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Leisure evening

Nearly forgot to mention this.
Two days ago during evening I was showing to my apprentice how I can use energy to lessen damage made to my body (something similar to iron shirt).
This ended up into beating contest and presentation how to use energy so my arm cannot be bent even when using great force.

Controlling energy within body is actually pretty simple once you learn how to feel it.

Magick in modern society

What Magick can offer nowadays
Magick, as a predecessor of science has formed the world and due to this influence our society is in its current state. Neither science nor arts would form this way without Magick. Astrology gave birth to mathematics, geometry and astronomy, alchemy developed into physics and chemistry, spiritual practices were the roots of psychology. But can Magick withstand the age of technology?
Let's say that you own a house, a car, two TV sets, newest iPhone and quite a sufficient wealth. Still there is something missing in your life, you just don't know what, you cannot name the feeling of emptiness. If you want to understand this feeling, you have two possibilities, either psychology or magick.
In case of psychology, there is a discipline called experiential psychotherapy, which can help you to grab and understand unclear emotions and feelings. In case of magick there are various meditations and introspections exercises. Both these fields allow you to acc…

You lucky bastard...

Today, during my travel to work, an inspector entered the sub-way train and asked me to show him my ticket.
I closed my book, put it into bag, took my wallet, retrieved my month ticket from it and found out it expired two days ago.
I presented the ticket to the inspector, he said "thank you" and exited the train.

P.S. If you want to learn how to do this, check my article "How to begin with practical Magick" for "Telepathy suggestion".

Going to be one busy weekend

Yesterday my friend revealed to me a sequence of problems that's currently happening to him, I offered my help so on Friday there will be some binding, on Saturday conjuring something nasty to get rid off the source of problems and then also trying to minimize effects of these problems on Sunday.It can sound harsh but there are few rules in duel of Magicians, one of them is not to touch Magician's family and relatives, duel of Magicians should be strictly between Magicians.

Daily Chaos Prayer

I thought I might make some simple, but useful daily routines for my tolerant and persistent readers, after all, my current posting rate is very low.Say following prayer (you can use Chaosphere as a focal point for that):Oh, Mighty Chaos,
I, (your name), your child, am praying to you.
Grant my wish and protect me and my brethern from all ill-doing, support us in our efforts and make our plans come true. Make our enemies go blind, bind their powers and make their efforts go in vain, for we are your children, true successors of Primal Chaos, the veil of life and all the mystery.
ZI DINGIR KIA KANPAFeel free to modify this prayer to suit your needs :-)

Nothing much

Nothing much happened over the weekend. I was helping one of my friends with psychological issues and then we also went to pan for pyrope gemstones, during which I called off one minor rain just to be disturbed by major rainstorm few hours later. On the other side, it was quite calm and relaxing weekend with nothing much happening, these days are more and more rare.

Quick note

I somehow keep forgetting to focus on the place between my eyebrows during meditation, even when I know that visualization is easier that way.


It seems that my son inherited my sleepwalking, as well.
Yesterday night he sat up while asleep and was "talking", for a good 15 minutes :-D.

Weekend trouble

During Friday night we attended occult meeting here in Prague. After that (the very next day) we had to get home. Some funny stuff happened during the trip back home, for example one of our traffic connections, namely train, got delayed by 2 hours.
To get home earlier I created a Sigil and during casting I recalled it's May and I am supposed to use only Necronomicon related stuff. Because I didn't have Necronomicon with me at the time, I started with general evocation of Necronomicon spirits (no names, no preparations, etc) and asked these entities to help me with the outcome of the Sigil.
The delay on the train didn't improve, so we chose another train, which didn't stop in our destination. During the trip I got a call from my father that he is currently in the city we were heading in and if we want to take a ride home, this is how Sigils work time by the time :).


Yesterday, before falling asleep, I was thinking about Suhrim, one of Marduk's names from Necronomicon. And one of four names that can cause death.
I got a very plastic and vivid vision of a large beast, with shape similar to shape of a hound, but with much bigger mouth with no teeth, it also had wings.
This whole creature was covered in human-like skin with a lot of stains in colors of brown and orange. According to my vision this beast was really big, maybe like a decent family house.

Second day

This is second day of May and also second day of my anual Necronomicon practice.
This month I will focus solely on Necronomicon.
No Sigils, no usual rituals, only Necronomicon.
This month I expect I should be able to pass second zonei.I will also focus on Maqlu text and post my observations here :-)