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Koetting's arrest: continuation

Some time ago I have published a post regarding Koetting's arrest. Recently Koetting himself has posted this video with explanations.

Kind of funny

Well, a bit funny thing has happened to me a few minutes ago.

I was in garage with my wife, taking a cigarette chat. After few cigarettes I asked whether we locked the door upstairs as we have a very over-active child so it won't run outside. A following conversation was really funny

W (Wife): Yes, I had to go upstairs again so I locked the door.
A (Me): Wait, you went upstairs?
W: Yes, I had to take the jacket, I was cold
A: You mean, like now?
W: Yes, you don't remember?
A: No, I don't remember.
W: You were kinda unresponsive.
A: So wait, I was like standing at one place, gazing in open space?
W: Yes.
A: And you went away:
W: I asked you a question, then I went away, took a jacket and got back and sat down.
A: And I was still on the same place?
W: Yes.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I was thinking about Shazu at the moment and I got possessed :D. Damn, this is great :).

E. A. Koetting arrested

So, for now this looks like the real deal, E. A. Koetting, author of Become a Living God was arrested.
More info here:

No sleep again

This is slowly becoming strange. Once again I am sitting in the bus heading to the office without any prior sleep.It is very hard for me to fall asleep before 3am, I am just too energized to sleep. Even when I am going without sleep for more days and I get quite tired in the afternoon, once I get home all signs of tiredness simply disappear.I doubt my new altar would be the reason as these problems arrived before I bought it. What I remember happening somewhat before this was an extended period of working with Necronomicon spirits. I remember that in Necronomicon spellbook (second book edited by Simon) it says that the best time for rituals is 3am for it being the most calm time when it comes to mundane or spiritual activity.To rule out other influences I stopped drinking coffee a couple of weeks ago but this problem wasn't reduced at all, in fact I can be fully awake for days without coffee or any caffeine based drink, I also don't use much sugars (I don't sweeten my frui…

Mandala template available

So, I guess the second prototype of the template is good enough for sharing, so if you want to try it out yourself, just download the template here:

The usage is simple, you just take the printed template and place another page on it, you can see the guidelines through the page so you can use them to draw your mandala symmetrically.

Second mandala template prototype.

Based on experiences with using the first prototype I made a second version, and this one looks pretty good.

Mandalas made by my wife

So, my wife also tried using the template to make mandalas and I have to say her results were amazing. It was also the very first time she managed to get to the meditative state when drawing mandalas

Few mandalas

Here are few testing mandalas plus also a reveal on how to draw these without rulers and compasses (for now it seems that the center is the weak spot, more tweaks will be needed)

The best

Yesterday I figured a way to create a perfectly symmetric mandala without the need to use rulers, compasses, and stuff like that, purely by free hand.

Today I tested it and it looks amazing. I will do some more tests and then I will send pictures and also a little how-to so you can start making amazing mandalas right away!

Amazing news

I don't know if you remember, but some times ago I have described my communications with Shazu and that I was given a vision of a circle to be used for the evocations.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't remember the whole thing, which actually made the whole conversation a big loss of time on both my side and Shazu's side.

I am happy to say that on one forum I visit there was a link to the German book no one there could read, so I took a peek and found out it's Maqlu text, which is contained within Simon's Necronomicon. So I was looking for a Necronomicon and found this:

The whole book is a bit cheesy and looks fictional, but that evocation circle that is there is exactly the one I have seen in the vision.