Italian spare part to German BMW :-D.I love how the life turns out sometimes :-D

Available for download

Magickal curriculum is now available for download at "right here"

Just click the link, let the PDF to open and then in the upper left corner press the download button.

Third grade of Magickal curriculum available.

I have finally added third grade to the curriculum. I tried to do so yesterday, but I accidentally erased the second grade which I had to fix today.

I have also added appendix to the curriculum with some cool stuff.

So, as always, the curriculum is available here:
it is for free and full of awesome content :).

Magickal Curriculum delayed

I chose to interrupt the work on the curriculum now, stuff that was made so far will be put into the third grade and the rest will go to the fourth grade later (yes, I made a decision to make another grade).

For now I want to work on a simplified version of the curriculum for those lazy and without time :D. Well, I got a couple of suggestions about the curriculum being too hardcore, so, yeah...

Multiple energies

People still tend to argue with me about energies. Generally they say there are physical and non-physical energies, they can feel them differently, use them differently...I don't consider that to be bad, I myself believed that too some years ago, I felt thesew different energies, I could even invoke that fancy magickal energy to gain more of it, but from the occult perspective it was like stamp collection, it has no real influence in this world.Since then I have learned how to recognize and work with real energy, also how to gain this energy, how to make my body to generate more of it.I usually try to argue with people that you can hardly have separate energies as this would make it possible to do one's will during massive headaches or exhausted after many days without sleep. The problem is that exhaustion is like a love, you can experience something fifty times and believe it's a love, but only when you expereience a real love, you can distinguish it between the rest.Many…


There is one event from the last week I didn't have time to mention, yet. It was actually quite hard to collect information on it as I wasn't present.My mother-in-law was trying to force our chickens in a certain direction, and for that she was waving around with a big stick. This stick hit one rooster to the head and he apparently dropped dead.After this happened my 2yo son found the rooster, grabbed it, put it on a table, sat next to it, petting and talking to the "dead" rooster for a couple of minutes.Then he grabbed the rooster again, he put it between other chicken and turned around to leave, during that the rooster stood up and went away.Now, it's very possible that the rooster was just unconscious, but him being knocked out for so long, being carried around and wake up exacty at the moment right after my son put him on the ground...It was either a very strange coincidence or my son is going to be more powerful than his daddy, I mean way more powerful. Afte…

Dangers of Magick

There are few dangers in Magick you should be aware of. This is quite a known topic but I don't remember ever writing about it. Still, you might see that my version is a little bit different.You become too sure
This is the case of the most beginners. You start practicing Magick, getting results and you start thinking too much about yourself. Easy way how to defeat the arrogance is to remember you are not the chosen one. Hard way is to piss off someone beyond your grade.You are too out of reality
Some people tend to go to extremes, seeing angels, demons, unicorns and white rabbits everywhere. This world is enough interesting without living in fantasies, remember that. Plus living in a fantasy equals to doing Magick in fantasy, which is about as useful as a lobotomy. Here also comes another sub-category: you are too gullible, don't believe everything anyone says.You are too grounded
Living in a purely physical world with strict physical rules bears some limitations, including no…

Faking psychic abilities: Fake masters

Talk about fake masters about why you shouldn't waste your money on them.

New web

I have found a good webhosting and started already working on the CMS system for the new website. It takes a long time because most of my spare time is taken by my practices plus the web development changed a lot since my last endeavors with php. So I am currently learning php 5, mysql 5 and html 5 (with css 3) during the process.Generally I am very happy, php finally solved the problems with the sql injection via prepared statements, mysql got a lot faster and supports transactions and procedures now and html 5 even supports x3dom (so be sure to expect some cool 3d content on my new site).Plus I will get a lot of space from the webhosting so I will be able to host a lot of external sites and blogs, as well. So stay tuned and expect to be amazed :-D.

Getting annoyed

I am getting a little bit annoyed regarding the Blogger, I think I should write my own CMS system where I could separate the blog and articles and also put articles into appropriate categories with a possibility of translation to foreign languages.Well, it is possible to translate my articles here, but with a very shady ability to categorize my articles and with a very bad SEO possibilities.I also don't want to use commonly available content management systems because general solutions always sucked imho.Well, first of all I have to find a good webhosting provider.

Physical manifestation

What is a physical manifestation
Physical manifestation is purpotedly an event when a spirit attains a physical form during which it can freely communicate and interact with the Magician or anyone around.We split the physical manifestation into two categories: full manifestation and partial manifestation.Full manifestation is when the spirit is fully materialized, its whole body is visible and the manifestation is consistent (stable). Partial manifestation can be arms, legs, head, shoulders, usually also flowing from one body part to the other one during the course of the evocation.Concerns regarding physical manifestation
I am not a big fan of the idea of spirit being "materialized", I would rather explain it as "Astral light being densified to the point of being visible" than "assemling particles to the form of a spirit". It's true that I was able to achieve only a partial manifestation, never a full one, but I doubt the process is any different. Wh…

Shadow evocation

What is a shadow evocation
During evocations we need some vessel for the spirit through which the spirit will manifest. It can be a smoke, black mirror, fog, water, or light. During shadow evocations you use your own shadow as the vessel for the entity to appear through.Setup
To set up the operation you need a very dark room. Sit on the floor and put a big candle with strong flame behind your back, far enough so you won't burn yourself, it is actually not a good idea to have the candle too close, because you need to have a good sharp shadow projected on the wall in the front of you. Oh, yes, you should be facing a wall if you didn't figure this out already.
The candle should be the only lightsource in the room so there is only one sharp shadow without any disturbances.The operation
The format of the ritual is as always, just for the incantation you are sitting on the floor and you passively observe your shadow on the wall, repeat the incantation a couple of times and then you …