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Crystal statue exercise

It's strange how memory sometimes works. I used this exercise a long ago but totally forgot about it. This is the best available exercise to increase amount of energy your body can hold, improving your health, getting some quick results and it's also actually harmless.
That can sound like a common thing, but experimental energy work can actually be dangerous, not harm threatening, but it can cause digestion problems or fever.
The exercise (procedure)
Sit in a comfortable position with straight back. Relax your body, but remember keeping your back straight. Take few deep breaths, during each exhale your body and mind are more and more relaxed.
Close your eyes and visualize your body being hollow and made of crystal (or any transparent material).
Now, for each inhale, imagine white light energy filling your body, and being there.
Repeat inhaling and visualization till you want.
The exercise (explanation)
By relaxing your body and your mind you lower the noise of the p…

Experience with Necronomicon

May, month of Necronomicon, has ended, so I guess it's about time to post results.Firstly, I didn't find any time to pass second zonei, due to some personal issues and also a great deal of laziness.Secondly, repeating
During all days has proven very useful. Incantations from Necronomicon seems to be working much better for me now, I got my personal mantra through a vision, and also, according to one of my earlier posts, entity named Suhrim has offered me its help.I also became more fluent in reciting Sumerian incantations, namely ZI DINGIR exorcism from Maqlu text, generally I used Maqlu most of the time as it appears to be the most useful part of Necronomicon.Generally I am very satisfied with the working with Necronomicon, though I have to admit I am more self oriented now.On July I am planning to start working regularly with Runic Magick by Fra.Arion, so look forward for that as it also is a very potent …

Good weather Sigil

For those that want to help us to stop the flood in Europe

Underwater Europe

As you might know, there is currently quite a massive flood all over the Europe, the water level is slowly decreasing, which is good, but there is another weather forecast warning for the weekend and after, that would cause the earth not be dry enough to soak all the water and flood would continue.

I will do my best to stop the weather to do these silly things, but for such a big range I will probably need help, this way I beg all European magicians to help me stop this and also save some lives within the process.