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I announce May to be a month of Simon's Necronomicon. I will post Necromonicon-related experiences on May.

How to manifest your desires

IntroductionThis article is a continuation of “How to begin with practical Magick” article. So if you didn’t read the aforementioned article first, do so before reading further in this article because some knowledge from previous article is required for this one.
What is a desire manifestationDesire manifestation is the most common action you will ever perform in Practical Magick. Same as you create constructs in psionics and you create sigils in Sigil Magick to manifest your desires, you can use a simple spell I will describe below to manifest what you strive for.
Result - planning and analysisBefore we begin with describing the spell to manifest desires, we want to make sure that everything will go as smoothly as possible so the first thing should be the outcome analysis. In this stage we specify our intent, we name possible blockages and most importantly we imagine a situation where the desire was already manifested. Imagine what will happen next and if you are truly happy with the ou…

How to begin with Practical Magick

Magick is like a world, a beautiful world that Magicians can explore. Some explores with a good deal of study and dreaming, some perform rituals to please their deities and live in balance with nature. Some are more practically oriented. Practical Magick is, in my opinion, the most amazing part of this world.  Getting results is a good way how to get rid of natural skepticism we have within ourselves and such results can be easily obtained through Practical Magick. Before we start with some serious training and serious results, we need to sum up the basics, first. Learn how to focusFocusing is first important part of practical Magick. You cannot really influence anything when your mind is wildly changing thoughts and flying somewhere else, your mind must be one for Magick. For this person I will say a bit about trataka practice. Trataka means gazing and trataka practice is important part of developing solid focus and also strengthening your eyes.
TratakaLight a ca…

Harsh shower in the morning

Some people really should wake up. I usually don't have many problems with black magicians (unless they cause the problem), but why the hell a young generation is interested in black Magick?

Conjurations of demons, "rule" over forces of "evil", "manipulating" with lives of other people...

All a demon can afford to you is a debt, debt which will screw you, sooner or later. Forget about hell, you are going to taste that in current or next life, as exorcist I have seen few such cases.

People generally consider demons as evil, yet powerful beings and angels are publicly considered as something "holy" and totally useless. In fact, angels are more bad-ass than demons. Demon cannot afford anything beyond your grade, effect is always dependent on your energetic level and on how much the demon will leech from you. Angels will do the change on their own, but they want something else in return.

For example you want a dagger, angel will give you steel a…

Skepticism in occult circles

Today I am going to rant a little about current situation in the occult circles.

Common mundane person takes whole occult as a bunch of @$!#@!!, I get used to that. But why the hell are skeptics in occult circles?

Common transformation of mundane person to occult practitioner contains an esoteric event that cannot be explained by common sense and a new kind of thinking has to occur. Now, common procedure would be for the occult practitioner to start questioning his old beliefs and obtain new beliefs through research and practice.

Unfortunately this is something that doesn't happen. Common procedure today is that:

Something unexplained happensMundane person develops a new level of thinking for the specific event and similar eventsHe still take everything else as a @$!#@!! till something outside is "occult" scope happens and he has to modify his beliefs once again. This doesn't sound so bad, but it leads to many misunderstanding among practitioners. Different experience…

Public thanks

So, to put the story short. Today I staid a bit longer in the office because I had to finish some work and I nearly got to miss the last bus home, sounds pretty much like Friday 13th story.

During my travel to the bus I had to go through a traffic lights and a subway. When I got to the traffic lights, lights changed, rendering the task of getting home impossible. Being in hurry I called archangel Metatron, asked for forgiveness for such insignificant event and asked him to help me to get home.

Traffic lights immediately changed and I was able to pass to the next point, subway.

Just when I arrived, train was going to leave, I got there in the last second. Then I appeared at the bus station and nearly missed the last bus home.

Now, when the traffic light didn't change, I wouldn't be able to get home, today.

So, Metatron, I would like to publicly thank you for your help, not being you, I wouldn't be able to catch the bus, you truly are lesser YHVH, most powerful of all Elohim…


Topic of death is as old as human history and I believe that this topic will be alive till the end of mankind.

Reason is that death is the true mystery. Are we going to the hell? To the heaven? Are we going to reincarnate or we will just cease to exist? Is there anything after death? Maybe a never-ending dream or just a void?

There are three qualities we can use to judge a person's life. Birth, life and death.

You could say that no one can choose the birth but opposite is truth, we do choose our birth conditions and we do choose are bodies. I myself was a witness of spirit of my son descending into his body when he was still in the womb (about the 4th week of pregnancy). Harder birth we choose, bigger persons we are for the start is the most important part of the race and just those that choose furthest possible distance have to put more effort into their victory.

Life is tied to the body, too. During birth we get cards for our little game and with those cards we play the game cal…

Progress in training

Recent magnetic training is already paying off.

I feel much better now and following things happened in past few days:
I took a vacation for Tuesday and because I didn't want to waste time I didn't go to sleep on Monday to enjoy as much of the free time as I could, funny enough I didn't feel any luck of sleep :).On Wednesday I was pretty busy so I couldn't get myself time to eat, no problem with that, either. No feeling of tiredness, no feeling of hunger, I feel simply great :).

I will see if I can sum my recent experiences into some paradigm and share it with all of you.

May God bless you :)

About Magick and development

Common expectations
Chanting magickal formulae to immediately cause earthquakes and storms.Teleporting.Casting fireballs from your arse.Etc. Common beginningYou start practicing Magick for any of above common expectations.You tried something and it seems to work. You are not able to cast fireballs, but for sure you were able to find that place on the full parking lot.Your ego boosts and you start acting as a all-powerful uber-mage.Something happens and you cannot manipulate the event.(in most cases) You give up. About the development Development in Magick is a complex and time-consuming process, one needs decades to master Magick. Many people give up the practice because they either don't want to wait for decades or they have a too big expectations or too big Ego to get anywhere.
It's a foolish to interrupt your practice because you don't want to wait for decades to have any results, gaining abilities and powers happens the whole time along the path to mastery and every…