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Arion Runes: Is, Ar, Sig, Tyr

Is (right handed)
Very similar to left handed version, but energy more going outward. The feeling was like the energy wanted to leave my hand, pressing on the skin

Very hot and very strong energy, felt similarly to healing energy.

Different feeling in both hands, left hand was more hot, right hand was more "relaxed"

Nothing unusual there, just the feeling was more in the forearm than in the hand.

Arion Runes: Is rune (left hand)

This rune will actually take me two days (one for each hand), S. A. Kummer has written that this rune gesture generates a different type of body currents (?) And that these should be kept in balance.Anyway, for the left hand the energy was strong and sometimes also hot.
Feeling of putting the hand down during breathing exercises could be compared to putting hand into static electricity field. I also found out that I didn't start the exercise properly as I had a bad position of the thumb (it should be same as in Indian Fist mudra, thumb touching the root of the little finger). This became apparent during the exercise and was fixed during the first iteration of practicing the Is rune.After the exercise there were not any big problems and distributing the energy, except every time I was done with the distribution a new energy appeared in the hand so I had to keep redistributing it. This happened 4 or 5 times.Before falling asleep I had an impression that my body is floating and my fe…

Arion Runes: Thor Os Rit Ka Hagal Not

Few notes I didn't have any time yet to publish

Thor rune:
This one was quite painful, energy felt as pushing the hand against thorns, it also seems that sweating has become a common part of rune gesture exercises.

Os rune:
Energy quite normal, nothing special, nothing strange, just a smell of ozone on fingers after finishing the exercise

Rit rune:
Warm energy and also a bit disturbing "pressure" feeling moving around my hand during the exercise and through my body after the exercise. I still have this feeling and it is as if I had roaches under my skin.

Ka rune:
During the exercise the energy was pulsing under my thumb and generally it was really strong, I had problems to move the energy to the body after finished, it seemed as it was clogged in my hand.

Hagal rune:
I have felt magnetic energy during this exercise, as it was trying to separate my hands.

Not rune:
Ah, this one was great. The energy was sometimes warm, sometimes cold, but pleasant, and it was simple to di…

Making rapport with Marbas: Postponing

I have to postpone the rapport with Marbas for the current rune practice, I will restart the rapport during August.

Arion Runes: Ur rune

Practicing with Ur rune was very interesting. Firstly I found out I am more electric than magnetic person (feeling of heat instead of cold).
Generally feeling was very different from the Fa rune. I would say that Fa rune lets you feel the energy, feel the "primal Fire" as it is called in the book by Arion, but Ur rune directly touches your own energy body, your own micro-cosmos.

Arion Runes: Fa rune

Practicing the Fa rune (using the gesture, singing the formula, etc) was an amazing experience.
The practice goes 3x3 minutes and on the end it felt like my left hand is going to explode, fingers were a bit numb, whole hand was hot and there was a quite sharp pain in the palm, but not the unpleasant type of pain.

Anyway, these effects were precisely described in the book so nothing unusual happened :).

Arion Runes: Approaching next stage

I have had quite some fun using the runic circle and practicing Is and Man poses. Generally posism in this system is simple and effective, I have got to the point that I feel a great amount of energy flowing in after first 10 minutes in the Man pose.

Now the time has come to start practicing rune gestures, starting today with Fa rune.

P.S. For those who cannot find the Runic Magick by Frater Arion, it is mostly based on this original system by Sigfried Adolf Kummer:

Making rapport with Marbas: Current state

So, I decided to try Ouija board to contact Marbas (I know, it's retarded).

For what I understood, the rapport would cost me something (don't know what exactly, needs more communication), spirit also kept repeating number '8'.

I researched my precious library for the symbology of 8 and it made no sense. Then I took a second glance at Goetia and it turned out Marbas' day hour is 8 (so I guess I should contact him only at 8 AM/PM).

Today I also read a thing or two about Ouija where it was said that when entity keeps repeating number 8 it means it's pissed, now to decide which is which :D.

Generally using the Ouija board was fun and cost was zero zero nothing, I took some paper, wrote some stuff on it, duct taped it to the floor and used a shot glass as a planchette.

Arion Runes: Missing gesture

Gesture for the Yr rune is missing and I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Arion writes that Yr rune is good for grounding, but is not really needed. A. S. Kummer, author of the system of rune Magick based on Armanen runes says that the Yr rune is too negative and shouldn't be practiced, that's why he omitted the gesture in the system.

Still, I don't like missing artifacts so I will have to find it or figure it out somehow.

In regards to the order of runes in the circle: correct one is from left to right. There was simply a mistake in positions of West and East, I found the original image by Adolf Sigfried Kummer.

Arion Runes: Fixed circle

I finally managed to fix the circle, problem truly was with the color of runes.
So, remember, green for the circle and red for the runes.

I have also make a marks within the circle each 60 degrees. These markings were used as a reference point for drawing runes (3 runes per one mark).
The reason is that the runes are drawn each 20 degrees, so now I have much more symmetrical circle :).

Effects were amazing, both Is and Man poses went great and I have felt my whole body vibrating during Man pose, simply outstanding :)).

Arion's Runes: Experience with the circle

Yesterday for the purpose of practice I have drawn the Runic circle on the floor. I have used green chalk for the two enclosed circles as is described in the book, but for runes I had to use blue instead of red chalk (red chalk was of bad quality and wasn't very visible on the floor). I haven't inscribed the names within the circles.

Feeling of using Is/Man poses within the circle was truly amazing, effects were greater. But there is something I have to find out before doing more of this stuff. During the ritual my legs felt very numb, like the blood circuit was closed there, and were actually turning darker, like the blood circuit was actually very very bad.
This was happening just within the circle. It could be caused either by using blue instead of red color for runes or the fact that the circle was incomplete, I will repeat the test this evening with proper colors.

I have also tried the chalice ritual, but I guess it's too soon, no significant effects there.

Arion runes: Few findings

So, regarding my practice, I am still going for the Is-Man poses combo,  I usually get a very strong feeling of energy being pumped to my body during Is pose, but I cannot really describe the feeling I have from the Man pose :D, tomorrow I might try the chalice ritual.Direction of runes in the protection circle doesn't really matter, so you can go either way, clockwise or counterclockwise.Type of the runes is truly Armanen.If you wondered where you are supposed to get the 'w', eg in tuwatuwa formula, 'w' and 'u' are same, so the runes for tuwatuwa go as following: "Tyr Ur Ur Ar Tyr Ur Ur Ar"P.S. tuwatuwa is the formula for protection against black MagickI have already tried few rune gestures, energy signature for each gesture is truly differentSig - Tyr formula is truly consisted of only these two runes, Sig and TyrAra - hari formula gave me some problems to figure out. First of all, there is capital A on the beginning. Capital letters in previous…

Arion Runes: Quick notes

I think I have found the origin of runes in Frater Arion's (Franz Bardon's) Rune Magick.

This Wikipedia article speaks about Armanen runes:
If you take a careful look you will notice that these runes are the same as in Arion's book so Arion was most probably teaching about Armanen runes.

Rune Magick and other stuff

Once again I have one of those "do it all at once" moods. I have started working on the Rune Magick by Frater Arion (Franz Bardon), going with Man rune practice. First of all I have noticed it's pretty hard for me to keep still in the pose, being physically pretty hard for more than 15 minutes. Energy coming from the exercise is a bit different than I am used to, but not bad.
I have also noticed that directions, namely West and East are reversed in the rune circle depiction. So either runes have to be drawn in reversed order than on the picture or someone just mistakenly labeled West as East and East as West.

I am also currently working on the rapport with Marbas. I have already worked with Marbas a couple of times and his stuff seems to be pretty useful. Causing and curing diseases, teaching the art of mechanics and speaking about everything hidden or "occult". Creating the rapport with Marbas could be very beneficial for my practice and for increasing my heal…

Where did New Age go wrong

This is the short essay on things where I think New Age went wrong.

What is New AgeThe New Age movement is a Western spiritual movement that developed in the second half of the 20th century. Its central precepts have been described as "drawing on both Eastern and Western spiritual and metaphysical traditions and infusing them with influences from self-help and motivational psychology, holistic health, parapsychology, consciousness research and quantum physics".[2] The term New Age refers to the coming astrological Age of Aquarius - Wikipedia

As you can see in the Wikipedia article, New Age is quite a new movement based on some mix of western and eastern practices. You can also see it tries to base explanations of how it works on science (psychology, parapsychology, quantum physics, etc). There is also a general belief that New Age is a current phase of the universe, marked by entering the Age of Aquarius.

Mix of practices Mix of western and eastern practice is the first thin…

New inquisition

This is maybe the most inspiring video I had ever seen, warning about "fundamentalist logicians" :).