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Alternative education

There is a lot of criticism regarding alternative education. Well, let me tell you something about the mainstream one. I was in the school for 14 years. Nine years of elementary school, four years of high school and one year college.Elementary school was the worst one in the republic (but was the nearest one). There was a lot of bullying in the school and also drugs. The only reason I didn't start with drugs was I wasn't one of the cool kids. Most lectures consisted of old Communist teacher writing really fast on the blackboard and erasing it when it was full. You weren't able to write down notes fast enough? Your problem.I started smoking weed on the very first day of the high school, I was one of the cool kids, till 2 years later when we had an argument. Our networking teacher once told us that we are not active enough and why won't we e.g. try to get admin access to the lab computers. This teacher later hated me for hacking computers in all 3 labs we had and he did …

Karmic retributions

The theme of karma seems to be reappearing lately. The western idea is that good deeds bring good to the life and bad deeds bring bad to the life.Western understanding is based on the concept that there is objective good and objective evil, that there is objective morals and universal justice. I am personally more inclined to believe that morality is subjective and that these retributions happen based only for this subjective morality. Do something against your better judgement and you will be punished, but what if this better judgement takes killing and stealing as good deeds? Then the idea of objective punishment falls apart, doesn't it?No, there still is an objective retribution, but based on subjective criteria. It is more oriented in a sense of whether you believe you did good or bad, so we could say the judgement is based on your conscience.It is also good to say that not every event is based on this retribution, random stuff hapens most of the time, hence why good people su…

New book draft ready to revision

Feel free to review a following condensed approach to the basics of Magick:

This stuff happens

There is some event from yesterday I should mention. When I was returning from the car service there was a part where I forgot myself and instead of driving the usual 90 kmph (which is a speed limit) I went 20 kmph less. In the turn I have met a truck that was trying to overtake the tractor, effectively blocking my part of the road. If I were going the usual speed, I would surely be dead by now as my BMW isn't truck crash resistant :D.
So yeah, stuff like this happens when you are practicing Magick.

Bardon's teacher

People on the internet usually don't believe me that Quintscher was actually Bardon's teacher instead of his student, even when I am Czech so I got a bit better access to this information.

Fortunately I have found this:

It's from my favorite occult author, Frater U.D.

Now, it doesn't mean that IIH is bad, IIH is a great system, it's just not from Bardon's head.

International trip

International trip. That's when you go to Prague to meet a Russian that will sell you an Italian spare part to German BMW :-D.I love how the life turns out sometimes :-D

Available for download

Magickal curriculum is now available for download at "right here"

Just click the link, let the PDF to open and then in the upper left corner press the download button.

Third grade of Magickal curriculum available.

I have finally added third grade to the curriculum. I tried to do so yesterday, but I accidentally erased the second grade which I had to fix today.

I have also added appendix to the curriculum with some cool stuff.

So, as always, the curriculum is available here:
it is for free and full of awesome content :).