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Visualization explained

What is visualization
I think that not once somebody has questioned the importance of "imagining" in the occult, but as you will soon find out, visualization and day-dreaming are two different things. Specifically speaking the visualization is something that aids in your focus while day-dreaming shatters it. And yes, you can do Magick without visualization, just like you can fry eggs without pan and write on paper without hands.

To make a little bit better distinction, we could say that imagining is something that draw the attention away from your real perception while visualization actively participates within. Or to be less mysterious we could say that if you imagine apple, you can see it falling from the tree, if you visualize an apple, you can see it right before your very eyes.

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Defeating theory, part III

Third part of the Defeating Theory series is now available at,23552.0.html

Shinichi's notes on the seer work

A completely outstanding series of notes for the seer work as written by Shinichi can be found here:,23527.msg224369.html#msg224369

Blog temporarily moved

I am moving my blog to the Veritas Society forum.

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Quick notes

Yesterday we continued in the Zener cards experiment, but this time success rate was only 50%, still impressive but not as much as before. Thinking whether that could do something with correspondences (will probably check that later).Anyway, today while meditating on the tattva for Air, I've got a very strange vision of an hourglass cracking open and a scorpion being released from there. Hourglasses are of the air element but scorpio is water element as far as I am concerned. Question is what can that mean. The scorpion also had a kinda silvery color. I will have to check both western and sidereal astrology to figure out what the meaning could be.Anyway, the vision was very vivid and sooner I know the meaning probably better.

New Facebook account

So, after some problems I have had with people I have let on my personal FB account, I have decided to create a new account completely separate from my private life.

So, if you want to add me on FaceBook, you can do it here:

How to be an atheist (funny)


ZENER cards experiment

During the weekend I have made a series of experiments with my wife using ZENER cards (cross, square, circle, waves, star).In this experiment I would shuffle the cards and then project one on the top to my wife. My wife had a 100% success rate receiving and calling out the correct card.The interesting thing I have noticed in case of ZENER cards is the ease to keep each individual card in the plastic visualization. Hard to say whether this is caused by the superb design or the fact that these cards are used strictly for this type of use and got some egregores built for them.Anyway the use is really simple.  For the selected card I have visualized a plastic image I held at the center of my wife's third chakra (sometimes also slightly above on the forehead). As I already said, it was fairly easy to keep the visualization strong and effects were amazing. I really recommend experimentation with ZENER cards.