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Fasting fail

So, yesterday I finally screw up the fast...The morning started really well as already described and the day went well, too, then I did what I believe was the main mistake. I thought that Psyllium can improve greatly on the cleansing process so I took it (at around 4PM), as it turns out, it's not a so good idea if some food doesn't follow and since that time I felt really, really weird.For the rest of the day I experienced suffering and I was contemplating greatly on the whole fasting thing and the idea of balanced diet (combination of food, air, light and sleep). When I came home I was in agony!!!So, I got home, had a coffee with my wife and during the chat I found out she didn't eat much today which made me thinking of food even more. Then I decided to do something I originally intended to do on Sunday, I took the scale and found out I didn't lose even 1 gram during the 2 days long fast. So at 11PM I finally succumb to the idea of cancelling the fast and went to the …

Fasting continues

This is the second day of my "no food" fasting so let's sum up the first day.First of all it went much smoother than expected, I didn't have to use Psyllium and and I felt pretty energetic the whole day. Only issue was that my time perception sped up so now an hour feels like 2 for me, that's kinda bad. I finished the day with Five Tibetans and got ready to sleep, that's when the real hell started. It happened to me a couple of times that while falling asleep I suddenly became fully awake and grasping for air, this was usually resolved by one deep inhale, yet this problem persisted for about 2 hours and when I finally fell asleep, it was way after 1 am.This morning I woke up a bit late, but against common odds I got up without that numb and confused feeling I usualy have right after waking up. Yeah, and my stomach is already fully empty, which means nothing prevents the "fumes" from it to go up and causing a weird taste in mouth, hopefully another s…

Spiritual fasting

So, today I am a week of a complete fast, no food till Sunday. Let's see how that works out :D.

To put some information in, I have prepared a formula I will keep repeating during my meditations instead of my normal incantation to better accommodate to the time without food and to get from the fasting what I need to get from it (same as in case of conscious breathing and conscious eating, you need to direct that process somewhere).

I also know it's not a good idea to have an empty stomach the whole time, so I have bought some Psyllium, let's see how that one works out :).

Some updates

So, I am working on the planetary servitors project now, last week I managed to create 6 out of 7 servitors (I overslept on Sunday and didn't manage to create the Sun servitor).

I will keep charging the servitors this week (and fortunately create the last remaining one on Sunday), then I will vectorize their seals so I can print them and laminate them.

For now, the Moon servitor gives me quite a patronizing attitude, as an overprotective mother. Mars servitor is quite mean but can send the message across, Mercurial servitor gives me some sort of rush, very hard to stop thoughts in that mindset. Jupiterian servitor didn't show much yet and Venusian servitor brought quite a lot of unwanted attention in my direction (women seemed to be watching me a bit too much).

As for the Saturnian servitor, it is still undecided what his use might be, so far I managed to oversleep one day :D.