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Quick update

I know I am not posting much during last few days so I just wanted to make a quick update to explain what is going on.

I renewed my old practices to gain full contact with HGAI changed my daily practices a bit and returned fourfold breath combined with pore-breathing in itIt seems I will get into duel sooner or later so I am making my preparations for it.And, I am saving money for Christmas :).

Interview with HGA

Last week I had one of those days when the whole world is against me, it ended up with evocation of my HGA. His face partially appeared in the mirror but I didn't manage to strengthen the link to get the whole visual aspect.

Funny enough, for the whole time communicating with my HGA, I had never seen how he really looks. For example once we made an agreement that he will appear in my dream but his condition was that I won't remember the dream.

So, after the partially successful evocation I got following understanding: These things are happening because of my anger. My task was to figure this out and get rid of the anger. I tried doing so for a couple of days and I have to admit you can solve problems even without being angry.

Proof of supernatural?

This is documentary I had seen a long time ago and today I found it while randomly clicking on the videos on YouTube.

Oath Breaker: Mastery of elements exercise

Introduction I have made my mind to once more break the oath of silence and share with you another advanced technique. This technique is basically the essence of Magick. It is simple technique, you will immediately remember it, but it's dangerous for beginners and you will find out why during the course.

Quality of elements Those of you who know IIH, you also know that each element has both positive and negative quality. In MHP we don't really care about these qualities, elements are taken as wholes. Advantage of this doing is withing much greater source of energy, energy MHP can use is raw, powerful and aggressive. That's why there is also a disadvantage. Leading unfiltered full elemental energy into your body creates a great distress and if this energy is kept in the body, major elemental imbalance happens. Such stress to your body can easily develop into sickness, being it mental, emotional or physical.

Procedure of the exercise Procedure is pretty simple, one by one, …

Boosting observation ability

In certain cases we need to boost our ability to observe so we can quickly come up with solutions. I will show you a very simple trick how to temporarily boost the observation ability.

Observation, as any other mental ability, is associated with the Air element. This makes things pretty simple.
First thing you have to do is to visualize Air element and impregnate it with property we want, in this case with the property stating that we want to be better observers. This is very simple because we are already surrounded by Air element and both air and information we want to use are transparent (no hard visualization there).
After impregnation is set up we just need to get the Air element to our body through pore breathing (or once again, visualization). After our body is full of impregnated element, we simply move it all to the brain.

That's all. No cleansing is required because we are automatically going to deplete the element we have gathered through our work.

A gift to the public

I have made a mutual agreement with my servitor to release him for the public.
This servitor's name is Erlis. It's a fox that is well versed in energy manipulation.
He will help you automatically with any type of energy work.
Only requirement is that you will repeatedly chant his mantra over his symbol, atleast 4 repetitions per day.
His mantra is Enecal umuka aksil eigr
His symbol is:

Reward for Marbas?

Yesterday I left the bus and wait for my wife to pick me up as usual. After waiting for 25 minutes I called her.
Call was taken by her sister, she told me that my wife fell asleep and she is going to wake her up.
I waited for another 30 minutes and then called again. My wife was still sleeping.
I have told her sister not to wake her up and I went home by foot, 7 kilometers :-).
Could that be the price that Marbas took for his work?

Oath keeper: First fruits

So today I have smoked as I wanted without stressing anything. I have smoked 13 cigarettes. That means I have reduced my daily need by 7 cigarttes by sheer willpower.

Notes from yesterday's evocation

Yesterday we had evoked Marbas, 5th Goetic spirit. His appearance was a bit terrifying, incantation for the spirit to take more friendly visage had to be repeated a couple of times. After this was settled I have stated my wish and asked the spirit for some sign to prove the goal will be accomplish.

My apprentice, who was sitting next to the black mirror has described what he saw as a moon with the drop in the middle, during the course of time both the moon shape and the drop started "developing", more branches appeared and the whole structured seemed to be a growing tree.
We have taken this as a good sign but we still have to verify the result.

Spirit left right after he was licensed to depart and no more problems occurred. Today the waking up was a bit hard, feeling no energy, strong signs of tiredness but that was expected.

Oath keeper: Regain of concentration

Yesterday was nearly same as two days ago, desire for the cigarette was much smaller than before, but I was still lacking concentration.
It went so far that I had to reserve one meeting room where I could walk and use the whiteboard to regain concentration, hopefully thanks to that I was able to finish the work for last two days.

Today I already had about 6 cigarettes, reason is that I am preparing a grand ritual for the evening and I really need to concentrate on that.

Oath keeper: Moment of silence

I kept my promise the whole day, price for that was a great lack of concentration and horrible strife for the cigarette (and some money for 5 packs of tic tac as the replacement).

But I won't lie, I had one cigarette during night when I got home, which is still better than the original state, I just hope it will be easier for me to keep concentrated tomorrow.

Oath keeper: out of ammo

Rest of the packet finished yesterday. I have prayed above the last cigarette for God to grant me strength. No signs of the addicton needs but they will appear, sooner or later. The whole day is before me.

Oath keeper : test of will

story is pretty simple. I am chain smoker for 13 years now. My daily need is over 20 cigarettes.
I currently have 13 remaining cigarettes in my packet and I made my mind to quit smoking after I finish this packet. That will be some hell of the challenge.
I will post results here gradually.

Nine breaths

Introduction Nine breaths is old eastern exercise for balancing energies in one's body. From personal experience I can say that this exercise can reduce duration of sickness, can boost the clairvoyance level a bit and has great centering effects, what I present here is Tibetan version of the exercise as presented by Bran O. Hodapp in his Magische Spiegel als Tor zu anderen Welten (very good book about Magick mirrors, btw).

Start of the exercise Sit comfortably in your favorite asana and relax, take few deep breaths to calm down and to get ready. Rest your hands in your lap, left hand should rest on the right hand, hands should be open and with palms facing upwards. Make sure that your back is straight.
Imagine three channels going all the way from the root chakra up to the crown chakra (from head to spine). Central channel is blue, males have right channel white and left channel red. Females have right channel red and left channel white.

First three breaths (male …

Simple but powerful protection amulet

I have shared this method for creating amulet with one of my clients and I was thinking that when I have this already written down in English, I might share it here as well.

1) Get some small container (glass is the best). The container should be small enough so you can wear it on the neck.

2) Fill the container with salt

3)Breath on the salt in the container for 3 times and then place your hand above the container and say aloud the following incantation:
In isto sale sit sapientia et ab omni corruptione conservet sicut mentes nostras et corpora nostra, per Hochmael et in virtute Ruash-Hochmael, recedant ab isto fantasmata hylae, ut sit sal coelestis, sal terrae et terra salis, ut nutrietur bos triturans et addat spei nostrae cornua tauri voluntatis. Amen.

4) Then seal the container, attach some string and wear it in your neck.