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Fails from yesterday

1) Don't send your apprentice to do the shopping for you, you won't end up with what you wanted

2) Make sure before you start with magnetising process that your subject doesn't, in fact, has a rubber shoes that isolates energy, not grounded subject in somnambulic phase will have similar qualities as grounded one but after adding energy a numbness in limbs and muscles similar to apoplexy will manifest.

In such case don't panic and ground the subject, then wake it up.


Today I wanted to cheer up my gf so I promised her that I will summon a ghost of her dad that died a tragic death few years ago.

We got to the point of his face appearing in the glass, but I couldn't proceed anymore.

I am not entirely sure if problem was in using glass instead of crystal glass, the fact that I felt very tired before the conjuration or the storm that is currently approaching, speaking of that this might not be the best time for such operation...

Well, there is a lot of things to improve on this one, first of all I have to buy crystal glass, somewhere :-/.

I should improve my magnetic abilities, as well, from now on I will practice telepathy every day.

Design change

Sorry for the change guys, if you don't like it, post it in comments' section and I will change it again :).

Out of mana

Last few days I feel really tired, it might be caused by the shield I am casting around my bedroom before sleep or the fact that I work with magnetic fluids much more frequently.

On the side note: My animal magnetism became stronger and thanks to that putting people into lethargy is easier now.

Magician as a psychopomp?

From definition, psychopomp is a guide of souls.

Recently I was introduced to another person in very unpleasant way, my friend that introduced us revealed that I am a Magician. This is not very nice introduction when you consider that it's more or less a private thing.

Well, so I slowly got out of that label of weirdo and we started talking a bit more specifically about occult. It turned out that this guy had a lot of experience with Aura seeing, energy manipulation and had quite interesting philosophy.

I have noticed that when people find out about my hobby they slowly starts remembering their past experiences with paranormal phenomena which they forgot due to dogma of modern society.

Maybe one of Magician's task is to lead these people through dogma and help them recall and understand mysteries they witnessed?

My current apprentice was an open minded skeptic, during our talks he has recalled many events from childhood he couldn't understand and in the end he experienced …

Recent updates

Telepathy experiments:

During weekend:Girlfriend suggested to make a coffeeApprentice forced 3 times to select a specific card from a spread while having closed eyesDuring Monday:One person suggested to turn around and one to get out of my way. Success: 100%
Recent theological discussion at:,20438.0.html

Telepathy Monday

Data from yesterday:

3 people forced to turn back, accuracy: 100%Group of people forced to get out of my way before they could notice me, accuracy 100%1 person forced to slip over, this test failed, accuracy: 0%. I guess there were no good conditions for slipping, anyway.

Wandering spirit

Reason for this post
I have found out that one of the search keywords to find this blog was "a wandering spirit" so I thought I could make a small explanation about this topic

What is a wandering spirit
I have already stated that when spirit inhabits the body a soul is created as a connection link between body and spirit.

When body dies, spirit separates to reincarnate again and soul remains on this world till it gets dissolved back into Akasha.

Duration of the soul without spirit depends a lot on its links. Souls linked to certain buildings or people will remain a lot longer than souls without bonds.

Sometimes this soul becomes a wandering spirit. This usually happens when the death was tragic and plan for the current life wasn't finished. Soul subconsciously seeks a source of food to prolong its existence and finish its plan.

Spiritual vampirism
Soul needs a spiritual energy if it wants to prolong its existence. This spiritual energy can be obtained from vitality of livi…

Planetary Correspondences

In Astro Magick we use days and hours associated with certain planets. Planetary influences are these:
Sun - Logical reasoning, willpower, staminaMoon - Intuition, dreams, divinations, maternityMars - War, protectionMercury - Communication, travellingJupiter - Knowledge, learning, studies, intellectual propertiesVenus - Love, romance, relationshipsSaturn - Age, elders, judgement, justice, experience, discipline

Modern Magicians usually work with correspondence tables showing exactly which day and which hour is associated with certain planet and without such table they are pretty much screwed. I will show you how to create such table on your own.
Remember planets and their daysFirst of all we have to associate days with planets. Sunday - Sun Monday - Moon Tuesday - Mars Wednesday - Mercury Thursday - Jupiter Friday - Venus Saturday - Saturn
This listing can look harsh, but in fact we already know four of these: Sunday and Sun, sure thing.Monday (Moonday), Moon :)Friday - do you know better d…