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My little project

I think it's time for me to share a little project I am working on right now. It's a geomancy tool written in Java called Geomancer. For now the tool is able to generate figures and even 3 full charts (Positive/Negative, Past/Present/Future and even the Shield chart). I am especially proud of the Shield chart as figures are not just randomly generated. After the generation of 4 mothers, the rest of figures is calculated as it should be. So, if you are interested in the project, it is open source and all the sources are available at

Sigil and Law of Attraction Contradiction?

I have recently found this amazing thread on reddit: The OP was: Hey guys, I'm new to sigil's manifesting, and one thing that is confusing me a little is the final part of the sigil process, after energizing you are supposed to forget the sigil. Doesn't this contradict the Law of Attraction, where you are supposed to non-stop visualize your desire, non-stop until you have what you want? Am I missing something here? Any thoughts? And of course, a totally amazing response from PsychopompPoet: Law of Attraction says if you are a vibrational match to "I want", it's a close vibrational match to "I do not have". If you are 'forgetting' the sigil, detaching from lust of result, you are less of a vibrational match to "I want" i.e. "I do not have" (you cannot be a vibrational match to abundance and lack at the same time). So you b

Scrying using hands instead of a black mirror

Today while browsing on Reddit I have found a following link that explains how to scry just with your hands:

The book officially released

So, I have finally released the book called Liber Azag: The Book of Sigils. The book is available as always on Scribd at It is not fully finished, yet, as I didn't manage to fix the problem with ToC I was talking about earlier on my blog, but I am working on it and it should be fully up and ready sometimes next week. So for now there is a book without table of contents.

Book of Sigils: Still in progress

Yeah, so I have somehow underestimated the amount of work needed to finish the book. One of the reasons is I somehow misplaced the original Astro Magick Essentials document so I have to rewrite all Magick squares from zero. So far I have finished the book cver art and most of the illustrations including Nine Chambers sigilization methods. What I still have to do is to make an example of use of Nine Chambers, then example of the pictorial method and aforementioned Magick Squares. I have chosen to depict the traditional squares in the book, for my modern version check Astro Magick Essentials. There is also a weird problem with the current release of LibreOffice where it cannot generate the Table of Contents properly. I have already found a workaround on this problem where you first export the document to Microsoft Word file format which should fix the internal XML and allow LibreOffice to generate the Table of Contents but I have yet to try this solution.

Progress on books

I know many of you are waiting for the new book being released, especially when the Book of Sigils need only editorial stuff to be finished, I just had bad luck with my schedule recently. This weekend will be prolonged due to Easters so I should have time to complete the book.