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Very first day of my vacation and I am already back in the office :D. We got an important training to do and I was promise I will have some plus free time unofficially, at least that's a good part :).

All the presents are bought and ready so everything I currently have to worry about is not to drink too much and maintain some sleeping schedule. Yesterday we had some shopping to do, my apprentice lost from my sight a couple of times but anytime I found him again, I was able to easily make him look at me using telepathy suggestion. I have originally considered this skill as a pretty stupid technique just to show some effects of the training, but yesterday it appeared to be a very practical technique and the training really seemed to pay off.

So far so good

For now the rest goes well.
I am currently reading the third Terry Pratchett's book (Pyramids) and I started with the karate training again.I still keep forgetting to cast the circle before going to sleep.

Magickal Curriculum: First and second grade now available.

So, I have finally found some time to compile the curriculum. The full 2 grade version can be found here:

For those holding the memory: It's the same link as before when there was only one grade finished :).


Few of my personal mandalas

Just few of the mandalas I have personally created.

Priesthood oath

It's already 9 days since I finished the oath of priesthood so I guess I should sum up the experience.As every year, keeping the oath of nobility, blessings and helping others was a very difficult task. During last year I received one ritual (Sacred Chamber Ritual) and one symbol (the symbol of balance).This year I have received the same symbol, but this time it is complete, plus a concept of an initiation ritual based on the symbol and a Kabbalistic Tree of Life, but I still have to build the ritual from it. Hard to say whether this is a standalone ritual or a continuation of Sacred Chamber Ritual.As every year I am truly happy that the oath is already behind me, keeping myself in control for a whole month is always a troublesome, but as my dear master, Papus, always said, one has to put himself into priesthood service for a month each year so for the rest of the year he can do the Great Work. People who never tried this oath before can't understand this, but basically 1/12 o…

2nd Grade, Week 6: Somnambulism

What is a somnambulism
Somnambulism is a half-awake state of mind. In this state it is highly possible a lucidity of the subject will activate, allowing contact with spirits and clairvoyance.Somnambulic subject appears to be fully woken up, for this reason it is very hard to differentiate from normal waking state, but without hypnotist's energy the subject will start slowly returning into the cataleptic state, for the outside observer it looks like the subject got stroke.After the subject exits the somnambulic state, he/she doesn't remember what happened in that state, that part of the memory simply isn't accessible same as when you can't remember events just before and after an accident.How to induce the somnambulic state
As we said previously, if you keep pumping energy into the subject, next state after catalepsy is somnambulism. During the catalepsy lecture we have said that if you force open the subject's eye, the subject will immediately get into the catalept…

2nd Grade, Week 6: Catalepsy

What is catalepsy
Catalepsy is a state of rigid, but stiff body. In this state you can position body of the subject in whatever shape you desire and this state will be kept.This state was used a lot during hypnosis on the state, positioning subject's head and feet on the chair, the body "floated" in the air, usually also some heavy item was put on the body to show its "strength". Accordind some legends, coming from stage magic, a hypnotist would stand on the body. This is a nonsense and a very dangerous attempt that could lead into possible injury of the subject, stage magicians used well hidden support of the subject for this feat and in the most cases the subject wasn't really hypnotized, it was a paid actor.How to induce catalepsy
You can either continue with the procedure used in inducing lethargy and in about a hour, cataleptic state will activated, the state can be verified by grabbing the hand of the subject and rising it. After you drop the hand, it…

2nd Grade, Week 6: Lethargy

What is lethargy
Lethargy is the first hypnotic state, in this state the body of the subject is numb, the subject appears to be asleep. In this state it is also possible to program commands to be executed after certain events (Attention: not every suggestible person is suggestible to commands, as well)Principles of hypnosis
Few things we should consider before attempting to perform the mesmeric hypnosis. Firstly, your subject must give you a permission for hypnosis.
Secondly, never force your subject into something he doesn't want or is against the law.
And finally, never ever quit the session before your subject is fully awaken (the reason will become obvious once we learn how to induce Somnambulism)Inducing lethargy verbally
Tell your client to sit comfortably, take a few deep breaths and explain to him that you will want him to cooperate, eg to close his eyes when you tell him to, or to simply follow your instructions. He should also have his hands on the lap.
The instructions:

2nd Grade, Week 6: Basics of hypnosis

This course is mainly about Mesmerism, so here we will learn how to induce hypnotic states using energy. But before that I would like to tell you that you are not allowed to hypnotize people without their permission.Hypnosis is good for a couple of reasons. First of all it allows us to heal certain problems (mainly phobias, rarely it can cure psychosis, but most of the time it just worsens psychotic states). Secondly we could meet a somnambulic subject with a good level of lucidity, therefore gain a powerful medium for our Great Work.How to recognize a suggestible person
First of all, the person must be willing for this test. Put your hands on the back of the subject and tell the subject to close his/her eyes. Accumulate your Vital Force and extend it into the subject. After few moments put your hands away, if the person started falling on you, you just met a good material for hypnosis.Another test is to tell the subject to imagine a black dot on the ceiling, then to clos…

2nd Grade, Week 5: Servitor creation using Vital Force Manipulation

Specify the intent, shape and name of your servitor and create a Sigil for him. This Sigil will be used for calling and commanding him.Place the Sigil in front of your eyes and use it for the means of focal meditation. During that time visualize the servitor and some scenes or events when he follows his intent, accomplishing your goals.After ten or so minutes start with the Vital Force accumulation, still focusing on the intent. After the energy is accumulated, place your hands above the Sigil (in the manner that allows you to still see the Sigil) and let the energy flow into it, during that say out loud your servitor's name and purpose.After you are finished, accumulate the Vital Force into your lungs, then exhale three times on the Sigil, before each exhale say: "Be living!". Then you're finished.


Hey there, people. Check out my new video about how to fake psychic abilities.

Remember, I do this series to prove to you that you shouldn't take videos of random strangers as an evidence of paranormal abilities.

2nd Grade, Week 5: Servitor creation using elements

What is a servitor?
Servitor is a general term for any type of spirit, servitor can refer to angel, demon, deity or an elemental (artifical spirit, don't mix with elementary spirits). Servitor is basically a spell with certain extent of individuality and intelligence. Servitors can be eg info gatherers or can be used in workings where you expect difficulties and a certain level of reasoning is required. In other words a servitor can dynamically change a course of action to meet the desired outcome.Every servitor should have a defined lifespan (unless we speak about elementary spirits), eg till it finishes his task or after a certain timespan. You can also create a charging formula and simply stop charging the servitor when you want your servitor to fade away.How to create the servitor using elements
After we have clearly specified the intent why to create the servitor and chose a suitable element for the creation based on occult correspondences, we can start with the process of cr…

2nd Grade, Week 5: Enchantment using Vital Force

Whether you are not the elemental type or you do not want to use elements for particular working, there is a way of enchanting objects using your vital force.Specify the intent
First of all you should relax your body and your mind (see 1st grade) and form the intent in your mind. You should also visualize the process and the expected result of your intent, don't also forget to visualize how will your life progress once your goal is finished. If this is what makes you happy, feel free to continue with the enchantment.The procedure
So, we have the object we wish to enchant in front of us, we are relaxed and we have a clear intent formed in our mind. Now we should accumulate the Vital Force while still holding the intent in our mind, let the energy to engulf your body, bathe in it.Once the energy was accumulated, move your hands above the object you wish to enchant, let the energy to flow into the object and to stay there, fixate the energy in the object with your concentration, keep…

2nd Grade, Week 5: Enchantment using elements

What is enchantment
Enchantment is a process of charging some non-magickal object with Magickal energy, therefore creating a Magickal object. Magickal object can be a charm, talisman, amulet or a tool. Charms and talismans are basically to bring you luck, wealth, happiness, etc, amulets are for the means of protection and tools are used in Magickal practice.Why to enchant objects with elements
Elemental correspondence is one of the simplest, you pick a reason, then you find corresponding element and you are ready to charge, no messing around with planetary correspondences is needed.Procedure of enchanting the object
First of all specify what you want to achieve and find some suitable object (don't use eg socks to bring you money).
After you have acquired suitable item you should cleanse it. Let it bathe in the smoke of White Sage and during that say a following incantation: "Creation of [object type], I [your Magickal name] command thee, be cleansed of all material delusion a…

2nd Grade, Week 4: Power of subtle influences

We hate direct commands because we like to keep our free will, our freedom to do whatever we like. Direct order is like an attack on our rights. On the other side if we change the straight command into subtle message that passes the filter called consciousness, we can implant a seed into the subconscious part of the mind, seed that will hopefully blossom into action.I have already presented this idea with the coffee example, so let's talk just about possibilities.Reversed sound
Favorite method presented in movies, I have actually never seen this on workingCryptic message
Just like the coffee example, sentence hidden in another, works quite often.Cryptic picture
One picture holding hidden message, usually encoded into the image using steganography. This message can be a short text or a visual part of the picture, it can be eg your favorite cartoon character holding some Starbucks coffee or a stage built in the way that makes you to always choose a triangle from a set of available s…

2nd Grade, Week 4: Power of image and deception

To gain a great control over other people, one has to have a great control over himself, his willpower must be exercised and tested each and every waking hour... or you can cheat it.Who wants to control others without much effort, should build an image of mage (or a witch). Suggestible people who have expectations of you having certain powers will succumb to these powers even if they are not present. The point is that the subject's inner belief does the trick for you. If such a person thinks he is cursed and some problem arrives (like bus being late or having a bad hair day), the curse becomes his personal "truth".Advantages
I believe we all have experieced at least few occassions when we wanted to help someone, ease their pain, heal their wounds, help them to find a better job... being perceived as a experienced adept of Magick can certainly help us with those cases, all we have to do in such case is to affirm our client that we are going to help him + we should do some…

Poll Results

So, the results of the recent poll What topics should I focus on in my articles? went as follows: Necronomicon/Sumerian Magick is a no-no. Traditional Magick, Divination and Necromancy got really poor score. Highest possible votes went for Chaos Magick, Kabbalah was second best.
Ok then, prepare for an a*sload of Chaos Magick articles and a cr*pload of Kabbalah related articles.


I somehow forgot to check the date in past few months... My priesthood month starts tomorrow, so no swearing, cursing, dirty thoughts, etc.
So, if anyone wanted a blessing or a prayer during November, feel free to contact me (this service is completely free, it's a part of the public service)

2nd Grade, Week 4: Power of suggestion

Suggestion is a process of forcing some idea to other people. This process can be conscious or unconscious, it can also be verbal or non-verbal. Forced idea can be an action that should be executed but it's not always the case. You can use suggestion to force an ideology, as well.Simplest suggestion is a direct command: "Buy this product", but such suggestion is very obvious, that's way a salesman usually composes this command into a couple of consecutive sequences. Eg "Let me tell you why to BUY THIS PRODUCT. Don't BUY THIS PRODUCT if you are not going to use it ever again. Listen to the stories of happy customers that chose to BUY THIS PRODUCT"Another way is a suggestion by position. Whatever the structure of your society or your book reading club is, people on top usually have more power over you than you'd think, if we imagine this sentence: "I will join you for diner tonight", said be a complete stranger, then a friend and then your b…

2nd Grade, Week 3: Recognizing leading and lacking elements in self and others

Why should I know this
If you choose elements to be your main occult correspondence, you will perceive charecteristics and health as being consisted of elements. If that's the case, you want to keep the elements balanced in your body.How to accumulate elements was something we have learned in the first grade and an improved version the first week of this grade. Now, as I said before, it is dangerous if elements are not accumulated in the same amount. Such imbalance can lead to a sickness or a major change in characteristics of your psyche.Recognizing leading and lacking elements
Most of this you have already learned in the previous exercise of this week, through the character recognition. But not everytime we know the subject or we are willing to be truthful in our introspections (truth hurts), for that there is a simple exercise that will give you some general summary of how elementally balanced you are.1. Invoke the feeling of heat to your whole body.
2. Invoke the feeling of co…


Once again I have too many projects on my hands :-D. I am writing the second grade of the curriculum, I also work on the occult novel, new books in my library appear about every other week and I am also working on the new introduction animation for my video channel.After the second grade is finished, corrected and published I need to take some time off to recharge my batteries. To read some Terry Pratchett and chill out. Psychology study will also have to be put aside for a moment, my sleep deprivation makes the learning really hard :-D.So here's the plan. Once I finish the second part of the curriculum and also the work on my staff (I will post images, when done), I will create the introduction animation and post some new videos (some maybe even occult related), then I will have some spare time for the Discworld and also sleep :-D.

2nd Grade, Week 3: Categorizing people by elements

Elements contained within body and their portions are not some abstract thing. Astral and physical are heavily interconnected, we could even say merged together, therefore our internal elemental balance affects our external appearance and behaviour, as well.Basic correspondences and implications
Fire: willpower
Air: mental plane, anything related to intellect, thoughts, memories, etc
Water: Emotions
Earth: Material stuff, whether we are talking about wealth or bold body structure, this all is contained within the Earth element. Before we also said that the Earth element is heavy, Air element is light, which means we can reverse the rule here, people with more Air in their bodies and lacking Earth element (imbalance) will have light and weak bodies.What is this good for?
Elemental balance affects both physical and mental states, knowledge of the balance state can help us understanding our subject or even influencing him.
But for our characterization to be accurate, we have to be able to no…

2nd Grade, 3rd Week: Basics of character recognition

We like to know our environment, the mysteries scare us. It's the old fear, same fear that caused we avoided a dark. Fear that we cannot control what we don't know.
On the other side, there was a rumour in the ancient Egypt that if you knew the real name of some deity, you could control it, you can even command it to make you immortal. This is an abstract way of saying: "Knowledge is power".Most basic schema
Introverted person is someone "locked" in his own world, usually shy, having problems with making a contact with unknown people, day-dreaming most of the time.
Extraverted person is someone always willing to chat, sometimes maybe a bit of an exhibitionist.Did it say anything to you? Well..
Introverted person is more locked, which means it is more resistent to the suggestion, extraverted person is more open and suggestible types are more available amongs the extraverted types. This is also the founding stone of hypnotic show, you need an extraverted person…

2nd Grade, Week 3: Basics of psychotherapy

What to expect in this course
This is going to be a super-short version of psycho-therapy course so I will skip the usual boring stuff about different methodologies, whether we are talking about CBT, psychoanalysis, psychodynamic, etc, such stuff is truly boring.
All you have to know is that we are going to study the integrative methodology, which became quite favorite recently. The reason is that these different methodologies are better for some stuff and worse for other stuff. Integrative methodology combines the best of the aforementioned based on different situations. Eg you want to apply cognitive behavioural therapy methods on neurotic problems, experiential psychotherapy on depressions and self-searching, etc.
The reason why you should be interested in therapy at all is hidden within the arcanum of Magick. Magick is not a hobby, Magick is the lifestyle. If you mean it seriously with Magick, it's not okay being Magicians on Friday night during conducting some static ritual o…

2nd Grade, Week 2: Mind reading

First of all, this is not about how to hear thoughts of other people, mind reading in Magick is based on observation and intuition and it is mainly about something we all had but must of us suppressed it during childhood.
There is this problem with growing up, we have to adapt to our society's standard. We have to stay quiet about certain things we perceive because it's rude to mention them. Because of that we suppress certain feelings, we do not want to be rude, right? That's how we lose our mind reading ability instead of practicing it.
What ability do I mean? Let's say you are speaking with your boss and suddenly you get a suspicion, your boss' behavior seems strange, simply different, maybe some other colleague or employee complained on you, after all a good scapegoat is nearly as welcome as a solution to the problem. But you omit this and casually continue in the conversation, but odds are that even if you asked about this your boss would reject it,…

2nd Grade, Week 2: Telepathy suggestion explained in detail

In the first grade we have learned about a technique called telepathy suggestion. This training was about focusing on someone and making him turn back at you (or you could also try something else).
Now let's talk how it works.
Vital force, also called a neural energy or also a magnetic fluid, is the energy "created" by your very own body by processing energy from food, from sleep and from the oxygen.Your Vital force is naturally emitted from the tip of your fingers, from your mouth, especially your tongue, and also from your eyes, ears and nose.By focusing on a certain person with a certain intent you have directed the emission from your eyes and "programmed" it with a certain action. This is how your suggestion travelled across the air to the subject of your suggestion without saying a word. But why did it work?Your energy joined the subject's energy and transmitted the message. This would normally be stopped by the psychic censor, the mechanism suppossed …

Mike Chang talking about willpower in the beginning of the video

Mike Chang speaks about the willpower in the beginning of this video. I think that his points are pretty good and accurate, this video is a must to watch for all serious occultists.

2nd Grade, Week 2: VFM for healing others

Healing others is pretty similar to the self-healing, same rules and law apply. To heal another person you have to learn how to send the VF out of your body and how to control it outside your body.
Get a long piece of stick (can also be a broom) and hold it in your hand in the middle.
Accumulate the Vital Force in your body as we learned before.
All this accumulated energy move to your hand that is holding the stick. As you are doing this try to feel the energy that is out of your body, feel the energy and with that also feel the shape, the surface and the content of the stick.
Move the energy from one tip of the stick to the other a couple of times, then expand it across the whole stick. Keep it this way for a couple of minutes.
Then shrink it back and move it back into your body (do not waste).
After you are good with a stick, you can try it onto other person.

2nd Grade, Week 1: Vital Force manipulation for the means of self-healing

So, we have hopefully learned how to feel Vital Force, where do we get it and how to accumulate it by releasing our reserves. Now let's talk about a simplest use of Vital Force, self-healing.
This isn't really a healing, it just makes some part of our organism to work a little bit faster (eg in case of wounds or flus) or at least to relieve some pain (eg headaches, etc). By no means it is a replacement for doctor appointment in serious cases, remember that.Use the process of energy accumulation described in the previous exercise. When the energy is accumulated, focus all of it into the troublesome area (a wound, a head for headache , nose or throat for flu, etc), with this focus all of the released should go to the designated place. This might take a couple of tries for the first time, but you will eventually get the hang on this.
When the energy was clearly moved to the designated place (always choose just one place per session), keep focusing on the place for about another 1…

2nd Grade, Week 1: Accumulation of the Vital Force

Let's say something more about Vital Force. It's the energy inherent to you, you cannot accumulate it from outside, only way is accumulating it from the inside. To understand how to do that we firstly have to understand how Vital force gets into our body.Where can I get the Vital force?
First of all, Jews and some other nations that the Soul is stored in blood, that would be for a longer discussion but we certainly know that the Vital force truly is in the blood. So to affect our energy we have to learn how our blood can be affected.
To affect our blood (and Vital force) indirectly we have to drink and eat, a balanced meal on regular level does great things to your energy level. Semi-direct ways of influencing our energy level are sleep and Sun, sleep helps to restore our body and our mind, sunrays maintains our body and our emotional stability.
Direct way of affecting one's blood is a breathing.
The breathing should be slow and deep, but still natural, with slight pauses …

2nd Grade, Week 1: Perception of the Vital Force

What is the Vital force?
Vital force is the energy you have in your body, it's the energy that allows you to control your body, without this energy you feel tired. That's enough explanation for now I think. Let's just say that this energy allows you much more than just moving the vehicle called your body as you are about to learn in this curriculum.How can I control the Vital force?
First of all you have to learn how to perceive the energy, which is quite hard because it is with you the whole time, it's hard to start perceiving something when you have it the whole time.
Consider your health, most people do not care about their health as long as they are healthy. They usually miss health only when they are sick, that's the only time they appreciate their health.How to perceive the Vital force
First of all make yourself comfortable and relax, use eg the Simple relaxation exercise as found in the previous grade.
Once you are relaxed, direct all your attention to your …

2nd Grade, Week 1: Elemental Energy Accumulation

In the first grade we have learned how to perceive elements, now I am going to show you how to actually accumulate them in your body without causing major imbalances resulting in stress, depression or sickness.Originally you were supposed to gather each element and then to let all of it go, that was supposed to teach you how to feel elements and how to maintain your original balance. Now we are about to learn how to keep elements in the body while keeping the elemental balance, therefore strenghtening your energetic body.Be relaxed
First of all we should relax our body and our mind, there were already some relaxation and calming exercises in the first grade, so you can use those.Imagine your body is hollow
Similar to the mastery of elements body, before we can gather elements we have to make some "space" for them. Just imagine AND feel your body being hollow.One by one
Now we should start accumulating elements. The process is that you visualize and feel the qualities of the …

Second grade: selected topics

Some topics I certainly want to publish in the second grade:Week 1-Elemental energy accumulation
-Perception of the Vital force (VF)
-VF accumulation
-VF manipulation (VFM) for the means of self-healingWeek 2-VFM for healing others
-VFM, telepathy suggestion explained in detail
-VFM, mind readingWeek 3-Basics of psychotherapy
-Basics of character recognition
-Categorizing people by elements
-Recognizing leading and lacking elements in self and othersWeek 4-Power of suggestion
-Power of image and deception
-Power of subtle influencesWeek 5-Enchantment with elements
-Enchantment with VFM
-Servitor creation using elements
-Servitor creation using VFMWeek 6-Basic techniques of hypnosis induction
-How to recognize and work with lethargy
-How to induce, recognize and work with catalepsy
-How to induce, recognize and work with Somnambulism
-How to release your subject from trance without problemsSo, feel free to let me know what do you think about the second grade of the curriculum, use comm…

Curriculum: new grades

So, the 1st grade of the Magickal curriculum was successfully released. The work had to be done in my sparetime, usually written on the phone during bus trips. This is why it took some time to finish it and it's also the reason why I wasn't very active on the blog.To minimize the inactive time I have chosen to work on the new grades on my blog, so you will be updated with all the new stuff and techniques I am willing to share in the curriculum.First grade was namely about self-control, developing basic focus, concentration and all those qualities important for Magicians. There were few potent manifestation techniques, but the main topic was really a perfection of self, getting rid of stress, depressions, bad habits, bad qualities. There were few health based practices introduced and the following grades will be based on these practices.Second grade will be mainly about my favorite topic, mesmerism. In the course you will learn how to manipulate your vital energy for the purpos…

Magickal Curriculum available

I am happy to announce that the first grade of the Magickal Curriculum is currently available on
The direct link is


I am currently re-reading some works of Papus and I noticed something I somehow didn't see before.
Papus talks about elementals, how they don't know good/evil, etc and that an experienced Magician can make these beings to do as he wills by means of suggestion, same as Magician can create a strong somnambulic medium from sensitive person.
Mmm, hypnotized elemental, you say, that's worth some experiment.But first of all, I am happy to anounce that the first grade of the Magickal curriculum I have been working on past few months is ready to be published, I will do so probably tomorrow :-)

Three new projects

Magickal curriculum: nearly finished
Banishing ritual: in progress, basic concept finished
Portable energy/spell storage: draft finished, creation in progress

Personal truths.

I think that Veritas Society got really down. Magick section is nearly dormant, no cool projects, great lack of practitioners and enormous lack of activity.
But God bless those who mentions "personal truth" in their posts, then scolding (called "discussion") goes on and on for a couple of pages, imitating ads with Duracell rabit (goes on and on and on...).
It's really said, one of the topics I was watching turned out this way again, in the past I tried to actively participate in such debates, but it's really pointless.I think the reason of that is that some people actually have no other ways how to "shine" than enlarging other people mistakes and scolding them for such "desperate foolishness", even when everyone actually knows what the person was actually talking about and the topic goes derailed for good.

Having heard from me for a long time?

Sorry for not posting much these past few days/weeks. It's already September, I have few occult and few non-occult projects I want to finish (some I should finish) and also a sleep deprivation.

To solve a part of the sleep deprivation problem I should choose just very few entities I will work with (and Marbas seems to be a bad idea now).

Also, if you wish, you can watch this video, it's about how to fake some simple psychokinesis. The purpose of the video is to point out that video recordings are very poor evidence of psychic abilities.
And also you will learn how to do a cool trick

Got used to that

You know, I have been just sitting in the bus on my way home, wondering what happened that usual hour long ride turned into 1 hour 15 minutes past few days, it became rather annoying.Then I remembered that when I was going home by this bus and this late, there used to be a next bus at the station we will are at and I had to get on it in time.To make sure not to miss the next bus I used to employ Kubera mudra while entering this one, to make sure I will arrive at the right time and won't miss that ride home. It seems that repeatedly using Kubera for that purpose some longterm effect was created and it seems it stopped working just recently.


During my practice I have changed my methods a couple of times and it turns out that I forgot a lot of useful stuff and now I am recalling these...

Rapport with Marbas is slowly progressing and I am beginning to see now that there won't be any increasing healing ability. Instead of that I am finding more and more sources about normal and alternative medicine and self-help manuals. I guess that Marbas is more of a doctor than a witch-doctor :D. It's not the result I wanted but it's still a result I found impressive.

Note to self: Read past notes in journal from time to time, there are many forgotten techniques that are waiting to be used again.

Note to remember

Make 3 prayers for Marbas daily, for morning, noon and eveningWorking on the curriculum, don't forget to finish the tarot part for third weekHolding brick breaking contest on weekend, don't forget to obtain some bricks

Arion Runes: Eh, Gibor, Results

Eh rune
During practicing eh rune, I had a feeling of "push", like some physical object was pressing against my left hand

Gibor rune
Energy felt like water, slowly flowing downward through fingers and through legs to the ground.

Results and overview
I have done a 18 days long experiment, one day for each rune. I have certainly felt different energies during the experiment and these energies were certainly external, not going from my body but rather through my body, which was very refreshing experience, especially because current energy-work methods are mainly internal based, often causing rather false biofeedback than any results.

As for results, I would say that one day for each rune was not enough, a week sounds more reasonable for perceiving these different energies and adapting my energy body to it. But generally I have become stronger, muscles didn't really grow, but everything now seems being lighter, easier to lift, easier to use, easier to bend. Overall I feel phys…

Making rapport with Marbas: My depiction

Yes, I know, I cannot draw :-D

Arion Runes: Bar, Laf, Man

Bar rune
Practicing the Bar rune was a very interesting experience. Different energy had flown to each hand, placement of the energy was also different. In the left hand the energy seemed to be placed in wrist, in right hand it was in a center of the palm.
Distributing the energy across the body was a bit complicated, two different had to mix and I also had troubles getting energy in the left hand to leave the wrist.Laf rune
This energy was warm, but not much, having lower resonation than other energies, but very pleasant.Man rune
Strong enegy flowing through thumb, index finger and middle finger, I could actually feel the shape of Man rune in my hand, the energy felt as having some plasticity.

Arion Runes: Is, Ar, Sig, Tyr

Is (right handed)
Very similar to left handed version, but energy more going outward. The feeling was like the energy wanted to leave my hand, pressing on the skin

Very hot and very strong energy, felt similarly to healing energy.

Different feeling in both hands, left hand was more hot, right hand was more "relaxed"

Nothing unusual there, just the feeling was more in the forearm than in the hand.

Arion Runes: Is rune (left hand)

This rune will actually take me two days (one for each hand), S. A. Kummer has written that this rune gesture generates a different type of body currents (?) And that these should be kept in balance.Anyway, for the left hand the energy was strong and sometimes also hot.
Feeling of putting the hand down during breathing exercises could be compared to putting hand into static electricity field. I also found out that I didn't start the exercise properly as I had a bad position of the thumb (it should be same as in Indian Fist mudra, thumb touching the root of the little finger). This became apparent during the exercise and was fixed during the first iteration of practicing the Is rune.After the exercise there were not any big problems and distributing the energy, except every time I was done with the distribution a new energy appeared in the hand so I had to keep redistributing it. This happened 4 or 5 times.Before falling asleep I had an impression that my body is floating and my fe…

Arion Runes: Thor Os Rit Ka Hagal Not

Few notes I didn't have any time yet to publish

Thor rune:
This one was quite painful, energy felt as pushing the hand against thorns, it also seems that sweating has become a common part of rune gesture exercises.

Os rune:
Energy quite normal, nothing special, nothing strange, just a smell of ozone on fingers after finishing the exercise

Rit rune:
Warm energy and also a bit disturbing "pressure" feeling moving around my hand during the exercise and through my body after the exercise. I still have this feeling and it is as if I had roaches under my skin.

Ka rune:
During the exercise the energy was pulsing under my thumb and generally it was really strong, I had problems to move the energy to the body after finished, it seemed as it was clogged in my hand.

Hagal rune:
I have felt magnetic energy during this exercise, as it was trying to separate my hands.

Not rune:
Ah, this one was great. The energy was sometimes warm, sometimes cold, but pleasant, and it was simple to di…

Making rapport with Marbas: Postponing

I have to postpone the rapport with Marbas for the current rune practice, I will restart the rapport during August.

Arion Runes: Ur rune

Practicing with Ur rune was very interesting. Firstly I found out I am more electric than magnetic person (feeling of heat instead of cold).
Generally feeling was very different from the Fa rune. I would say that Fa rune lets you feel the energy, feel the "primal Fire" as it is called in the book by Arion, but Ur rune directly touches your own energy body, your own micro-cosmos.

Arion Runes: Fa rune

Practicing the Fa rune (using the gesture, singing the formula, etc) was an amazing experience.
The practice goes 3x3 minutes and on the end it felt like my left hand is going to explode, fingers were a bit numb, whole hand was hot and there was a quite sharp pain in the palm, but not the unpleasant type of pain.

Anyway, these effects were precisely described in the book so nothing unusual happened :).

Arion Runes: Approaching next stage

I have had quite some fun using the runic circle and practicing Is and Man poses. Generally posism in this system is simple and effective, I have got to the point that I feel a great amount of energy flowing in after first 10 minutes in the Man pose.

Now the time has come to start practicing rune gestures, starting today with Fa rune.

P.S. For those who cannot find the Runic Magick by Frater Arion, it is mostly based on this original system by Sigfried Adolf Kummer:

Making rapport with Marbas: Current state

So, I decided to try Ouija board to contact Marbas (I know, it's retarded).

For what I understood, the rapport would cost me something (don't know what exactly, needs more communication), spirit also kept repeating number '8'.

I researched my precious library for the symbology of 8 and it made no sense. Then I took a second glance at Goetia and it turned out Marbas' day hour is 8 (so I guess I should contact him only at 8 AM/PM).

Today I also read a thing or two about Ouija where it was said that when entity keeps repeating number 8 it means it's pissed, now to decide which is which :D.

Generally using the Ouija board was fun and cost was zero zero nothing, I took some paper, wrote some stuff on it, duct taped it to the floor and used a shot glass as a planchette.

Arion Runes: Missing gesture

Gesture for the Yr rune is missing and I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Arion writes that Yr rune is good for grounding, but is not really needed. A. S. Kummer, author of the system of rune Magick based on Armanen runes says that the Yr rune is too negative and shouldn't be practiced, that's why he omitted the gesture in the system.

Still, I don't like missing artifacts so I will have to find it or figure it out somehow.

In regards to the order of runes in the circle: correct one is from left to right. There was simply a mistake in positions of West and East, I found the original image by Adolf Sigfried Kummer.

Arion Runes: Fixed circle

I finally managed to fix the circle, problem truly was with the color of runes.
So, remember, green for the circle and red for the runes.

I have also make a marks within the circle each 60 degrees. These markings were used as a reference point for drawing runes (3 runes per one mark).
The reason is that the runes are drawn each 20 degrees, so now I have much more symmetrical circle :).

Effects were amazing, both Is and Man poses went great and I have felt my whole body vibrating during Man pose, simply outstanding :)).

Arion's Runes: Experience with the circle

Yesterday for the purpose of practice I have drawn the Runic circle on the floor. I have used green chalk for the two enclosed circles as is described in the book, but for runes I had to use blue instead of red chalk (red chalk was of bad quality and wasn't very visible on the floor). I haven't inscribed the names within the circles.

Feeling of using Is/Man poses within the circle was truly amazing, effects were greater. But there is something I have to find out before doing more of this stuff. During the ritual my legs felt very numb, like the blood circuit was closed there, and were actually turning darker, like the blood circuit was actually very very bad.
This was happening just within the circle. It could be caused either by using blue instead of red color for runes or the fact that the circle was incomplete, I will repeat the test this evening with proper colors.

I have also tried the chalice ritual, but I guess it's too soon, no significant effects there.

Arion runes: Few findings

So, regarding my practice, I am still going for the Is-Man poses combo,  I usually get a very strong feeling of energy being pumped to my body during Is pose, but I cannot really describe the feeling I have from the Man pose :D, tomorrow I might try the chalice ritual.Direction of runes in the protection circle doesn't really matter, so you can go either way, clockwise or counterclockwise.Type of the runes is truly Armanen.If you wondered where you are supposed to get the 'w', eg in tuwatuwa formula, 'w' and 'u' are same, so the runes for tuwatuwa go as following: "Tyr Ur Ur Ar Tyr Ur Ur Ar"P.S. tuwatuwa is the formula for protection against black MagickI have already tried few rune gestures, energy signature for each gesture is truly differentSig - Tyr formula is truly consisted of only these two runes, Sig and TyrAra - hari formula gave me some problems to figure out. First of all, there is capital A on the beginning. Capital letters in previous…

Arion Runes: Quick notes

I think I have found the origin of runes in Frater Arion's (Franz Bardon's) Rune Magick.

This Wikipedia article speaks about Armanen runes:
If you take a careful look you will notice that these runes are the same as in Arion's book so Arion was most probably teaching about Armanen runes.

Rune Magick and other stuff

Once again I have one of those "do it all at once" moods. I have started working on the Rune Magick by Frater Arion (Franz Bardon), going with Man rune practice. First of all I have noticed it's pretty hard for me to keep still in the pose, being physically pretty hard for more than 15 minutes. Energy coming from the exercise is a bit different than I am used to, but not bad.
I have also noticed that directions, namely West and East are reversed in the rune circle depiction. So either runes have to be drawn in reversed order than on the picture or someone just mistakenly labeled West as East and East as West.

I am also currently working on the rapport with Marbas. I have already worked with Marbas a couple of times and his stuff seems to be pretty useful. Causing and curing diseases, teaching the art of mechanics and speaking about everything hidden or "occult". Creating the rapport with Marbas could be very beneficial for my practice and for increasing my heal…

Where did New Age go wrong

This is the short essay on things where I think New Age went wrong.

What is New AgeThe New Age movement is a Western spiritual movement that developed in the second half of the 20th century. Its central precepts have been described as "drawing on both Eastern and Western spiritual and metaphysical traditions and infusing them with influences from self-help and motivational psychology, holistic health, parapsychology, consciousness research and quantum physics".[2] The term New Age refers to the coming astrological Age of Aquarius - Wikipedia

As you can see in the Wikipedia article, New Age is quite a new movement based on some mix of western and eastern practices. You can also see it tries to base explanations of how it works on science (psychology, parapsychology, quantum physics, etc). There is also a general belief that New Age is a current phase of the universe, marked by entering the Age of Aquarius.

Mix of practices Mix of western and eastern practice is the first thin…

New inquisition

This is maybe the most inspiring video I had ever seen, warning about "fundamentalist logicians" :).

Crystal statue exercise

It's strange how memory sometimes works. I used this exercise a long ago but totally forgot about it. This is the best available exercise to increase amount of energy your body can hold, improving your health, getting some quick results and it's also actually harmless.
That can sound like a common thing, but experimental energy work can actually be dangerous, not harm threatening, but it can cause digestion problems or fever.
The exercise (procedure)
Sit in a comfortable position with straight back. Relax your body, but remember keeping your back straight. Take few deep breaths, during each exhale your body and mind are more and more relaxed.
Close your eyes and visualize your body being hollow and made of crystal (or any transparent material).
Now, for each inhale, imagine white light energy filling your body, and being there.
Repeat inhaling and visualization till you want.
The exercise (explanation)
By relaxing your body and your mind you lower the noise of the p…

Experience with Necronomicon

May, month of Necronomicon, has ended, so I guess it's about time to post results.Firstly, I didn't find any time to pass second zonei, due to some personal issues and also a great deal of laziness.Secondly, repeating
During all days has proven very useful. Incantations from Necronomicon seems to be working much better for me now, I got my personal mantra through a vision, and also, according to one of my earlier posts, entity named Suhrim has offered me its help.I also became more fluent in reciting Sumerian incantations, namely ZI DINGIR exorcism from Maqlu text, generally I used Maqlu most of the time as it appears to be the most useful part of Necronomicon.Generally I am very satisfied with the working with Necronomicon, though I have to admit I am more self oriented now.On July I am planning to start working regularly with Runic Magick by Fra.Arion, so look forward for that as it also is a very potent …

Good weather Sigil

For those that want to help us to stop the flood in Europe

Underwater Europe

As you might know, there is currently quite a massive flood all over the Europe, the water level is slowly decreasing, which is good, but there is another weather forecast warning for the weekend and after, that would cause the earth not be dry enough to soak all the water and flood would continue.

I will do my best to stop the weather to do these silly things, but for such a big range I will probably need help, this way I beg all European magicians to help me stop this and also save some lives within the process.

Leisure evening

Nearly forgot to mention this.
Two days ago during evening I was showing to my apprentice how I can use energy to lessen damage made to my body (something similar to iron shirt).
This ended up into beating contest and presentation how to use energy so my arm cannot be bent even when using great force.

Controlling energy within body is actually pretty simple once you learn how to feel it.

Magick in modern society

What Magick can offer nowadays
Magick, as a predecessor of science has formed the world and due to this influence our society is in its current state. Neither science nor arts would form this way without Magick. Astrology gave birth to mathematics, geometry and astronomy, alchemy developed into physics and chemistry, spiritual practices were the roots of psychology. But can Magick withstand the age of technology?
Let's say that you own a house, a car, two TV sets, newest iPhone and quite a sufficient wealth. Still there is something missing in your life, you just don't know what, you cannot name the feeling of emptiness. If you want to understand this feeling, you have two possibilities, either psychology or magick.
In case of psychology, there is a discipline called experiential psychotherapy, which can help you to grab and understand unclear emotions and feelings. In case of magick there are various meditations and introspections exercises. Both these fields allow you to acc…

You lucky bastard...

Today, during my travel to work, an inspector entered the sub-way train and asked me to show him my ticket.
I closed my book, put it into bag, took my wallet, retrieved my month ticket from it and found out it expired two days ago.
I presented the ticket to the inspector, he said "thank you" and exited the train.

P.S. If you want to learn how to do this, check my article "How to begin with practical Magick" for "Telepathy suggestion".

Going to be one busy weekend

Yesterday my friend revealed to me a sequence of problems that's currently happening to him, I offered my help so on Friday there will be some binding, on Saturday conjuring something nasty to get rid off the source of problems and then also trying to minimize effects of these problems on Sunday.It can sound harsh but there are few rules in duel of Magicians, one of them is not to touch Magician's family and relatives, duel of Magicians should be strictly between Magicians.

Daily Chaos Prayer

I thought I might make some simple, but useful daily routines for my tolerant and persistent readers, after all, my current posting rate is very low.Say following prayer (you can use Chaosphere as a focal point for that):Oh, Mighty Chaos,
I, (your name), your child, am praying to you.
Grant my wish and protect me and my brethern from all ill-doing, support us in our efforts and make our plans come true. Make our enemies go blind, bind their powers and make their efforts go in vain, for we are your children, true successors of Primal Chaos, the veil of life and all the mystery.
ZI DINGIR KIA KANPAFeel free to modify this prayer to suit your needs :-)

Nothing much

Nothing much happened over the weekend. I was helping one of my friends with psychological issues and then we also went to pan for pyrope gemstones, during which I called off one minor rain just to be disturbed by major rainstorm few hours later. On the other side, it was quite calm and relaxing weekend with nothing much happening, these days are more and more rare.

Quick note

I somehow keep forgetting to focus on the place between my eyebrows during meditation, even when I know that visualization is easier that way.


It seems that my son inherited my sleepwalking, as well.
Yesterday night he sat up while asleep and was "talking", for a good 15 minutes :-D.

Weekend trouble

During Friday night we attended occult meeting here in Prague. After that (the very next day) we had to get home. Some funny stuff happened during the trip back home, for example one of our traffic connections, namely train, got delayed by 2 hours.
To get home earlier I created a Sigil and during casting I recalled it's May and I am supposed to use only Necronomicon related stuff. Because I didn't have Necronomicon with me at the time, I started with general evocation of Necronomicon spirits (no names, no preparations, etc) and asked these entities to help me with the outcome of the Sigil.
The delay on the train didn't improve, so we chose another train, which didn't stop in our destination. During the trip I got a call from my father that he is currently in the city we were heading in and if we want to take a ride home, this is how Sigils work time by the time :).


Yesterday, before falling asleep, I was thinking about Suhrim, one of Marduk's names from Necronomicon. And one of four names that can cause death.
I got a very plastic and vivid vision of a large beast, with shape similar to shape of a hound, but with much bigger mouth with no teeth, it also had wings.
This whole creature was covered in human-like skin with a lot of stains in colors of brown and orange. According to my vision this beast was really big, maybe like a decent family house.

Second day

This is second day of May and also second day of my anual Necronomicon practice.
This month I will focus solely on Necronomicon.
No Sigils, no usual rituals, only Necronomicon.
This month I expect I should be able to pass second zonei.I will also focus on Maqlu text and post my observations here :-)

Occult community

After 3 years of experience I might already be used that occult community is full of all the different people. Still, sometimes I get surprised. I don't know if you already noticed, but sometimes you meet people (especially on-line), having all kind of arguments and "expertise" on everything, not completely understanding what they are talking about and even not really listening to you, just arguing for the sake of argument.
It's like when you teach first graders that 1+1 = 2 and some ass standing nearby starts arguing with you about the symbolic meaning of numbers, rationality and representation of each digit by a bunch of nested empty sets.

If I can give you some hint, don't grow to be that way. Remember that different people need different kind of information and also that different people hold different values. Arguing about values or about an amount of information being handled is the worst thing you can actually do. And also, believe me when I say that these…