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Chi Kung experiment: Day 8 to 15

So, the experiment continues. Jin Guang seems to be working way better now and last week I have also noticed quite sudden improvement in physical strength (I can now do 6 pull-ups from fully straightened arms without breaking a sweat, that's a good one for 200 lbs).As for Tao Yin, that exercise is really amazing but I had to omit it from the practice for time reasons but I plan to replace it this week with Lien Chi (full body Chi accumulation). I also need to add the moving exercises to the mix to get the full experience.Energetically speaking it became very easy to me to locate and focus on m tantien during the day, the feeling is pretty distinguishable. Also, last week some slight bowel problems manifested, I think Nei-Tan followed by Yen Chi is the culprit but so far more data are needed.Also, many people asked me for a book recommendation, on forums, on facebook, even on my blog. So, I currently work with book Chi Kung for Beginners, written by Scott Shaw. It's a really go…

Chi Kung experiment: Day 5 up to 7

Well, sorry for a late update, had a little busy weekend.

First of all I have to say I found a mistake in the experiment. What I have considered to be my Tantien was in fact Shenjue, another energy center. The mistake was simple to be made as it is said no one can really tell you the exact location of the Tantien except you and Shenjue reacted very strongly during preliminary exercises to find the Tantien.

Well, so that has been fixed.

As the next part I have added Yen-Chi (swallowing of Chi) to my daily routine. During the weekend I have also used Pi-Chi (holding of Chi) as my lovely wife has prepared a surprise kitchen reconstruction for me which consisted of moving everything outside of the kitchen, getting rid of the old floor, re-filling the gaps between tiles, getting in a new linoleum, painting the walls and getting all equipment back in. We also had to use the new kitchen desk so once again I had to cut out the hole for the kitchen sink... Pi-Chi allowed me to carry objects wa…

Chi Kung experiment: Day 3 and 4

So, yesterday I failed a little as I didn't manage to do Tao Yin exercise, but I finally figured out why I was getting dizzy during Jin Guang (I originally wrote this as Tin Kuang). The thing was that I misinterpreted the description in the book and was inhaling the Chi into the whole body instead of "just" the Dan Tien. I fixed this misunderstanding and the exercise works great now.

I have also tried the method of sending Chi into arms from Tao Yin during the massage and the effect was very impressive, a clear crack sound in my wife's shoulder was very audible during a massage, turned out she had a problem with the shoulder for a couple of days and the massage fixed it.

I am also messing around the idea of sending Chi to the knife's blade during my throwing sessions. The blade does resonate with Chi and after hitting the wooden plank it does act a little bit differently (it shakes for about 10 seconds), but it doesn't go deeper.

Chi Kung experiment: Day 2

So, a second day of Chi Kung experiment is over so let's sum the day.

First of all, I have to admit I really like the feeling right after the Tao Yin exercise. The whole idea of cleansing the energy channels (meridians) and then getting in more chi is very interesting. I also like that Tao Yin is really a meditation exercise, buzzing sound (Nada) and vision of a color appearing out of nowhere and then disappearing in the middle is part of the experience. This is something I always missed in Five Tibetan rites, they are great for cleansing and physical exercise as well, just the meditation part seems to be missing (at least in my experience).

Tin Kuang exercise today made me a little bit dizzy, hard to say why. I either overdo the breathing or doing this exercise in a moving vehicle is not a good idea, but hell, if I can do pranayama in the bus, tin kuang should be no problem either.

Other exercises
I was a little bit ahead of myself today and wanted to add more exercises to the lis…

Chi Kung experiment

So, I have gotten into Chi Kung again and have decided to give it a 4 week try, that means till 5th June.

I have experimented with Chi Kung before, many years ago but at the time I felt silly doing many of the exercises. I would say I have matured in this and I am ready for a next attempt.

Setup of the experiment
For now I can say I will do 7 exercises of Tao Yin every evening and Tin Kuang at least once a day.
Tao Yin is a cleansing exercise with a slight energy improve. Tin Kuang is also geared towards cleansing but also for forming a connection between lower and upper tantien.

Preliminary exercises
It's safe to say I have already done some exercises during the weekend and even managed to locate the real tantien (lower tantien specific to my energy body) so I can work with Chi more effectively now.

Further development of the experiment
Tao Yin and Tin Kuang are a good beginning, but I would like to add more complex exercises to the mix as the experiment progresses,

Notes so far
I di…

Child abuse in IOT? - Conclusions

So, I think I have already spent enough time on this topic, maybe too much. So let me give you the summary of the whole situation.

Colin Batley, who created a sex cult based on limited knowledge of Crowley's Book of the Law had abused children and was sent to prison in 2011. His cult existed since 2001 and according to Nathan J. Harris he was member of the IOT working group since 2005/2006 together with Nathan's parents.

I have spoken with Ray Sherwin, co-founder of IOT and he has revealed to me the "dark history" of IOT, specifically Dave Lee accidentally killing 3 young people with speed (amph.) and serving prison for that. He also spoke about "the other co-founder covering it all up". That being said, Ray never heard of any connection between Batley and IOT either (Ray actually resigned way before 2005, the year Nathan claims this connection happened).

After that I have talked with Peter J. Carroll regarding IOT, why he doesn't recommend the order no…