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2nd Grade, Week 6: Lethargy

What is lethargy
Lethargy is the first hypnotic state, in this state the body of the subject is numb, the subject appears to be asleep. In this state it is also possible to program commands to be executed after certain events (Attention: not every suggestible person is suggestible to commands, as well)Principles of hypnosis
Few things we should consider before attempting to perform the mesmeric hypnosis. Firstly, your subject must give you a permission for hypnosis.
Secondly, never force your subject into something he doesn't want or is against the law.
And finally, never ever quit the session before your subject is fully awaken (the reason will become obvious once we learn how to induce Somnambulism)Inducing lethargy verbally
Tell your client to sit comfortably, take a few deep breaths and explain to him that you will want him to cooperate, eg to close his eyes when you tell him to, or to simply follow your instructions. He should also have his hands on the lap.
The instructions:

2nd Grade, Week 6: Basics of hypnosis

This course is mainly about Mesmerism, so here we will learn how to induce hypnotic states using energy. But before that I would like to tell you that you are not allowed to hypnotize people without their permission.Hypnosis is good for a couple of reasons. First of all it allows us to heal certain problems (mainly phobias, rarely it can cure psychosis, but most of the time it just worsens psychotic states). Secondly we could meet a somnambulic subject with a good level of lucidity, therefore gain a powerful medium for our Great Work.How to recognize a suggestible person
First of all, the person must be willing for this test. Put your hands on the back of the subject and tell the subject to close his/her eyes. Accumulate your Vital Force and extend it into the subject. After few moments put your hands away, if the person started falling on you, you just met a good material for hypnosis.Another test is to tell the subject to imagine a black dot on the ceiling, then to clos…

2nd Grade, Week 5: Servitor creation using Vital Force Manipulation

Specify the intent, shape and name of your servitor and create a Sigil for him. This Sigil will be used for calling and commanding him.Place the Sigil in front of your eyes and use it for the means of focal meditation. During that time visualize the servitor and some scenes or events when he follows his intent, accomplishing your goals.After ten or so minutes start with the Vital Force accumulation, still focusing on the intent. After the energy is accumulated, place your hands above the Sigil (in the manner that allows you to still see the Sigil) and let the energy flow into it, during that say out loud your servitor's name and purpose.After you are finished, accumulate the Vital Force into your lungs, then exhale three times on the Sigil, before each exhale say: "Be living!". Then you're finished.


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2nd Grade, Week 5: Servitor creation using elements

What is a servitor?
Servitor is a general term for any type of spirit, servitor can refer to angel, demon, deity or an elemental (artifical spirit, don't mix with elementary spirits). Servitor is basically a spell with certain extent of individuality and intelligence. Servitors can be eg info gatherers or can be used in workings where you expect difficulties and a certain level of reasoning is required. In other words a servitor can dynamically change a course of action to meet the desired outcome.Every servitor should have a defined lifespan (unless we speak about elementary spirits), eg till it finishes his task or after a certain timespan. You can also create a charging formula and simply stop charging the servitor when you want your servitor to fade away.How to create the servitor using elements
After we have clearly specified the intent why to create the servitor and chose a suitable element for the creation based on occult correspondences, we can start with the process of cr…

2nd Grade, Week 5: Enchantment using Vital Force

Whether you are not the elemental type or you do not want to use elements for particular working, there is a way of enchanting objects using your vital force.Specify the intent
First of all you should relax your body and your mind (see 1st grade) and form the intent in your mind. You should also visualize the process and the expected result of your intent, don't also forget to visualize how will your life progress once your goal is finished. If this is what makes you happy, feel free to continue with the enchantment.The procedure
So, we have the object we wish to enchant in front of us, we are relaxed and we have a clear intent formed in our mind. Now we should accumulate the Vital Force while still holding the intent in our mind, let the energy to engulf your body, bathe in it.Once the energy was accumulated, move your hands above the object you wish to enchant, let the energy to flow into the object and to stay there, fixate the energy in the object with your concentration, keep…

2nd Grade, Week 5: Enchantment using elements

What is enchantment
Enchantment is a process of charging some non-magickal object with Magickal energy, therefore creating a Magickal object. Magickal object can be a charm, talisman, amulet or a tool. Charms and talismans are basically to bring you luck, wealth, happiness, etc, amulets are for the means of protection and tools are used in Magickal practice.Why to enchant objects with elements
Elemental correspondence is one of the simplest, you pick a reason, then you find corresponding element and you are ready to charge, no messing around with planetary correspondences is needed.Procedure of enchanting the object
First of all specify what you want to achieve and find some suitable object (don't use eg socks to bring you money).
After you have acquired suitable item you should cleanse it. Let it bathe in the smoke of White Sage and during that say a following incantation: "Creation of [object type], I [your Magickal name] command thee, be cleansed of all material delusion a…

2nd Grade, Week 4: Power of subtle influences

We hate direct commands because we like to keep our free will, our freedom to do whatever we like. Direct order is like an attack on our rights. On the other side if we change the straight command into subtle message that passes the filter called consciousness, we can implant a seed into the subconscious part of the mind, seed that will hopefully blossom into action.I have already presented this idea with the coffee example, so let's talk just about possibilities.Reversed sound
Favorite method presented in movies, I have actually never seen this on workingCryptic message
Just like the coffee example, sentence hidden in another, works quite often.Cryptic picture
One picture holding hidden message, usually encoded into the image using steganography. This message can be a short text or a visual part of the picture, it can be eg your favorite cartoon character holding some Starbucks coffee or a stage built in the way that makes you to always choose a triangle from a set of available s…

2nd Grade, Week 4: Power of image and deception

To gain a great control over other people, one has to have a great control over himself, his willpower must be exercised and tested each and every waking hour... or you can cheat it.Who wants to control others without much effort, should build an image of mage (or a witch). Suggestible people who have expectations of you having certain powers will succumb to these powers even if they are not present. The point is that the subject's inner belief does the trick for you. If such a person thinks he is cursed and some problem arrives (like bus being late or having a bad hair day), the curse becomes his personal "truth".Advantages
I believe we all have experieced at least few occassions when we wanted to help someone, ease their pain, heal their wounds, help them to find a better job... being perceived as a experienced adept of Magick can certainly help us with those cases, all we have to do in such case is to affirm our client that we are going to help him + we should do some…

Poll Results

So, the results of the recent poll What topics should I focus on in my articles? went as follows: Necronomicon/Sumerian Magick is a no-no. Traditional Magick, Divination and Necromancy got really poor score. Highest possible votes went for Chaos Magick, Kabbalah was second best.
Ok then, prepare for an a*sload of Chaos Magick articles and a cr*pload of Kabbalah related articles.