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Quick update

My recent dive into necromancy already started paying off. Omnipresence of death is very interesting, let's see if I can make a working paradigm out of this.


I am taking some time off to practice fully, I should be fully back till September.

Magickal wood cutting

I had to cut some very hard wood this morning. Cutting each piece was very time consuming and I quickly ran out of stamina.

After few pieces I went for a coffee and cigarette and to get some stamina back. During the break I thought for myself: "Screw it, I am Magician".

I went back, grabbed the axe, put it above my head and started with following incantation:

"O, Spirits of physical strength, I summon thee. Come to my place and charge this axe with your power so it can cut through wood more effectively. Come to my place and grant me strength.
Wood, be aware of the power of spirits of physical strength. Be aware of the power of this axe".

After that, cutting the wood changed into child's play. No matter how hard the wood was, few hits was everything I needed, hardly even getting wet.

In the middle of cutting, my girlfriend came to ask me if I was tired and found a good pile of cut wood. I asked her if she wants to try and she also didn't have any problem wit…

My little return

During time of my practice I have tried a number of various methods, exercises, spells, healing methods, etc. I usually keep with some practice till I learn and try it and then I move to next one.
Today was the very special day when I remembered some of my older techniques, more specifically I have finally recalled how I was working with Reiki in effective way. I like these returns to past :).

How to craft talismans/amulets

IntroductionI think you all know it. Amulets for protection, talismans and lucky charms are the most favorite magickal items all around the world. Countless people make their fortunes by selling these on eBay. My personal belief is that a real Magician and a real sorcerer should be able to craft their own items. From wand up to the lucky charm, these are items you might want to use in your everyday life, crafting own items saves money and helps to develop some skill. No matter to say that custom item will have some serious mojo, compared to those generics sold on the internet.
What we needHolder. Item created from leather, black silk or wood that will be worn on neck or somewhere near your heart as a container of the talisman.Pen and paper. Yes, we will use sigil as the mojo container :).Time to perform the Magickal part
Specify your intentFirst of all, you have to specify intent of your accessory. For amulets you can use generic intent like “THIS MY WILL TO BE PROTECTED FROM ALL EVIL” o…

Results of passing gate of Nanna

So, I was still unsure of the result so I made a reading upon my recent attempt to pass the first zonei of Necronomicon. Outcome of the reading was quite straight. Passing the gate would be fail if I believed so, result of such action matters a lot on your belief, belief is the key to the success, the actual key to attaining power.

It's probably the same as with crossing the Abyss, if I didn't believe in my success and if I omitted my experiences, it would be the same as if I never crossed the Abyss to begin with.

This whole experience changed my belief a lot. I don't have a simple belief, now. It's more like belief in my belief. Kabbalah helped to attain this viewpoint, too.

About willpower

What is a willpower A lot of things were said about willpower in the past but topic wasn't explained really well. If our real Self is our Will, then the endurance of this Will is what willpower stands for. It's like a muscle strength for the muscle or a bullet for the gun.

Why is willpower important for Magicians Willpower is a measure of affecting the world. Magician without willpower is like an artist without his tools or a musician without his equipment. Magician with stronger Will wins, same as a bodybuilder with stronger body can lift up more weight.

Willpower in history You should have already heard some story of old shamans, going without food for months, keeping their bodies in cold water for days or even wounding their bodies in states of trance before doing their rites.
Reason is simple, willpower.
By specifying a task that is hard to achieve, and by achieving that task, you train your willpower, strength of your Will.

How to train your willpower In mode…

First zonei: Nanna

Yesterday I have tried to open the first gate of Zonei, gate of Nanna.
I am not sure about the result, I managed to retrieve some word, but I am not sure if it is the password to the gate.

During the ritual I got into trance and heard a female voice yelling "HELP", I wasn't sure about the origin of the voice so I quit the operation and went to check my family, everyone was fine.

By the way, Nanna is deity of Moon and I just read an article about Moon being very big from Saturday to Sunday. Quite interesting coincidence.

Important stories of Necronomicon

So, there are basically two important stories. Story of Mad Arab and story of the war between gods in Magan text.

Both stories give a very strong impression of fear and amazement at the same time. Read these stories and believe them, you will get the most useful tool a Magician can have. Power of belief. Both stories are made to erase that virtual border between Magick and reality, that limitation of your powers.

It doesn't really matter whether Necronomicon is thousands of years old or just few decades. Spirits described in the book are genuine and powerful, egregore of the book is interesting, too. Necronomicon is a modern book of dead names.

First day of Necronomicon

May, month I have associated with Necronomicon, started and I already have an experience to share.

I originally intended to re-read story of mad Arab and put my impression here, but it wasn't meant to be that way.

We have two old horses and one of them got sick. Perfect chance to test Necronomicon. While reading through book of Marduk's names we noticed there are no deities for healing. I solved this problem by Conjuration of the Fire God.

Spirit of the Fire, Remember!
GIBIL, Spirit of the Fire, Remember!
GIRRA, Spirit of the Flames, Remember!
O God of Fire, Mighty Son of ANU, Most terrifying among Thy Brothers, Rise!
O God of the Furnace, God of Destruction, Remember!
Rise Up, O God of Fire, GIBIL in Thy Majesty, and devour my enemies!
Rise up, O God of Fire, GIRRA in Thy Power, and burn the sorcerers who persecute me!
Rise up, Son of the Flaming Disk of ANU!
Rise up, Offs…