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Sacred Chamber: Replacement of the Qabbalistic Cross of Light

Stand still and take few deep breaths.Visualize about 1ft wide orb of white light about 1 or 2 feet above your head.
Point at the orb with your index finger and say: "Crown above my head, Kether".
Visualize a ray of the white light descending through your body down to the core of Earth while guiding it with your index finger.
Say: "Kingdom under my feet, Malkuth".
Open your arms like you are welcoming someone and during opening your arms, visualize the ray of the light becoming thicker and thicker till it covers the whole room or space around you. During this say "Through the worlds".
When you are finished, standing with your hands wide open, say "Back to the Adam Kadmon".

Merry Christmas

Christmas is finally here :). I have enjoyed the celebration in peace, considering that I had quite wild December. My family members got in wild argument, I was chasing for presents as a crazy person and weather forecast "predicted" that we will have 10 degrees Celsius today and no snow. I am proud that I solved the argument of my family, got all the presents and won my little battle with the forecast. We do have snow during Christmas just as I remember it when I was a child, everything worked out nicely.

And now, I would also like to wish a merry Christmas to you, my dear brothers and sisters in Magick. Merry Christmas to all of you :).

Correct replacement?

I started thinking whether I should substitute a magickal condenser with a sigil. One of the reasons is that herbs for the condenser won't be growing here till the summer.Unfortunately I don't know what intent to state for the sigil. Should it be something that makes the sigil the condenser? Or something that enhances effects of the mirror? Or something that enhances my divination skills? Will I be able to use the mirror charging techniques I am used to or will I have to abandon my current system?

Night visit

It's Friday night (early Saturday morning, 3AM).
I spent the night on the computer when my girlfriend came to me and told me about her nightmare.

She had a dream about entity made of flies and no matter how much she tried, she couldn't run away from the room or scream (typical scenario).
We spent some time with Simon's Necronomicon, reading exorcisms from Maqlu scripture and banishing various entities.

I doubt this one a visit of some higher demon, most probably just some lower entity trying to annoy before I set up my usual barriers before sleep.

Mayan calendar

I guess this post was expected from me for a very long time now.
I originally didn't want to write anythin on the topic as I have believed in common sense and some basic level of human intelligence...Mayan calendar is (according to some historians) ending on 21st December 2012 which is said to mark End of the world. Another version speaks about 2112 but they weren't able to match all the historical data.There is also this wheely version of the calendar, which never ends because it's made of gears.My dear readers, open bottle of good wine, eat some cookies and sweets, and enjoy your holidays.End of a calendar never meant end of the world, our calendar ends on 31st December every year for centuries, and we are still here :-).Also remember what YHWH said: There will be no prophet, no angel and no demon knowing the exact day of the end of the world, only I have this knowledge.I am not sure whether I will have time till the end of the year to write new article, so...Merry Chris…

Quick update

Sigil to have a lot of snow during Christmas.

Art of Shinobi: Simple Protection Ritual

Introduction I made my mind to slow down during holidays and return to my old hobby from the childhood: ninjas. As an occultist I have found few jewels. These jewels certainly weren't created by ninjas, but they were extensively used by them, given by the time, place and tradition.

Kuji Kiri Kyu - nine
Ji - syllable(s)
Kiri - cut(s)

Kuji Kiri is a simple ritual of doing nine cuts in the air with your hand, each of them being associated with one syllables.

Sorted syllables and meanings associated in Ninjutsu are:
RIN - power
PYO (or HYO or KYO) - energy channeling
TOH - harmony (with the universe)
SHAH - healing of self and others
KAI - intuition, sense of danger
JIN - telepathy, reading thoughts of others (can also be used for suggestion)
RETSU - control of space and time
ZAI - control of heaven and earth (control of elements)
ZEN - enlightenment

To say more of the syllables we would have to mention its chinese origin and I am not really a historian so let's just say that this kuji is a …

TOHO Announcement

I am very happy to announce, that Ordinem Cavae Unum has just released the very first issue of our quarterly e-zine.

The #1 issue can be found here:

New world

During my priesthood service this month something changed, I have no more desire to perform sorcery (to make small changes to occur). Bad weather? I don't care. I don't know why, but I just don't feel like changing anything lately, it's like this life was just temporary and didn't mean anything anymore, like none of it ever mattered.

Wisdom of Kabbalah, part IV

5 lights of NaRaNCHaY
To understand Etz Khaim properly, we have to learn about five lights and related terms.Kia
Kia (vessel) is our physical but also our spiritual form. Imagine it as an engine and imagine that ist fuel is a light (aur).
Kia in its basic stage cannot receive the aur directly from Creator because kia isn't pure enough, for that reason there is a collection of filters that reduces and adapts this light for kia.
These filters are: Worlds of AK and ABYA, sephirots, and five lights of NaRaNCHaY.Five lights
There are five lights in total. Each light is result of each given filter but for ascension to be possible, each light also contains spark of the light above. Highest light in one sephirot contains spark of light from the sephirot above. For example the highest Aur of Malkuth contains spark of lowest Aur of ZA. This is also a reason why lower sephirots contain fragments of higher sephirots: through the light.What NaRaNCHaY stands for?
NaRaNCHaY is a short of names o…

Problems of modern society.

I have been planning to write this article for around one year now, problem always was to name the main issue correctly and to provide a suitable set of arguments supporting my thesis, now I can do both :).

Tradition So, where to start? We, humans, are little scared creatures, whatever makes us nervous is a reason to get rid of it and we do so for thousands of years. This way we used to get rid of demons, bad dreams, bad luck, then to get rid of witches, sorcerers, devils, then to get rid of church and finally, to get rid of all the sanity.
Consider our perfect education system. Do we really study truth? Yes, of course, at least a certain portion of it. You might learn something about Pythagoras' triangle, but you will hardly learn about his pentagram or about his occult activities. Same applies to Archimedes, same applies to Platon... We got rid of the "supernatural" bogey-man but as the result we do not accept anything supernatural, just mentioning it on public will …

Oath Breaker: Priesthood

Introduction Priesthood nowadays is a term exchangeable with clericalism, but in Magick the priesthood means still the same thing. Adept* of Magick should take a role of priest and do common actions associated with priesthood: Blessings, exorcisms, healings, confessions listening, public service and at least 1 month each year, during this time the adept should follow a simple set of rules to remain pure.

Rule #1: No exceptions Whether a person in need is of opposite religion than you are or a complete skeptic, there is no reason to avoid your duty, you should also be able to pray in any holy house whether it is church, mosque, pyramid or ancient temple. If you do not believe in God then you can pray to and bless through divine force or whatever sounds appealing to you.

Rule #2: No anger I personally hate this rule, no matter whether someone just stomped on your foot or burned down your whole house, there is this "no anger" rule and whenever you start having any kind of ange…

Recommended reading

Sometimes people ask me what book they should read. I usually recommend works of Papus, Levi, Crowley but also non-occult books. Magicians nowadays tend to forget one fact, we are still inhabitants of this planet and learning something about it is not a bad idea. Books regarding science, psychology, herbs, alternative and modern medicine and biology can turn to be of a far greater value than New Age books like "Are you an Atlantean?".

But most importantly, before you start buying books like crazy, think about what do you want from Magick? What is your goal? Our goals in Magick reflects on our paths and without a goal you will get nowhere in this divine art.


I finally understand why Anael manifested in that weird look, Papus talks about Anael as about the king of salamanders, that would explain the eyes wide apart or the cross shape formed by the face (mark of kings)

Late calling

I really need some magickal condenser. I found out that my mirror is depleting pretty fast and reason might be lack of the condenser.Unfortunately the herb I could use doesn't grow now for winter reasons. I guess I will have to wait for next season.

Joke's on me.

I should really stop looking for occult forums, I just found one "underground" forum where people believe that hypnosis is a black magick and deadly dangerous, funny enough I got picked by same people who use "Hail Satan" as a greetings phrase.Papus, where are you when I need you?

Recent update

I have memorized about 99% passages from the bornless ritual. Now I have to sort them out to know in which order they come.Last few days I also have a very good dream recall, about 4 dreams per night which is very good result if we consider I am not focusing on remembering all my dream.I thing I am slowly converting to high magick.

Today's study

.I spent today by memorizing Bornless ritual by Crowley.
During morning travel by train I was sitting facing the train's entrance door. Strange thing happend. When memorizing the passages from the ritual, this door opened. It was quite creepy as this was the first time I have ever seen it. The door should be blocked during the ride.I would like to say I have memorized half of the ritual already but after learning third set of names starting with Roubriao, I have quite troubles recalling previous 2 sets of names.Maybe I am just tired.

Quick update

I know I am not posting much during last few days so I just wanted to make a quick update to explain what is going on.

I renewed my old practices to gain full contact with HGAI changed my daily practices a bit and returned fourfold breath combined with pore-breathing in itIt seems I will get into duel sooner or later so I am making my preparations for it.And, I am saving money for Christmas :).

Interview with HGA

Last week I had one of those days when the whole world is against me, it ended up with evocation of my HGA. His face partially appeared in the mirror but I didn't manage to strengthen the link to get the whole visual aspect.

Funny enough, for the whole time communicating with my HGA, I had never seen how he really looks. For example once we made an agreement that he will appear in my dream but his condition was that I won't remember the dream.

So, after the partially successful evocation I got following understanding: These things are happening because of my anger. My task was to figure this out and get rid of the anger. I tried doing so for a couple of days and I have to admit you can solve problems even without being angry.

Proof of supernatural?

This is documentary I had seen a long time ago and today I found it while randomly clicking on the videos on YouTube.

Oath Breaker: Mastery of elements exercise

Introduction I have made my mind to once more break the oath of silence and share with you another advanced technique. This technique is basically the essence of Magick. It is simple technique, you will immediately remember it, but it's dangerous for beginners and you will find out why during the course.

Quality of elements Those of you who know IIH, you also know that each element has both positive and negative quality. In MHP we don't really care about these qualities, elements are taken as wholes. Advantage of this doing is withing much greater source of energy, energy MHP can use is raw, powerful and aggressive. That's why there is also a disadvantage. Leading unfiltered full elemental energy into your body creates a great distress and if this energy is kept in the body, major elemental imbalance happens. Such stress to your body can easily develop into sickness, being it mental, emotional or physical.

Procedure of the exercise Procedure is pretty simple, one by one, …

Boosting observation ability

In certain cases we need to boost our ability to observe so we can quickly come up with solutions. I will show you a very simple trick how to temporarily boost the observation ability.

Observation, as any other mental ability, is associated with the Air element. This makes things pretty simple.
First thing you have to do is to visualize Air element and impregnate it with property we want, in this case with the property stating that we want to be better observers. This is very simple because we are already surrounded by Air element and both air and information we want to use are transparent (no hard visualization there).
After impregnation is set up we just need to get the Air element to our body through pore breathing (or once again, visualization). After our body is full of impregnated element, we simply move it all to the brain.

That's all. No cleansing is required because we are automatically going to deplete the element we have gathered through our work.

A gift to the public

I have made a mutual agreement with my servitor to release him for the public.
This servitor's name is Erlis. It's a fox that is well versed in energy manipulation.
He will help you automatically with any type of energy work.
Only requirement is that you will repeatedly chant his mantra over his symbol, atleast 4 repetitions per day.
His mantra is Enecal umuka aksil eigr
His symbol is:

Reward for Marbas?

Yesterday I left the bus and wait for my wife to pick me up as usual. After waiting for 25 minutes I called her.
Call was taken by her sister, she told me that my wife fell asleep and she is going to wake her up.
I waited for another 30 minutes and then called again. My wife was still sleeping.
I have told her sister not to wake her up and I went home by foot, 7 kilometers :-).
Could that be the price that Marbas took for his work?

Oath keeper: First fruits

So today I have smoked as I wanted without stressing anything. I have smoked 13 cigarettes. That means I have reduced my daily need by 7 cigarttes by sheer willpower.

Notes from yesterday's evocation

Yesterday we had evoked Marbas, 5th Goetic spirit. His appearance was a bit terrifying, incantation for the spirit to take more friendly visage had to be repeated a couple of times. After this was settled I have stated my wish and asked the spirit for some sign to prove the goal will be accomplish.

My apprentice, who was sitting next to the black mirror has described what he saw as a moon with the drop in the middle, during the course of time both the moon shape and the drop started "developing", more branches appeared and the whole structured seemed to be a growing tree.
We have taken this as a good sign but we still have to verify the result.

Spirit left right after he was licensed to depart and no more problems occurred. Today the waking up was a bit hard, feeling no energy, strong signs of tiredness but that was expected.

Oath keeper: Regain of concentration

Yesterday was nearly same as two days ago, desire for the cigarette was much smaller than before, but I was still lacking concentration.
It went so far that I had to reserve one meeting room where I could walk and use the whiteboard to regain concentration, hopefully thanks to that I was able to finish the work for last two days.

Today I already had about 6 cigarettes, reason is that I am preparing a grand ritual for the evening and I really need to concentrate on that.

Oath keeper: Moment of silence

I kept my promise the whole day, price for that was a great lack of concentration and horrible strife for the cigarette (and some money for 5 packs of tic tac as the replacement).

But I won't lie, I had one cigarette during night when I got home, which is still better than the original state, I just hope it will be easier for me to keep concentrated tomorrow.

Oath keeper: out of ammo

Rest of the packet finished yesterday. I have prayed above the last cigarette for God to grant me strength. No signs of the addicton needs but they will appear, sooner or later. The whole day is before me.

Oath keeper : test of will

story is pretty simple. I am chain smoker for 13 years now. My daily need is over 20 cigarettes.
I currently have 13 remaining cigarettes in my packet and I made my mind to quit smoking after I finish this packet. That will be some hell of the challenge.
I will post results here gradually.

Nine breaths

Introduction Nine breaths is old eastern exercise for balancing energies in one's body. From personal experience I can say that this exercise can reduce duration of sickness, can boost the clairvoyance level a bit and has great centering effects, what I present here is Tibetan version of the exercise as presented by Bran O. Hodapp in his Magische Spiegel als Tor zu anderen Welten (very good book about Magick mirrors, btw).

Start of the exercise Sit comfortably in your favorite asana and relax, take few deep breaths to calm down and to get ready. Rest your hands in your lap, left hand should rest on the right hand, hands should be open and with palms facing upwards. Make sure that your back is straight.
Imagine three channels going all the way from the root chakra up to the crown chakra (from head to spine). Central channel is blue, males have right channel white and left channel red. Females have right channel red and left channel white.

First three breaths (male …

Simple but powerful protection amulet

I have shared this method for creating amulet with one of my clients and I was thinking that when I have this already written down in English, I might share it here as well.

1) Get some small container (glass is the best). The container should be small enough so you can wear it on the neck.

2) Fill the container with salt

3)Breath on the salt in the container for 3 times and then place your hand above the container and say aloud the following incantation:
In isto sale sit sapientia et ab omni corruptione conservet sicut mentes nostras et corpora nostra, per Hochmael et in virtute Ruash-Hochmael, recedant ab isto fantasmata hylae, ut sit sal coelestis, sal terrae et terra salis, ut nutrietur bos triturans et addat spei nostrae cornua tauri voluntatis. Amen.

4) Then seal the container, attach some string and wear it in your neck.

Positive experience with nine breaths exercise

I haven been feeling very sick for last couple of days. Today I had to do some hard manual work but I wasn't even able to stand up from bed.
I performed Nine Breaths exercise and after that my body felt numb, but I was able to move and do the work, this effect lasted for about one hour.

I wanted to post some link here on the exercise but I cannot find the version I am using on-line, I will describe the exercise next time I get here :)

Beauty of the hexagram

Hexagram. Beautiful symbol. Symbol of balance, symbol of noble Magick, but is that enough for post-modern time?

Here is the standard hexagram, the star of David, the Solomon’s seal, interconnection of heaven and earth

Fire element sign highlighted on the star

Water element highlighted on the star

Air element highlighted on the star

Earth element highlighted on the star.

Symbol of balanceNow let’s try something different, let’s add 2 diagonal lines and I will quickly explain to you why I call this one the symbol of balance, the better version of hexagram.

Pentagram highlighted on the star

Reversed pentagram highlighted on the star

Crowley’s uni-corsal hexagram, symbol of Thelema, highlighted on the star.

Although the hexagram already is a symbol of balance from hermetic sense of view, I find the new symbol to be more fitting for the post-modern age. This new hexagram seems to be more suitable to show the balance of different practices, of different paradigms, it’s a fitting symbol for Her…

Wisdom of Kabbalah, part III

Tree of Life Etz Khaim, the Tree of Life, is a pretty famous thing when it comes public knowledge of Kabbalah. Depiction containing the whole universe, the map of the life, Etz Khaim that contains everything and explains everything. Well, it depends on what you consider everything, language of branches is pretty wise choice here. I am now going to explain to you what is Etz Khaim, how to understand it (in general, abstract matter), how to draw it (many people find it hard to draw Etz Khaim) and how to use it (in terms of understanding).

Kether Kether (the crown), is the very first sephirot (fruit) on the top of Etz Khaim. It's called the crown for where it stands and also for what it means). Kether is singularity, kether is non-duality, kether is the beginning, kether is the source, kether is the big bang. I will explain the rest when the whole EK (Etz Khaim) is formed.

Chochmah and Binah  Two sephirots below Kether. Chochmah (wisdom) and Binah (understanding), this is where sing…

Reminder of choice

This is something as old as our society. Ability we all share but most of us do not use it. If you know another person enough, you can control the person. It gives you power to influence the other person according to your will, you just need to use the right words and right terms. You can also use this same ability to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Psychology is your friend, use it wisely :).

Vampire: Finishing line

So, in the end it seems that the partial incantation was enough to loose the leash, yesterday  the victim figured out the problem and ended the relationship. The incantation was finished during the evening by my apprentice, just in case :).

Wisdom of Kabbalah, part II

Language of branches It is a major part of Kabbalah, pure Kabbalistic texts are not understandable without knowledge of language of branches.

The point is quite simple, you cannot talk about spiritual experience because spiritual world is beyond physical world and although we have words for physical objects and events, we don't have suitable words for spiritual objects and events.

Because Kabbalah believes that lower origins in higher (hermetic As Above, So Below) the system of deriving meaning was created, the system is the language of branches.

Usage is simple, if we consider that lower origins in higher, we can easily use same words we would normally use for the lower manifestation to specify the higher meaning. In other words, when a Kabbalist talks about a kiss. He doesn't mean the kiss as the physical touch of lips of two people. He speaks about the things that are above this physical output. If we go above, we will find emotions, emotions leading to physical kiss, if w…

Vampire Update

So, obviously an incomplete incantation wasn't enough.
Well, that wasn't totally unexpected, I will fight. I just need to restore some strength, I haven't sleep enough last two days.

Psychic vampires everywhere

Yesterday was one of those days when pieces of puzzle start to fit in and the big picture is created.
I do not like psychic vampires. I do not like their manipulative behavior and especially when it affects people I consider my family.
Yesterday was a day of burning, day of exorcisms, the day of Maqlu text. Time by the time I like to dive into Necronomicon as I find its style refreshing, simple, usable and understandable. I didn't manage to finish the incantation as something very unexpected happen, still I hope that I loosened the leash of the vampire to the point where it loses its power over my friend. In case of need, I will finish the incantation this evening.

Wisdom of Kabbalah, part I

Introduction Kabbalah is a quite famous and beautiful topic, but unfortunately the most misunderstood one. For that reason I made my mind to create a short series of articles regarding this philosophy, to explain some parts and touch the core of Kabbalah.

During the series it is possible that you will find some words being written differently. Reason is that I am not going to use common convention how to write these words in English, but I am rather going to write the words in manner to simplify the pronunciation.

In the series I am also going to explain common words like sephirots, worlds, lights and I am going to teach you language of branches. Language used to communicate Kabbalah, language used to communicate things that are beyond normal physical comprehension and therefore beyond any mortal language.

What is Kabbalah all about? This is actually very direct question and very beautiful topic. Topic we will dive deep into during the course of the series but let me give a short sum…


It's strange how things end up sometimes. Two days ago I have finally made the decision to pray. I haven't prayed for about half a year. So many things changed.  I passed one zonei, I conjured foreign deities and entities, petitioned demons, casted some curses... Although I know there is nothing like objective good and evil and that good and evil are just human thing, I still felt morally down to talk to the Highest One...
During the prayer I made a list of everything I did and I thought it was bad, I talked with opened mind and saying out loud what I was thinking, it was more like talking to my old friend than a prayer to the omnipotent being.
Result wasn't a punishment, but a sort of relief, I started feeling much lighter like a heavy brick fell down from my chest.
Yesterday I prayed to God to bring joy and adventure into my life. In the evening we went shopping and guess what I found. Three crystal glasses, waiting there for me. Crystal glass, something I wanted to use …

Better work performance

Yesterday was one of those annoying days that work is slow and you will like complete loser, somewhere around the evening I have used my phone to cast a sigil to do my work better. Today I managed to solve a couple of issues and I also finally found out why my phone sometimes tend to loop in restarting as crazy. From all occasions I recall the restarting happening, it was always a day after I used my phone for sigil magick.
It seems that phone somehow stores the energy and then it lags after phone charging takes place. I guess I will have to ask some technomancer whether he has a similar problem and how to solve it. I usually just use simple Divine Light Manipulation technique to get dark energy out and positive light in, but it's pretty annoying.

Worth the watching

Nice relaxing video with amazing audio and impressive symbolism.

Recent updates

Nothing much happening nowadays. My apprentice is busy with his personal life so we are a bit behind a schedule. During weekend a performed an evocation of some goetic spirit, evocation failed and literally any Magickal attempt didn't attract any spiritual attention, that guy has to be spiritual anti-magnet...

After that we tried some tests for "paranormal" abilities, specifically suggesting a person with closed eyes to pick a certain card from 4 cards spread. It turned out that system I used to determine receiving hand does work only to determine natural receiving hand, not the current state.

Level of probability

It can happen that when you specify intent for sigil with tight schedule, result might be delayed by day or two depending on how complex the process must be. And when you are specifying when, be sure to be as specific as possible. Next day can also mean next day midnight.

Video about the mind's eye

Very good video explaining how our brain "shifts" reality to match perception with expectation.

Recent update regarding the amulet

I originally thought it could be a good idea to use reflective amulet to practice combat spells. Problem with my headache formula is that it doesn't take effect only during the execution, yesterday the headache built gradually and I was useless for the rest of the day (effects faded around midnight).


I have felt a bit tired so I went for a short sleep, headache gradually built up.

Recent experiment with the amulet

Today I have tried to cast the spell on the amulet by means of causing a headache. I have ended up with slight pressure inside skull and stiff neck.

I will see if the headache develops today or the formula needs more charging.

Seeking enlightenment?

I have already seen this for a couple of times.
Young guy wants to study yoga, or chi kung, or whatever, and he seeks enlightenment.
There is nothing wrong with that, just that these requests usually gets flooded by articles about various yoga and chi kung exercises.

Why is that wrong? Important part of the request is "seeks enlightenment" and you don't want to learn about enlightenment from non-enlightened person same as you don't want to learn swimming from non-swimmer.

And these non-enlightened "helpers" will then take our pitiful friend and flood him with a massive list of dogmas and meaningless exercises. Will it help our friend to attain enlightenment? Of course not, they will send the list just because they do the same exercises and sub-consciously they want some sort of external verification (it's good for anyone, right?).

When person is not enlightened then you cannot await enlightenment by doing same exercises that the person does.

But dude, I…

Update regarding reflective amulet

I just finished charging of the amulet and I made a decision to make a simple test before the energy from charging settles down.
I imagined a small figure on the surface and I try to use reiki on it, at first on heart, then on kidneys. I have felt both tests on my body.

I took the amulet and hid it on top of my cabinet, as I did so, I lost balance and nearly fell on the floor, it was like I was being "repelled".
Working with this amulet is going to be very interesting.

Logo 3D for TOHO


Reflective amulet

I just finished my work on the amulet.

I have chosen to use manufactured leather but instead of standard ink I had to use red permanent fix, this is the result:

Sigils from left to right:ADAROZ - To reflectINKHESHU - EverythingTOZAP - Back
Usage After charging takes place, this amulet should reflect any kind of energy back at its caster. That way it could be used as a great protection amulet against black Magick.

My personal idea is much more practical, I will use the amulet to practice combat spells.

Lost paper

I cannot use the ink I have chosen for the amulet on manufactured leather because it is not visible there, so I wanted to use my hand-made paper but I cannot find it anywhere, I really miss my oratory, there I was always able to find things where I put them.

I currently have following options:
1) I will use a different ink on manufactured leather
2) I will create a new paper
3) I will use skin from rabbit that is currently drying on my backyard (but I will have to clean it, first).

Fell asleep

Yesterday I feel asleep before I did usual banishing and shielding around the house. Today I feel a bit tired and I have a sore throat.

I am not entirely sure whether this means that some entity visited me or there is an energetic imbalance due to unused energy. The first case is less probable because water in the glass near my bed didn't change, but I haven't charged it in days.

Anyway, I hope I will get into shape as soon as possible, today I finally want to make some time to finish my reflective amulet (I will post more information when it's finished).

P.S. Google finally approved AdSense on my blog, so if you want to thank me for articles I write, you can do so by clicking on the advertisements (you can do so either under this post or in the panel on the right side).

Setting up your daily practices

Introduction One of the key points in succeeding in occult arts is a steady practice. By using a ritualistic approach of fixed practices in fixed times you are creating a habit.

Habits build half of your personality. Mundane habits include tying a tie, brushing your teeth, even bathing. When you do one of these things, you don't really think about what you are doing, hygienic procedures have become a part of your life so much that you do them automatically. During brushing your teeth you don't think about the brushing, it has become an automatic action and you can think about different things during that. By choosing a steady training regime, you will build a habit of using Magick and that will project into your life.

What are habits? Habit is an action repeated so many times that it imprinted into your neural pathway and became automatic. To put it simply, it became part of your brain, part of your neural system, part of you.

To read more about habits: http://en.wikipedia.or…

Cause and effect

Time by time I notice some discussion regarding the topic of whether Magick is or isn't real.
This discussion is usually spiced up with a sad story of failed practitioner that "did his best" to practice well and still he got no results.

It's funny, but we pay and study hard to graduate school, we go to work every day to get money so we can pay our rents and afford some food and some comforts of modern society, still some people think that Magick is different. People think that you just come here, do something from the book and KAZAM, it works.

If you want to get anywhere in your Magick path, you need to fulfill following criteria:
1) Belief - Magick cannot work if you don't believe that it will, no matter how much you try
2) Dedication - Gazing into candle light for 5 minutes won't allow you to levitate cars, get over it.

I hope that I am doing my part for you to gain needed belief and dedication, by articles I write and by techniques and teachings I share. J…

Recent update

I managed to develop a healing method that has a positive effect on bigger problems, it can heal literally overnight. I successfully tested it on my girlfriend, I got her from hospital in just one day.

Still I seem to have one patient that is resistant against any kind of healing I try, I will try doing the same thing for couple of days to see if any change occurs.

Oath breaker: Meditation

Introduction Meditation is very complex and beautiful topic. Unfortunately one bound with a lot of garbage. After all, it's a good business model to allow this knowledge only to those who pay well. But because there is no copyright about meditation, no one really can keep this knowledge for their own gain.
Some fragments of full meditation were already revealed, either by initiated or through revealed wisdom.

Many of you have already practiced with these fragments and had great results because even fragments of full meditation are powerful enough.

Today I am going to break one very old oath of silence and learn you something you would normally had to pay for, be guided into or had to figure it out yourselves.

What is meditation? Meditation is a complex process of self-initiation and self-empowerment, many fragments of this sacred procedure were already published and made available to broader public. Practices known as focal meditation and void meditation are just pieces of bigger…

Phone working again

Similar problem like with tablet, a lot of energy somehow got stuck into the device, but this one one different, it certainly wasn't mind and it kept discharging the phone when I was around.

Tablet fixed

I managed to fix my tablet today. I performed a bigger ritual yesterday, which wore me out. Today when I had taken the tablet into my hands I have felt a great excess of energy, it was mine. I drained the energy from the tablet and now it's working fine.

I wonder if I can fix my phone this way, as well.

Energetical overkill

Sorry for vague title, but I don't know how else I could name this.

My practice changed a bit, during my procedures I have a recurring vision of myself being wrapped by some unknown energy, going upwards just like fire.
My phone somehow cannot stay charged for more than 2 hours (already tried a ton of things to fix that, so I thought the battery is dead). Today my tablet started clicking by itself, computer switches on and off and the strangest thing. I charged my phone yesterday and let it on the table. Today when I got back home, I found out that the phone is still on, with just half battery consumed (normal consumption for the smartphone).
Another strange thing: My girlfriend has an orchid, she didn't water it for over the week and the soil is completely dry, orchid doesn't seem to care and still flourishes.

Defeating theory, part II

So, let's get started :).

Model caseClose the book, grab some clothes, go outside, I will tell you something about Magick.

You look out of the window with suspicious face, weather isn't very good today, the rain doesn't look like ideal condition for the journey. OK, change the weather.

You get outside, you think that you could go grab some food while you are there, ouch, traffic light says that you should wait. Fine, change the light and let's get going, there is a lot of things we have to do before we can call it a day.

Fast food is far away. Go for public transportation service, there is a mundane solution for that.

You are in the bus when you notice a beautiful lady/guy in front of you, sitting there and reading newspaper. Only problem is that you cannot really see her/his face as (s)he is turned away. Time to make the subject turn back at you, focus...

Fine, you got out of the bus and now you even have someone's number, nice catch, now let's go to grab the …

Finally some home project

This is not occult related, but it certainly made my day.
I have been planning to create some game for over 3 years now. There was always a problem with lack of people that would cooperate on the project (making scenario, character models, environments, textures, lightning, game logic, everything on your own is quite depressing).
Today I have talked with my gf about the problem and we choose not to make a game, but rather some movie, she said she will try to make some scenario :). WOOHOO

Defeating theory, part I

Introduction I am going to create a series of articles talking about theory versus practice in Magick. Reason for that is to help those who wish to practice but are scared of possible road blocks. In this part we will focus on some general ideas behind Magick

Part I: I should know all theory before starting with practice Actually opposite is truth, more mental garbage you have associated with Magick before starting with your practice, worse it will be. You don't really need to know much to start with practice and through practice you will get a lot of knowledge on your own.
Call it sorcery, if you wish, still I would rather be sorcerer than arm chair. Magick started with practice and through practice science was born. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, it all started with Magicians. Unfortunately Magick lost its leading role on scientific field during the ages, all the arm chairs do now is using scientific labels for Magickal phenomena to make it sound more "scienti…

Internet is full of weird people

Woman/witch/seer/medium with vast experience and ultra leet skills begging for spell on how to get rid of another woman that is supposedly attacking her...

Internet is fun :-P

Value of evidence: Video recordings

To put the story short, I think all of you have seen some videos proving supernatural abilities.
Telekinesis, levitation, teleportation, even ghost and alien stories.
Video from unknown source shouldn't be considered as a evidence from following reasons:
1) You don't know what set up happened before the video was taken (wires, levers, platforms, mirrors, etc)
2) You don't know what effects were applied to the video during post-processing.

Applications and effect studios like ADOBE After Effects allow user to create effects of Hollywood movie quality.
It is also possible to use tracking tool like Voodoo Tracking and export vertices to more available graphical studios like Blender. Blender itself will have integrated motion tracking system in next release of Blender 2.6x (currently a development version of the studio with this functionality can be downloaded and used till the official release hits the fan).

Example of After Effects:

Example of Blender's functionality:


3D Art


Few misconceptions in Magick

It takes years of dedicated practice to obtain results Well, it takes years, decades, sometimes even lifetimes to obtain mastery in Magick, true indeed. But you don't need to be a master to have results, results are usually granted along the path, first result can be obtained in range of days.

Practitioner must believe in God God that requires faith is not God worth the faith, you don't need to believe in anything supernatural to practice Magick and any faith-related Magick can be easily adapted to suit your needs

There is only "this" way of doing things There are currently 7 billion of people with individualistic needs, desires, thought processing and talents. Thinking that there is only one way to do Magick is silly, Magick is limited just by limitation of practitioner's imagination.

Chakras do/do not exist This is a bit hard topic so let me explain in greater detail. There are information from many clairvoyant people, some that do see chakras …