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New world

During my priesthood service this month something changed, I have no more desire to perform sorcery (to make small changes to occur). Bad weather? I don't care. I don't know why, but I just don't feel like changing anything lately, it's like this life was just temporary and didn't mean anything anymore, like none of it ever mattered.

Wisdom of Kabbalah, part IV

5 lights of NaRaNCHaY To understand Etz Khaim properly, we have to learn about five lights and related terms. Kia Kia (vessel) is our physical but also our spiritual form. Imagine it as an engine and imagine that ist fuel is a light (aur). Kia in its basic stage cannot receive the aur directly from Creator because kia isn't pure enough, for that reason there is a collection of filters that reduces and adapts this light for kia. These filters are: Worlds of AK and ABYA, sephirots, and five lights of NaRaNCHaY. Five lights There are five lights in total. Each light is result of each given filter but for ascension to be possible, each light also contains spark of the light above. Highest light in one sephirot contains spark of light from the sephirot above. For example the highest Aur of Malkuth contains spark of lowest Aur of ZA. This is also a reason why lower sephirots contain fragments of higher sephirots: through the light. What NaRaNCHaY stands for? NaRaNCHaY is a short

Problems of modern society.

I have been planning to write this article for around one year now, problem always was to name the main issue correctly and to provide a suitable set of arguments supporting my thesis, now I can do both :). Tradition So, where to start? We, humans, are little scared creatures, whatever makes us nervous is a reason to get rid of it and we do so for thousands of years. This way we used to get rid of demons, bad dreams, bad luck, then to get rid of witches, sorcerers, devils, then to get rid of church and finally, to get rid of all the sanity. Consider our perfect education system. Do we really study truth? Yes, of course, at least a certain portion of it. You might learn something about Pythagoras' triangle, but you will hardly learn about his pentagram or about his occult activities. Same applies to Archimedes, same applies to Platon... We got rid of the "supernatural" bogey-man but as the result we do not accept anything supernatural, just mentioning it on public

Oath Breaker: Priesthood

Introduction Priesthood nowadays is a term exchangeable with clericalism, but in Magick the priesthood means still the same thing. Adept* of Magick should take a role of priest and do common actions associated with priesthood: Blessings, exorcisms, healings, confessions listening, public service and at least 1 month each year, during this time the adept should follow a simple set of rules to remain pure. Rule #1: No exceptions Whether a person in need is of opposite religion than you are or a complete skeptic, there is no reason to avoid your duty, you should also be able to pray in any holy house whether it is church, mosque, pyramid or ancient temple. If you do not believe in God then you can pray to and bless through divine force or whatever sounds appealing to you. Rule #2: No anger I personally hate this rule, no matter whether someone just stomped on your foot or burned down your whole house, there is this "no anger" rule and whenever you start having any kind

Recommended reading

Sometimes people ask me what book they should read. I usually recommend works of Papus, Levi, Crowley but also non-occult books. Magicians nowadays tend to forget one fact, we are still inhabitants of this planet and learning something about it is not a bad idea. Books regarding science, psychology, herbs, alternative and modern medicine and biology can turn to be of a far greater value than New Age books like "Are you an Atlantean?". But most importantly, before you start buying books like crazy, think about what do you want from Magick? What is your goal? Our goals in Magick reflects on our paths and without a goal you will get nowhere in this divine art.


I finally understand why Anael manifested in that weird look, Papus talks about Anael as about the king of salamanders, that would explain the eyes wide apart or the cross shape formed by the face (mark of kings)

Late calling

I really need some magickal condenser. I found out that my mirror is depleting pretty fast and reason might be lack of the condenser. Unfortunately the herb I could use doesn't grow now for winter reasons. I guess I will have to wait for next season.

Joke's on me.

I should really stop looking for occult forums, I just found one "underground" forum where people believe that hypnosis is a black magick and deadly dangerous, funny enough I got picked by same people who use "Hail Satan" as a greetings phrase. Papus, where are you when I need you?

Recent update

I have memorized about 99% passages from the bornless ritual. Now I have to sort them out to know in which order they come. Last few days I also have a very good dream recall, about 4 dreams per night which is very good result if we consider I am not focusing on remembering all my dream. I thing I am slowly converting to high magick.

Today's study

.I spent today by memorizing Bornless ritual by Crowley. During morning travel by train I was sitting facing the train's entrance door. Strange thing happend. When memorizing the passages from the ritual, this door opened. It was quite creepy as this was the first time I have ever seen it. The door should be blocked during the ride. I would like to say I have memorized half of the ritual already but after learning third set of names starting with Roubriao, I have quite troubles recalling previous 2 sets of names. Maybe I am just tired.