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Sacred Chamber: Replacement of the Qabbalistic Cross of Light

Stand still and take few deep breaths.Visualize about 1ft wide orb of white light about 1 or 2 feet above your head.
Point at the orb with your index finger and say: "Crown above my head, Kether".
Visualize a ray of the white light descending through your body down to the core of Earth while guiding it with your index finger.
Say: "Kingdom under my feet, Malkuth".
Open your arms like you are welcoming someone and during opening your arms, visualize the ray of the light becoming thicker and thicker till it covers the whole room or space around you. During this say "Through the worlds".
When you are finished, standing with your hands wide open, say "Back to the Adam Kadmon".

Merry Christmas

Christmas is finally here :). I have enjoyed the celebration in peace, considering that I had quite wild December. My family members got in wild argument, I was chasing for presents as a crazy person and weather forecast "predicted" that we will have 10 degrees Celsius today and no snow. I am proud that I solved the argument of my family, got all the presents and won my little battle with the forecast. We do have snow during Christmas just as I remember it when I was a child, everything worked out nicely.

And now, I would also like to wish a merry Christmas to you, my dear brothers and sisters in Magick. Merry Christmas to all of you :).

Correct replacement?

I started thinking whether I should substitute a magickal condenser with a sigil. One of the reasons is that herbs for the condenser won't be growing here till the summer.Unfortunately I don't know what intent to state for the sigil. Should it be something that makes the sigil the condenser? Or something that enhances effects of the mirror? Or something that enhances my divination skills? Will I be able to use the mirror charging techniques I am used to or will I have to abandon my current system?

Night visit

It's Friday night (early Saturday morning, 3AM).
I spent the night on the computer when my girlfriend came to me and told me about her nightmare.

She had a dream about entity made of flies and no matter how much she tried, she couldn't run away from the room or scream (typical scenario).
We spent some time with Simon's Necronomicon, reading exorcisms from Maqlu scripture and banishing various entities.

I doubt this one a visit of some higher demon, most probably just some lower entity trying to annoy before I set up my usual barriers before sleep.

Mayan calendar

I guess this post was expected from me for a very long time now.
I originally didn't want to write anythin on the topic as I have believed in common sense and some basic level of human intelligence...Mayan calendar is (according to some historians) ending on 21st December 2012 which is said to mark End of the world. Another version speaks about 2112 but they weren't able to match all the historical data.There is also this wheely version of the calendar, which never ends because it's made of gears.My dear readers, open bottle of good wine, eat some cookies and sweets, and enjoy your holidays.End of a calendar never meant end of the world, our calendar ends on 31st December every year for centuries, and we are still here :-).Also remember what YHWH said: There will be no prophet, no angel and no demon knowing the exact day of the end of the world, only I have this knowledge.I am not sure whether I will have time till the end of the year to write new article, so...Merry Chris…

Quick update

Sigil to have a lot of snow during Christmas.

Art of Shinobi: Simple Protection Ritual

Introduction I made my mind to slow down during holidays and return to my old hobby from the childhood: ninjas. As an occultist I have found few jewels. These jewels certainly weren't created by ninjas, but they were extensively used by them, given by the time, place and tradition.

Kuji Kiri Kyu - nine
Ji - syllable(s)
Kiri - cut(s)

Kuji Kiri is a simple ritual of doing nine cuts in the air with your hand, each of them being associated with one syllables.

Sorted syllables and meanings associated in Ninjutsu are:
RIN - power
PYO (or HYO or KYO) - energy channeling
TOH - harmony (with the universe)
SHAH - healing of self and others
KAI - intuition, sense of danger
JIN - telepathy, reading thoughts of others (can also be used for suggestion)
RETSU - control of space and time
ZAI - control of heaven and earth (control of elements)
ZEN - enlightenment

To say more of the syllables we would have to mention its chinese origin and I am not really a historian so let's just say that this kuji is a …

TOHO Announcement

I am very happy to announce, that Ordinem Cavae Unum has just released the very first issue of our quarterly e-zine.

The #1 issue can be found here: