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Very simple meditation

Sometimes simple is better, this meditation will take you only a couple of minutes and there is no way you could forget any of the steps. 1. Sit in a comfortable position, relax a little. 2. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. 3. Visualize that with each of your inhale an energy is drawn into your body and stays there, this energy says: "I possess Magick abilities", say that in your mind during each inhale and feel as your body is getting filled with this statement. 4. Repeat step 3 for a couple of minutes or till you feel full with the statement. This is a very simple exercise, in the long term it allows you to unlock new mystical abilities, in short term it helps you to reinforce your belief in Magick and as we already know, a belief is a very important asset in Magick.

Liber Azag: Book of Sigils, part 6

Spirit model It's time to speak about the final of 4 basic paradigms in Magick, the spirit model. The basic belief in this model is that everything is inhabited and governed by spirits. When I say everything, I mean literally everything, the air we breathe, the ground we step on, the juice we drink or cigarettes we smoke, everything has its own spirits. The path of spirit model is the path of prayer and rituals, in this model we do our best to get the attention of spirits, to please them and to gain them for our cause. Because everything is governed by spirits, spirits are who do the work, all we can do here is to make requests. To please the spirits we have to make offerings and to have more probability of our requests being fulfilled and our expectations met, we have to possess a spiritual authority. Spiritual authority is the respect we get from spirits as practitioners, you could say this is the filtering mechanism, just like the psychic censor in psychology paradigm. What i

Liber Azag: Book of Sigils, part 5

Energy model So far we have described mainly a psychology model of Magick with just a slight tap into the spirit model with our description of servitors, but still more from a perspective of our unconsciousness. We also described one energy model method, charging sigils with Akasha. But for the book of sigil magick to be truly complete, we have to explain different models, too. There are actually many reasons why to do that. First of all not everyone is psychology based, we are unique individuals with different tastes and beliefs. Secondly we don't want to be stuck to one paradigm forever, sometimes we just need to spice things up to keep it going. Third reason is that different models have different sets of qualities, some models are better for something and worse for something else, being able to shift the paradigm equals to being able to adapt to the needs of any given situation. And I know I am now diving a little bit deeper to the Chaos Magick, but still with Sigil Magick p