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Curriculum: new grades

So, the 1st grade of the Magickal curriculum was successfully released. The work had to be done in my sparetime, usually written on the phone during bus trips. This is why it took some time to finish it and it's also the reason why I wasn't very active on the blog.To minimize the inactive time I have chosen to work on the new grades on my blog, so you will be updated with all the new stuff and techniques I am willing to share in the curriculum.First grade was namely about self-control, developing basic focus, concentration and all those qualities important for Magicians. There were few potent manifestation techniques, but the main topic was really a perfection of self, getting rid of stress, depressions, bad habits, bad qualities. There were few health based practices introduced and the following grades will be based on these practices.Second grade will be mainly about my favorite topic, mesmerism. In the course you will learn how to manipulate your vital energy for the purpos…

Magickal Curriculum available

I am happy to announce that the first grade of the Magickal Curriculum is currently available on
The direct link is


I am currently re-reading some works of Papus and I noticed something I somehow didn't see before.
Papus talks about elementals, how they don't know good/evil, etc and that an experienced Magician can make these beings to do as he wills by means of suggestion, same as Magician can create a strong somnambulic medium from sensitive person.
Mmm, hypnotized elemental, you say, that's worth some experiment.But first of all, I am happy to anounce that the first grade of the Magickal curriculum I have been working on past few months is ready to be published, I will do so probably tomorrow :-)

Three new projects

Magickal curriculum: nearly finished
Banishing ritual: in progress, basic concept finished
Portable energy/spell storage: draft finished, creation in progress

Personal truths.

I think that Veritas Society got really down. Magick section is nearly dormant, no cool projects, great lack of practitioners and enormous lack of activity.
But God bless those who mentions "personal truth" in their posts, then scolding (called "discussion") goes on and on for a couple of pages, imitating ads with Duracell rabit (goes on and on and on...).
It's really said, one of the topics I was watching turned out this way again, in the past I tried to actively participate in such debates, but it's really pointless.I think the reason of that is that some people actually have no other ways how to "shine" than enlarging other people mistakes and scolding them for such "desperate foolishness", even when everyone actually knows what the person was actually talking about and the topic goes derailed for good.

Having heard from me for a long time?

Sorry for not posting much these past few days/weeks. It's already September, I have few occult and few non-occult projects I want to finish (some I should finish) and also a sleep deprivation.

To solve a part of the sleep deprivation problem I should choose just very few entities I will work with (and Marbas seems to be a bad idea now).

Also, if you wish, you can watch this video, it's about how to fake some simple psychokinesis. The purpose of the video is to point out that video recordings are very poor evidence of psychic abilities.
And also you will learn how to do a cool trick

Got used to that

You know, I have been just sitting in the bus on my way home, wondering what happened that usual hour long ride turned into 1 hour 15 minutes past few days, it became rather annoying.Then I remembered that when I was going home by this bus and this late, there used to be a next bus at the station we will are at and I had to get on it in time.To make sure not to miss the next bus I used to employ Kubera mudra while entering this one, to make sure I will arrive at the right time and won't miss that ride home. It seems that repeatedly using Kubera for that purpose some longterm effect was created and it seems it stopped working just recently.