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Strange resonance

This happened about 3 days ago but I still didn't have time to write it down. After performing Sacred Chamber Ritual for banishing purposes I slipped into low trance and started hearing the noise. At the same time my left hand started resonating with the noise, giving me a very strong vobration. I thought this could be associated with some form of healing so I put the hand on the chest of my wife. She changed a color (got white as snow), I sat her down and then she told me a story of what happened during her car accident (she did't have that memory before and doctors said that she will never remember).

Gaining Magickal Abilities: The Gaze

What is The Gaze? The Gaze is an ability of Magician to steadily observe (stare) any point in space. It is also a premilinary ability for claivoyance, reality manipulation, shewstone scrying and literally any ability that needs eyes to work. As opposed to the "evil eye", The Gaze is not intuition-based and has to be practiced to be gained. On the other hand The Gaze gives you complete control over the effects and also all of the benefits of Evil Eye. The Gaze can be also used psychologically, staring inside the skull of your opponent during conversation will definitely freak out most people you will meet. First Exercise: The Point First of all we have to learn how to shift the staring point. Choose some picture or painting and place your thumb between the painting and your eyes. Now start switching your focus between the painting. Practice this for a week. After you are done for the first part, here comes the fun. Start the exercise as before but after focusing on the

Kubera Mudra

My day didn't start so well, I overslept and nearly missed the bus to the capital. Fortunately I already remember Kubera Mudra, which can be used to quickly manipulate reality, the usage is simply just to hold the Mudra as tight as you can while repeating the wish in your mind (3 repetitions are enough). I had quite some success with this mudra last few weeks but today it prove that it can replace FTMCS as well.

Recent update

Creation of household servitors prove useful, these guys can easily be sent to protect home from external influences or hold a seat in the bus. I also found great antiquarian bookshop. I got a book from 1905 there for 60 CZK (about 3$), damn that bookshop owner must be totally crazy.

Few tips about Magick

A list of things that you should keep in mind: Drink a lot of clean water to cleanse and vitalize your body Have a balanced diet. Exercise your body. Weak body equals weak energy and weak Magick.  Meditate daily to improve your mind, your concentration, your dedication and also your health. Practicing asanas, mudras, mantras and pranayama is also very helpful. Learn how to relax your body and your mind and stress will never appear again + your power will multiply Learn acupressure and you will gain one instant way how to solve most of those little annoying health problems Magick is not just about circles, spirits and incense sticks, a person with extensive knowledge of psychology, anatomy and herbalism can do miracles, as well.  During ritual, when everything goes wrong and you face some serious troubles, do not panic. This hint can save your sanity or even your life. Learn to observe yourself and your actions daily Learn to laugh at yourself

Salamander Experiment: Little delay

For time reasons I have to do the evocation during weekends, unfortunately last weekend I was completely exhausted and slept over whole Saturday. Main problem is that I have to get up much earlier each day and to quickly get into suitable state I have to drink a lot of coffee. Magicians know that coffee doesn't produce energy, caffeine just releases energy that is already being present in the body (black tea is even worse). I recently learned a couple of pressure points that can be used for the same effects as the coffee, I will also have to recompose my meditations to get some spare energy.