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Seeking enlightenment?

I have already seen this for a couple of times.
Young guy wants to study yoga, or chi kung, or whatever, and he seeks enlightenment.
There is nothing wrong with that, just that these requests usually gets flooded by articles about various yoga and chi kung exercises.

Why is that wrong? Important part of the request is "seeks enlightenment" and you don't want to learn about enlightenment from non-enlightened person same as you don't want to learn swimming from non-swimmer.

And these non-enlightened "helpers" will then take our pitiful friend and flood him with a massive list of dogmas and meaningless exercises. Will it help our friend to attain enlightenment? Of course not, they will send the list just because they do the same exercises and sub-consciously they want some sort of external verification (it's good for anyone, right?).

When person is not enlightened then you cannot await enlightenment by doing same exercises that the person does.

But dude, I…

Update regarding reflective amulet

I just finished charging of the amulet and I made a decision to make a simple test before the energy from charging settles down.
I imagined a small figure on the surface and I try to use reiki on it, at first on heart, then on kidneys. I have felt both tests on my body.

I took the amulet and hid it on top of my cabinet, as I did so, I lost balance and nearly fell on the floor, it was like I was being "repelled".
Working with this amulet is going to be very interesting.

Logo 3D for TOHO


Reflective amulet

I just finished my work on the amulet.

I have chosen to use manufactured leather but instead of standard ink I had to use red permanent fix, this is the result:

Sigils from left to right:ADAROZ - To reflectINKHESHU - EverythingTOZAP - Back
Usage After charging takes place, this amulet should reflect any kind of energy back at its caster. That way it could be used as a great protection amulet against black Magick.

My personal idea is much more practical, I will use the amulet to practice combat spells.

Lost paper

I cannot use the ink I have chosen for the amulet on manufactured leather because it is not visible there, so I wanted to use my hand-made paper but I cannot find it anywhere, I really miss my oratory, there I was always able to find things where I put them.

I currently have following options:
1) I will use a different ink on manufactured leather
2) I will create a new paper
3) I will use skin from rabbit that is currently drying on my backyard (but I will have to clean it, first).

Fell asleep

Yesterday I feel asleep before I did usual banishing and shielding around the house. Today I feel a bit tired and I have a sore throat.

I am not entirely sure whether this means that some entity visited me or there is an energetic imbalance due to unused energy. The first case is less probable because water in the glass near my bed didn't change, but I haven't charged it in days.

Anyway, I hope I will get into shape as soon as possible, today I finally want to make some time to finish my reflective amulet (I will post more information when it's finished).

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Setting up your daily practices

Introduction One of the key points in succeeding in occult arts is a steady practice. By using a ritualistic approach of fixed practices in fixed times you are creating a habit.

Habits build half of your personality. Mundane habits include tying a tie, brushing your teeth, even bathing. When you do one of these things, you don't really think about what you are doing, hygienic procedures have become a part of your life so much that you do them automatically. During brushing your teeth you don't think about the brushing, it has become an automatic action and you can think about different things during that. By choosing a steady training regime, you will build a habit of using Magick and that will project into your life.

What are habits? Habit is an action repeated so many times that it imprinted into your neural pathway and became automatic. To put it simply, it became part of your brain, part of your neural system, part of you.

To read more about habits: http://en.wikipedia.or…

Cause and effect

Time by time I notice some discussion regarding the topic of whether Magick is or isn't real.
This discussion is usually spiced up with a sad story of failed practitioner that "did his best" to practice well and still he got no results.

It's funny, but we pay and study hard to graduate school, we go to work every day to get money so we can pay our rents and afford some food and some comforts of modern society, still some people think that Magick is different. People think that you just come here, do something from the book and KAZAM, it works.

If you want to get anywhere in your Magick path, you need to fulfill following criteria:
1) Belief - Magick cannot work if you don't believe that it will, no matter how much you try
2) Dedication - Gazing into candle light for 5 minutes won't allow you to levitate cars, get over it.

I hope that I am doing my part for you to gain needed belief and dedication, by articles I write and by techniques and teachings I share. J…

Recent update

I managed to develop a healing method that has a positive effect on bigger problems, it can heal literally overnight. I successfully tested it on my girlfriend, I got her from hospital in just one day.

Still I seem to have one patient that is resistant against any kind of healing I try, I will try doing the same thing for couple of days to see if any change occurs.

Oath breaker: Meditation

Introduction Meditation is very complex and beautiful topic. Unfortunately one bound with a lot of garbage. After all, it's a good business model to allow this knowledge only to those who pay well. But because there is no copyright about meditation, no one really can keep this knowledge for their own gain.
Some fragments of full meditation were already revealed, either by initiated or through revealed wisdom.

Many of you have already practiced with these fragments and had great results because even fragments of full meditation are powerful enough.

Today I am going to break one very old oath of silence and learn you something you would normally had to pay for, be guided into or had to figure it out yourselves.

What is meditation? Meditation is a complex process of self-initiation and self-empowerment, many fragments of this sacred procedure were already published and made available to broader public. Practices known as focal meditation and void meditation are just pieces of bigger…