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Positive experience with nine breaths exercise

I haven been feeling very sick for last couple of days. Today I had to do some hard manual work but I wasn't even able to stand up from bed. I performed Nine Breaths exercise and after that my body felt numb, but I was able to move and do the work, this effect lasted for about one hour. I wanted to post some link here on the exercise but I cannot find the version I am using on-line, I will describe the exercise next time I get here :)

Beauty of the hexagram

Hexagram. Beautiful symbol. Symbol of balance, symbol of noble Magick, but is that enough for post-modern time?   Here is the standard hexagram, the star of David, the Solomon’s seal, interconnection of heaven and earth Fire element sign highlighted on the star Water element highlighted on the star Air element highlighted on the star Earth element highlighted on the star. Symbol of balance Now let’s try something different, let’s add 2 diagonal lines and I will quickly explain to you why I call this one the symbol of balance, the better version of hexagram. Pentagram highlighted on the star Reversed pentagram highlighted on the star   Crowley’s uni-corsal hexagram, symbol of Thelema, highlighted on the star. Although the hexagram already is a symbol of balance from hermetic sense of view, I find the new symbol to be more fitting for the post-modern age. This new hexagram seems to be more suitable to show the balance of different pract

Wisdom of Kabbalah, part III

Tree of Life Etz Khaim, the Tree of Life, is a pretty famous thing when it comes public knowledge of Kabbalah. Depiction containing the whole universe, the map of the life, Etz Khaim that contains everything and explains everything. Well, it depends on what you consider everything, language of branches is pretty wise choice here. I am now going to explain to you what is Etz Khaim, how to understand it (in general, abstract matter), how to draw it (many people find it hard to draw Etz Khaim) and how to use it (in terms of understanding). Kether Kether (the crown), is the very first sephirot (fruit) on the top of Etz Khaim. It's called the crown for where it stands and also for what it means). Kether is singularity, kether is non-duality, kether is the beginning, kether is the source, kether is the big bang. I will explain the rest when the whole EK (Etz Khaim) is formed. Chochmah and Binah  Two sephirots below Kether. Chochmah (wisdom) and Binah (understanding), this is

Reminder of choice

This is something as old as our society. Ability we all share but most of us do not use it. If you know another person enough, you can control the person. It gives you power to influence the other person according to your will, you just need to use the right words and right terms. You can also use this same ability to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Psychology is your friend, use it wisely :).

Vampire: Finishing line

So, in the end it seems that the partial incantation was enough to loose the leash, yesterday  the victim figured out the problem and ended the relationship. The incantation was finished during the evening by my apprentice, just in case :).

Wisdom of Kabbalah, part II

Language of branches It is a major part of Kabbalah, pure Kabbalistic texts are not understandable without knowledge of language of branches. The point is quite simple, you cannot talk about spiritual experience because spiritual world is beyond physical world and although we have words for physical objects and events, we don't have suitable words for spiritual objects and events. Because Kabbalah believes that lower origins in higher (hermetic As Above, So Below) the system of deriving meaning was created, the system is the language of branches. Usage is simple, if we consider that lower origins in higher, we can easily use same words we would normally use for the lower manifestation to specify the higher meaning. In other words, when a Kabbalist talks about a kiss. He doesn't mean the kiss as the physical touch of lips of two people. He speaks about the things that are above this physical output. If we go above, we will find emotions, emotions leading to physical kiss

Vampire Update

So, obviously an incomplete incantation wasn't enough. Well, that wasn't totally unexpected, I will fight. I just need to restore some strength, I haven't sleep enough last two days.

Psychic vampires everywhere

Yesterday was one of those days when pieces of puzzle start to fit in and the big picture is created. I do not like psychic vampires. I do not like their manipulative behavior and especially when it affects people I consider my family. Yesterday was a day of burning, day of exorcisms, the day of Maqlu text. Time by the time I like to dive into Necronomicon as I find its style refreshing, simple, usable and understandable. I didn't manage to finish the incantation as something very unexpected happen, still I hope that I loosened the leash of the vampire to the point where it loses its power over my friend. In case of need, I will finish the incantation this evening.

Wisdom of Kabbalah, part I

Introduction Kabbalah is a quite famous and beautiful topic, but unfortunately the most misunderstood one. For that reason I made my mind to create a short series of articles regarding this philosophy, to explain some parts and touch the core of Kabbalah. During the series it is possible that you will find some words being written differently. Reason is that I am not going to use common convention how to write these words in English, but I am rather going to write the words in manner to simplify the pronunciation. In the series I am also going to explain common words like sephirots, worlds, lights and I am going to teach you language of branches. Language used to communicate Kabbalah, language used to communicate things that are beyond normal physical comprehension and therefore beyond any mortal language. What is Kabbalah all about? This is actually very direct question and very beautiful topic. Topic we will dive deep into during the course of the series but let me give a s


It's strange how things end up sometimes. Two days ago I have finally made the decision to pray. I haven't prayed for about half a year. So many things changed.  I passed one zonei, I conjured foreign deities and entities, petitioned demons, casted some curses... Although I know there is nothing like objective good and evil and that good and evil are just human thing, I still felt morally down to talk to the Highest One... During the prayer I made a list of everything I did and I thought it was bad, I talked with opened mind and saying out loud what I was thinking, it was more like talking to my old friend than a prayer to the omnipotent being. Result wasn't a punishment, but a sort of relief, I started feeling much lighter like a heavy brick fell down from my chest. Yesterday I prayed to God to bring joy and adventure into my life. In the evening we went shopping and guess what I found. Three crystal glasses, waiting there for me. Crystal glass, something I wanted to us

Better work performance

Yesterday was one of those annoying days that work is slow and you will like complete loser, somewhere around the evening I have used my phone to cast a sigil to do my work better. Today I managed to solve a couple of issues and I also finally found out why my phone sometimes tend to loop in restarting as crazy. From all occasions I recall the restarting happening, it was always a day after I used my phone for sigil magick. It seems that phone somehow stores the energy and then it lags after phone charging takes place. I guess I will have to ask some technomancer whether he has a similar problem and how to solve it. I usually just use simple Divine Light Manipulation technique to get dark energy out and positive light in, but it's pretty annoying.

Worth the watching

Nice relaxing video with amazing audio and impressive symbolism.

Recent updates

Nothing much happening nowadays. My apprentice is busy with his personal life so we are a bit behind a schedule. During weekend a performed an evocation of some goetic spirit, evocation failed and literally any Magickal attempt didn't attract any spiritual attention, that guy has to be spiritual anti-magnet... After that we tried some tests for "paranormal" abilities, specifically suggesting a person with closed eyes to pick a certain card from 4 cards spread. It turned out that system I used to determine receiving hand does work only to determine natural receiving hand, not the current state.

Level of probability

It can happen that when you specify intent for sigil with tight schedule, result might be delayed by day or two depending on how complex the process must be. And when you are specifying when, be sure to be as specific as possible. Next day can also mean next day midnight.

Video about the mind's eye

Very good video explaining how our brain "shifts" reality to match perception with expectation.

Recent update regarding the amulet

I originally thought it could be a good idea to use reflective amulet to practice combat spells. Problem with my headache formula is that it doesn't take effect only during the execution, yesterday the headache built gradually and I was useless for the rest of the day (effects faded around midnight).


I have felt a bit tired so I went for a short sleep, headache gradually built up.

Recent experiment with the amulet

Today I have tried to cast the spell on the amulet by means of causing a headache. I have ended up with slight pressure inside skull and stiff neck. I will see if the headache develops today or the formula needs more charging.