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Banishing The Pentagram Myths

Awesome video and explanation about the use of lesser pentagram rituals in the original GD by Nick Farrell:

Magick not working?

I have noticed a lot of people who used to practice occultism are now against it, saying it doesn't work and it's all in our heads. I have already written an article about the psychology paradigm and its pitfalls so I would like to link you there. For the rest of this article I am going to write a set of conditions you should follow for your practice to have fruits.Also, if your operation goes awry, write it to your journal as well, for example if you mispronounce some name, if you forget some move or simply when you are just not feeling it, write it all down. That way you will get doubts out of your head and later when checking results you can say: "Ok, I didn't do A and B and the operation failed" or: "I forgot to do A and I did B instead of C, yet the operation worked, so A and B might not be as important".Keep a journal
I have written this over million times now, yet some people still don't get the hint. Journal helps you to remember things bett…

Windows 10 connection problem

So, this isn't really occult related but it is something that bugs me.

Every week or so the ethernet connection simply stops working, the network status shows limited connectivity and the troubleshooter doesn't help. I have recently tried to update my network adapter to see if that helps, but anyway, to anyone having this problem this is what works for me:

Press Win + X (Win is that button with the Windows logo)Run command line as administratortype netsh winsock resetpress entertype netsh int ip resetpress enterAfter that is done restart your computer and voila, your internet connection should be working again. Save this down for easy access.

Sex and Magick

Sex in Magick and Magick in sex
Sex and Magick runs together for a really long time. There was always something mystical about sexual intercourse and the fact that we can actually make our own human descendants. Also considering some recent news (Kanye's debt for example), I think breeding should be something you have to deserve first. Anyway, the use of sex in Magick was destined to come sooner or later. First of all, orgasm itself is a perfect mind-state for the operation, there is this tiny window where all thought processes get numb and you suddenly become concentrated at just one point, with no feeling of time. At that one point you exist just in the presence. Another asset is the physical exhaustion which gives the feeling that some energy was spent somewhere. This feeling allows you to believe some work was done towards the desired goal and more importantly that some potent energy was released toward the desired outcome. Another great thing about Sex Magick is that most adu…

Importance of dreams in Magick

There are still people who underestimate the importance of dreams in Magick so I am going to explain why are dreams really important and how to atually work with them.Consciousness versus unconsciousness
There are many ways how to define this but let's just say that your personal reality is split into what you are conscious about and what you are not conscious about. The amount of influence of your conscious and unconscious parts on your life is about 50:50, and of course consciousness also affects your unconsciousness and vice versa.Unconsciousness does a sort of a compensation work for your daily life, it's a very cleverly designed process, but sometimes the fragment of our psyche (usually traumatic one) gets supressed from the conscious and so transfers into your un-c where it becomes more or less autonomous. This then turns into neurosis and affects your conscious life (sorry I am simplifying so much).Another work of unconsciousness is to gather and analyze details we are …

Chaos Not 4 Kidz

A little project in development of mine, trying to teach Magick in an humorous form.