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Random mandala

So today during the trip home I was drawing a random mandala to spend some spare time:

Well, this is as good as a drawing in the bus can get I guess :D

New book available

Astro Magick Essentials now available for sale, check it out:

Veganism not the healthiest

I have found this article from the ex-vegam so I am copying it here for further research: am not vegan, I like meat, but I am interested in veganism because of all health benefit claims around it.

What is Chaos Magick

After I got asked a couple of times what Chaos Magick is, I decided to write an article about it. People usually don't have any problem with general definition, they just want to know what it really means and how it compares to the traditional systems.Theory of tradition
The main question is the history of traditional systems, who founded them? There are many myths of fallen angels teaching Magick or great adepts (e.g. Hermes Trismegistos) sharing their wisdom with a group of initiates. Before we can get any further, we have to take these only as myths, with no credible evidence, later we will find out why.Historically speaking there are certain similarities in the Magick development all around the world. It starts with death. People were always fascinated by death. Where do our friends and relatives go after they die? Can they tell us? Can we contact them? Do they have any power in the other world? Burials are as old as humanity, it's our way of tributing our family which in …

Unexpected remote view

Today, during my astral projection attempt I was lying in my bed, when a very lucid vision of a black and red dog behind my fence appeared. I have one black and one red dog so I assumed the vision was about my dogs getting out of the garden.

So with certain difficulties I got up (my body was very numb and hard to control) and went outside to discover my dogs sitting in side the garden by the fence and looking outside, both of them at the same direction. I came closer to find out they are watching two dogs wandering by in the neighberhood, one was black and one was red :D.

I don't think it was an astral projection, it really felt rather as seeing things remotely.

Moon spirits

Yesterday I had to perform a healing for my son's illness. I have chosen to do a general Astro Magick ritual for the Moon spirits, as a side effect I had to wait for a suitable power and I overslept this morning, but guess what, my child is not sick anymore.So, I would like to give my thanks to spirits of the Luna for acting this quickly upon my personal request.P.S. General Astro Magick ritual will be available in the book named Astro Magick Essentials.

Strange dream

Yesterday I had a very strange vivid dream. I have noticed opened gate at my garden and horses nearby so I came to look if none of my horses is gone (this dream was set at night).No horses were missing, in fact there was a new one, an unicorn. Big white unicorn. Sometimes a dust has come out of its horn, making a sort of maze-like pattern in the air, every time it happened this pattern was more and more complex. The unicorn then ran away and when doing so, the dust was forming into animal shapes.The color of the dust was between violet and purple (this color used to be my octarine). I think it really was Posmiol because I am not a guy used to dream about unicorns... plus recently I had created his signature for the purpose of my new book.

New changes

I have finally decided to get rid of the ads, they were showing a nonsense most of the time anyway.

As the new feature there is now a PayPal donation button on the right, if you feel like donating then do so :D.

Some of you might also notice that Magickal Curriculum ( is now only a preview and for the full view you will have to pay 2.99$. This situation will be kept for 2 months to find out how commerically viable the eBook selling is. After two months it will be free again.

Now I am working on Astro Magick Essentials, which will be my first commercial book, after the work on the book is finished, I will update Condensed Magick 101, which is the second free eBook in my repertoire.

Magician's name

Many of you might have heard about a Magician's name or Magickal name. Is it something important? What does it really mean?

Meaning behind the name
There is this old belief that if we know the real name of some entity, we can control it. There are many myths coming from Egypt where people found real name of their deities and forced these deities to give them immortality, so in that case a knowledge of the name meant power.
But what would be the use of one's Magickal name? Magickal name is the name of the Higher Self, that part of you responsible for Magick. Knowing the name of your Higher Self refers to the ability to control the HS. But it also has a much more pragmatic use.

Living the life
We are humans with all advantages and disadvantages of being such way. Sometimes we lie, sometimes we don't even know what we want, most of the time we have to do things we hate. Most of the time we are short-sighted about our wishes.
Try to think, what would happen if anything we wished…

Please support Quareia, new free on-line Magick school

I myself like the idea a lot, plus it comes from two very skilled occult practitioners.

EM is back!

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All data from are there, so nothing is lost, accounts and everything work as before :).