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Franz Bardon's Initiation Into Hermetics Cheat-Sheet


Chi Kung experiment: Day 16 up to 28

So, my Chi Kung experiment is over so it's time for some conclusions.The most practical technique
The most practical technique I have found in Chi Kung would be Pi Chi. The ability to send more oxygen to the muscles is truly useful when you need to move stuff around, plus if you know how to draw energy out you can also use Pi Chi for some basic healing.The most rewarding technique
This one is actually a set of techniques, Tao Yin. If you really want to experience Chi Kung, go for this exercise. It helps you to cleanse your body, remove blockages, get into meditative state of mind and draw in more Chi, needless to say that physical exercises and massages that are part of Tao Yin are also beneficial.Conclusion
I have to say I have enjoyed this experiment, a lot.First of all there are clear similarities between Chi Kung and my favorite mesmerism. For example somnambulic subjects often see energy leaving the body through finger tips. In Chi Kung there are energetic paths called meridi…

The Gospel Of The Ghouls: book review

So, this is a review of the book called The Gospel Of The Ghouls, written by Baron and Baronessa Araignee. For those interested, the book's ISBN is 978-0-620-71222-4.

Before we continue in this, I should probably share a fair warning here. This book is truly a book about necromancy, with all its positives and negatives. Don't expect to light a black candle and become an instant necromancer. Another piece of fair warning I am going to give you is that this isn't a book for a weak stomach. If you are an animal loving neo pagan or a follower of a “dark path of fluffy E. A. Curling”, this book isn't for you. After all, the book itself says: “Remember, a life for a life, never more, never less.” Very last piece of advice from me: This isn't something you could just try and then throw into the corner, necromancy requires a full dedication. You have been warned.

Necromancy is a great paradigm, granting superb powers to the practitioner who isn't scared of few sacrific…

Chi Kung experiment: Day 8 to 15

So, the experiment continues. Jin Guang seems to be working way better now and last week I have also noticed quite sudden improvement in physical strength (I can now do 6 pull-ups from fully straightened arms without breaking a sweat, that's a good one for 200 lbs).As for Tao Yin, that exercise is really amazing but I had to omit it from the practice for time reasons but I plan to replace it this week with Lien Chi (full body Chi accumulation). I also need to add the moving exercises to the mix to get the full experience.Energetically speaking it became very easy to me to locate and focus on m tantien during the day, the feeling is pretty distinguishable. Also, last week some slight bowel problems manifested, I think Nei-Tan followed by Yen Chi is the culprit but so far more data are needed.Also, many people asked me for a book recommendation, on forums, on facebook, even on my blog. So, I currently work with book Chi Kung for Beginners, written by Scott Shaw. It's a really go…

Chi Kung experiment: Day 5 up to 7

Well, sorry for a late update, had a little busy weekend.

First of all I have to say I found a mistake in the experiment. What I have considered to be my Tantien was in fact Shenjue, another energy center. The mistake was simple to be made as it is said no one can really tell you the exact location of the Tantien except you and Shenjue reacted very strongly during preliminary exercises to find the Tantien.

Well, so that has been fixed.

As the next part I have added Yen-Chi (swallowing of Chi) to my daily routine. During the weekend I have also used Pi-Chi (holding of Chi) as my lovely wife has prepared a surprise kitchen reconstruction for me which consisted of moving everything outside of the kitchen, getting rid of the old floor, re-filling the gaps between tiles, getting in a new linoleum, painting the walls and getting all equipment back in. We also had to use the new kitchen desk so once again I had to cut out the hole for the kitchen sink... Pi-Chi allowed me to carry objects wa…

Chi Kung experiment: Day 3 and 4

So, yesterday I failed a little as I didn't manage to do Tao Yin exercise, but I finally figured out why I was getting dizzy during Jin Guang (I originally wrote this as Tin Kuang). The thing was that I misinterpreted the description in the book and was inhaling the Chi into the whole body instead of "just" the Dan Tien. I fixed this misunderstanding and the exercise works great now.

I have also tried the method of sending Chi into arms from Tao Yin during the massage and the effect was very impressive, a clear crack sound in my wife's shoulder was very audible during a massage, turned out she had a problem with the shoulder for a couple of days and the massage fixed it.

I am also messing around the idea of sending Chi to the knife's blade during my throwing sessions. The blade does resonate with Chi and after hitting the wooden plank it does act a little bit differently (it shakes for about 10 seconds), but it doesn't go deeper.

Chi Kung experiment: Day 2

So, a second day of Chi Kung experiment is over so let's sum the day.

First of all, I have to admit I really like the feeling right after the Tao Yin exercise. The whole idea of cleansing the energy channels (meridians) and then getting in more chi is very interesting. I also like that Tao Yin is really a meditation exercise, buzzing sound (Nada) and vision of a color appearing out of nowhere and then disappearing in the middle is part of the experience. This is something I always missed in Five Tibetan rites, they are great for cleansing and physical exercise as well, just the meditation part seems to be missing (at least in my experience).

Tin Kuang exercise today made me a little bit dizzy, hard to say why. I either overdo the breathing or doing this exercise in a moving vehicle is not a good idea, but hell, if I can do pranayama in the bus, tin kuang should be no problem either.

Other exercises
I was a little bit ahead of myself today and wanted to add more exercises to the lis…

Chi Kung experiment

So, I have gotten into Chi Kung again and have decided to give it a 4 week try, that means till 5th June.

I have experimented with Chi Kung before, many years ago but at the time I felt silly doing many of the exercises. I would say I have matured in this and I am ready for a next attempt.

Setup of the experiment
For now I can say I will do 7 exercises of Tao Yin every evening and Tin Kuang at least once a day.
Tao Yin is a cleansing exercise with a slight energy improve. Tin Kuang is also geared towards cleansing but also for forming a connection between lower and upper tantien.

Preliminary exercises
It's safe to say I have already done some exercises during the weekend and even managed to locate the real tantien (lower tantien specific to my energy body) so I can work with Chi more effectively now.

Further development of the experiment
Tao Yin and Tin Kuang are a good beginning, but I would like to add more complex exercises to the mix as the experiment progresses,

Notes so far
I di…

Child abuse in IOT? - Conclusions

So, I think I have already spent enough time on this topic, maybe too much. So let me give you the summary of the whole situation.

Colin Batley, who created a sex cult based on limited knowledge of Crowley's Book of the Law had abused children and was sent to prison in 2011. His cult existed since 2001 and according to Nathan J. Harris he was member of the IOT working group since 2005/2006 together with Nathan's parents.

I have spoken with Ray Sherwin, co-founder of IOT and he has revealed to me the "dark history" of IOT, specifically Dave Lee accidentally killing 3 young people with speed (amph.) and serving prison for that. He also spoke about "the other co-founder covering it all up". That being said, Ray never heard of any connection between Batley and IOT either (Ray actually resigned way before 2005, the year Nathan claims this connection happened).

After that I have talked with Peter J. Carroll regarding IOT, why he doesn't recommend the order no…

Project: Over-Condensing the Light, summary

A full week of this project is behind me so it's a time to make a review. I would say it was an eye opening experience due to a lot of things. As I have mentioned before, the heaviness and numbness that I experienced originally after the invocation quickly went away and more I practised this, more adapted I became to this practice.I have also mentioned it became way easier to me to wake up in the morning, thinking back about it, I think my energy body had a problem of its own and this routine helped me to clean that one out on multiple levels. Speaking of it, I think it is safe to say that this is an excellent detoxication procedure. The thing is that I wouldn't recommend it to beginners for multiple reasons. First and foremost, I have already done the essentials. I have worked a great deal through my soul mirrors (introspection and retrospection), I have also a good deal of meditation under my belt so I cannot really say what effects this practice would have on someone that b…

Project: Over-Condensing the Light, Day 5

Today and yesterday I have played table soccer with a colleague of mine. I have outmatched him drastically despite the fact we are usually even. It makes me wondering whether my reflexes got better or simply the eye-hand coordination improved (either way would be great). It is not probable the reason would be that my colleague would play worse than usually, I rather noticed I could more easily switch between player rods and position them as needed with minimal effort.Reiki experiment
I had to do some healing yesterday on my wife. Because my reiki self-initiation ritual still isn't perfect I have decided to use my method of Astral Light invocation for it. I have basically cleansed the space, get tuned-in on the Light, then draw all 5 reiki symbols in 4 cardinal directions and then invoked the Light together with these symbols.The effect of this experiment was weird. I have felt a little bit numb, like being disassociated with my body. Buzzing (Nada) was very strong, my whole body a…

Project: Over-condensing the Light, day 4

I am not sure why but I felt pretty cold before falling asleep yesterday, fortunately a quick invocation of Astral Light solved the problem, it's weird to see how fast you can actually change your body temperature by such a simple method.Anyway, I have noticed that my daily consumption of water went down to about half a liter. 2 liters per day is a recommended intake so I will have to work on that one. Generally it is not a good idea to drink less during this experiment as the data could become inaccurate due this.

Project: Over-Condensing the Light, day 3

So, a little tiredness appeared yesterday in the evening, yet I was still able to wake up this morning (once again sooner than usually).
Today some sort of tiredness also appeared after an hour long meeting but I managed to get rid of it with a very quick invocation of astral light. It leads to the question whether Astral light started getting absorbed faster by my body or whether there is some sort of "leak" that was either unnoticeable before or developed recently.
Either way, this is the third day of the experiment and also first day I also did the evening session. During this session I have noticed another effect, despite the fact that my thoughts flow as usually, I can now easily sort through them and switch between them without any loss of concentration. This easiness is similar to what I usually experience during days without sleep, except in the sleepless days it is usually caused by naturally minimized thinking patterns. Maybe the feeling of being centered I have …

Project: Over-Condensing the Light, day 2

Yesterday was a very interesting day. Generally I have felt more centered but also more alive. The original feeling of heaviness I have mentioned in the last post went away after a couple of hours. It is also interesting that I couldn't felt asleep till 2 am yet I was able to get up at 6 am without any problem. Just to mention why it is interesting: I usually need about 7 - 9 hours of sleep, that can be reduced to 4 - 5 hours if I manage to do all my meditations during the day and before the sleep, but yesterday I did only the morning meditation yet the effect was stronger than usually.Peer review
I have to say I am also happy I have announced this project publicly because I got a lot of interesting information about what normally happy during over-condensing. On one forum it was mentioned that this practice can attract negative entities which makes a lot of sense as I believe the circle casting works in a similar manner. On another forum I got the information that by over-condens…

Project: Over-condensing the light

So, I always found curious why while working with Astral Light it is recommended to take what you want from it and then expel it from your body. It really leads to the question: What would happen if you keep the Astral Light in your body.So, I am running a week long test now to figure it out and to have faster results I am actual trying to make the light in my body as dense as possible (to the consistency of milk).I have already finished the first session and I have to say, I feel heavy. The initial numbness common for meditation went away very fast and now I feel like having a way better awareness of my body.

It's coming

As many of you know, I plan to move away from blogspot on a new website. This idea has come much closer than you might have thought. Frankly, it was meant to be yesterday but my head again trapped me in a funny situation. The thing is this: after I have decided to abandon writing my own CMS for time reasons I wanted to use wordpress, but after some research I have rediscovered Drupal, my old "love" from college.Wordpress was made as a blogging platform, easy to install and use. Drupal was made as a CMS platform for developers to create any site they want. One of the issues of Drupal are themes, I want to use JQueryUI so I will have to make my own theme, I will also have to setup menus, categories, languages (it will be Czech and English site), I have to do the most awesome logo you have ever seen and I have to do it fast because I really want that final product.

Banishing The Pentagram Myths

Awesome video and explanation about the use of lesser pentagram rituals in the original GD by Nick Farrell:

Magick not working?

I have noticed a lot of people who used to practice occultism are now against it, saying it doesn't work and it's all in our heads. I have already written an article about the psychology paradigm and its pitfalls so I would like to link you there. For the rest of this article I am going to write a set of conditions you should follow for your practice to have fruits.Also, if your operation goes awry, write it to your journal as well, for example if you mispronounce some name, if you forget some move or simply when you are just not feeling it, write it all down. That way you will get doubts out of your head and later when checking results you can say: "Ok, I didn't do A and B and the operation failed" or: "I forgot to do A and I did B instead of C, yet the operation worked, so A and B might not be as important".Keep a journal
I have written this over million times now, yet some people still don't get the hint. Journal helps you to remember things bett…

Windows 10 connection problem

So, this isn't really occult related but it is something that bugs me.

Every week or so the ethernet connection simply stops working, the network status shows limited connectivity and the troubleshooter doesn't help. I have recently tried to update my network adapter to see if that helps, but anyway, to anyone having this problem this is what works for me:

Press Win + X (Win is that button with the Windows logo)Run command line as administratortype netsh winsock resetpress entertype netsh int ip resetpress enterAfter that is done restart your computer and voila, your internet connection should be working again. Save this down for easy access.

Sex and Magick

Sex in Magick and Magick in sex
Sex and Magick runs together for a really long time. There was always something mystical about sexual intercourse and the fact that we can actually make our own human descendants. Also considering some recent news (Kanye's debt for example), I think breeding should be something you have to deserve first. Anyway, the use of sex in Magick was destined to come sooner or later. First of all, orgasm itself is a perfect mind-state for the operation, there is this tiny window where all thought processes get numb and you suddenly become concentrated at just one point, with no feeling of time. At that one point you exist just in the presence. Another asset is the physical exhaustion which gives the feeling that some energy was spent somewhere. This feeling allows you to believe some work was done towards the desired goal and more importantly that some potent energy was released toward the desired outcome. Another great thing about Sex Magick is that most adu…

Importance of dreams in Magick

There are still people who underestimate the importance of dreams in Magick so I am going to explain why are dreams really important and how to atually work with them.Consciousness versus unconsciousness
There are many ways how to define this but let's just say that your personal reality is split into what you are conscious about and what you are not conscious about. The amount of influence of your conscious and unconscious parts on your life is about 50:50, and of course consciousness also affects your unconsciousness and vice versa.Unconsciousness does a sort of a compensation work for your daily life, it's a very cleverly designed process, but sometimes the fragment of our psyche (usually traumatic one) gets supressed from the conscious and so transfers into your un-c where it becomes more or less autonomous. This then turns into neurosis and affects your conscious life (sorry I am simplifying so much).Another work of unconsciousness is to gather and analyze details we are …

Chaos Not 4 Kidz

A little project in development of mine, trying to teach Magick in an humorous form.

Kickstarter: Serpent on the Cross

Serpent on the Cross: The Ancient Occult Path to Liberation is a pioneering account of a secret spiritual tradition that is the Western counterpart of tantra. As well as providing an accurate history of this tradition, the author - an academic expert on the occult - also describes his own experimentation with its alchemical and magical techniques of healing and inner transformation.

more info here:

Wax dolls

What is a wax doll
Wax doll is a small figure made out of wax, made in the shape of a human or animal you wish to affect. Wax dolls are a great asset for Magick. These figures have a bad reputation as in movies and certain cultures they are used mainly for maleficient purposes when in fact they are just focal points, they can be used for variety of tasks including blessings, telepathy suggestions, healing and of course, curses.Why wax
Wax is naturally oily and a little bit moist on touch, these are the properties that a suitable volt materials should have. Speaking of that, any object containing fat, grease, oil, wax or other materials with similar qualities can be used for the creation of the volt, one famous volt creation counts with a dead frog baptised with the name of the victim of this powerful curse.How to model your own wax doll
It is ideal to have some modelling wax handy as that one is very soft and can be easily shaped by your hands, in case we do not have such a wax handy,…

Quick note about volts

Just had this idea how to create a volt:
-Cut out a body shape from paper
-Create a sigil of a person you wish to affect
-Draw it on the paper body
-Charge it
-Pour wax on the paper body, sealing the sigil inside and giving it a proper material suitable for the volt.There will still be some tweaking (incantations, etc), but this looks nice so far :).

Interesting turn of events

So, I mentioned yesterday that I generally felt pretty much drained. What I didn't say (as I didn't know at the time), I also lost my bus card where I just sent money in. Having no name on the card, the chances of getting it back were close to zero.Anyway, yesterday after I got home I made a couple of arrangements. I did 5 Tibetan rites, I also performed emotional and spiritual banishing (My favorite Sumerian style), I also placed a glass of water next to my bed to figure out any possible spiritual activity causing the drainage. I also made sure. To fully relax my body before falling asleep and making certain to remember all my dreams which would also show any unwanted spiritual activity.So, I slept great, no spiritual activity happened during the night and in the morning I woke up fresh and kicking. Only bad event that happened was that I figured out I was missing the bus card as I mentioned before so I had to use cash.Now, going back home from the office I was lucky enough t…

Some news

So, I have been feeling drained lately, probably because of having a shifted sleeping cycle for the whole December.With that being said I moved back to practicing autogenic training and also some chakra work (mainly biju mantras, really).Except that I am trying to kick myself into the book writing again (speaking about the geomancy grimoire), the main problem is I have a lot of mundane plans for following 3 months and after that I want to finally move to my own domain.Speaking of that, I have decided to use wordpress as my next CMS system, simply because I am currently too lazy to write my own CMS. Well, not really lazy, I just cannot force myself into using PHP and MySQL again when I got too used to Java EE, JSF, PostgreSQL and few other perks. I actually like the idea of using Wordpress as its plugins pretty much sum all of my needs (and here and there I can code little something for it myself).Ok, that's it from me for now, just don't forget I am available on facebook now, …

My beginnings in the occult

So, I am back from a month long vacation that took quite a revealing turn as I recalled something from my childhood.

I am 28 now and I actively practice for 6 years but as it turned out, I was an occultist long before that. First of all, I got signed up to karate classes when I was 6 years old and a very basic form of meditation was part of the curriculum. Later when I was about 10 I bought a book about Ninjutsu (ninja movies were big at the time). The book was namely about history and dictionary but there was also a big section regarding meditation and kuji-in (hand gestures). Different effects were associated with different gestures and I will take a look at this later.

When I was about 12 I tried a silver magick ritual (sort of fluff dark magick but hey, I was 12), the ritual consisted of using 5 names: Astaroth, Dragonis, Moloch, Empusa, Nosferatu, shortly ADMEN (I remember it even now), when I was 15 I read A. S. LaVey's Satanic Bible which by the coincidence was the book tha…