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About Crowley's addiction

A lot of controversial information is known about Crowley and when anyone mentions his name, people frequently mention his addiction to heroin and opiates. Like this was the cover that hides all his successes, qualities and truly iron dedication to the occult.The problem is that Aleister Crowley was many things, but not a druggie. Opiates (including heroin) weren't illicit drugs in his time, they were drugs prescribed by doctors for the cure of things like asthma, stress, depression, diarrhea. It was much later when medical society recognized heroin's side effects as too horrible to be an official cure, but some anti-diarrhea drugs still contain a minimal amount of heroin.Crowley also mentioned his addiction quite frequently in his notes, he used heroin for a longer period of time, so he was very addicted to it on a physiological level. According to his notes he was trying to fight this addiction on a regular basis, but heroin is a very horrible enemy of the will when it comes…

Ancestry work

I keep hearing about the importance of ancestry work in Magick, about how it is the gate into Magick itself.Come on, people, Crowley didn't do any ancestry work, same goes for Papus, Levi, Spare. Yet all of them were pretty skilled and powerful magi.If your paradigm counts with ancestors then yes, they are important in your practice, for other paradigms, not so much. The thing is we all are different individuals with different practices, there is no key concept that would be same for all of us, some venerate ancestors, some worship deities, some conjure demons, some draw stuff on a piece of paper, and everyone can obtain the power.

Bad omens: continuation

So, people following me for some time know about a post from 9th of January where I was talking about 2 bad omens, a dream about a 5 legged horse and a shattered glass that fell on me during a bus trip to work.If I think about it now, the meaning of these omens was pretty obvious. Regarding the 5 legged horse it meant the additional leg, something useless that must be removed. Regarding the shattered window my very first thought was: "Damn, that driver will most certainly be fired".So, here is a continuation of what happened next. This Friday (16th of January) I had a pretty bad argument with my manager, so bad that I was seriously considering to curse him. The argument itself appeared repeatedly in my mind, always partially dragging me into the mental battle. This ended up callin BANRABISHU a couple of times during the weekend.On Monday I have finally decided to do something about it, so I make a sigil, but not to screw my manager but to simply improve my work situation. To…

Forums: Occult Dictionary

A neat dictionary of occult terminology that is updated on a pretty regular basis.

Refound ability

So, I am sitting in the pub, waiting for the train, watching one guy playing the gambling machines and then I noticed one machine "shining" differently, in the past I had an ability to know which machine will let me win, and I knew it via the different "look" the machine had. So I go to the machine, put in 20 CZK (about $1) and after about 5 mins of a game I win 400 CZK (about $20).

Cyber Magick

What is Cyber Magick?
Cyber Magick is a quite recent sub-genre of Chaos Magick, putting the every day technology into the use. It also contains some pseudo-technological jargon, e.g. a brain together with spine is called a cpu, but I would like to rather focus on the functional part of this paradigm. After all, you can call your hocus pocus whatever you want, as long as it works.Tradition
The main idea behind Cyber Magick is that technology can be used the same way as any occult tool to accomplish your desires. If you think about it, when swords and mirrors were originally used for Magick, they were normal every day items, but the society evolves and Cyber Magicians think this should apply to the occult, as well. From this point of view the traditional forms of Magick looks a little bit dogmatic.To describe the mentality of Cyber Magick a little bit more, imagine that your old TV or PC monitor would break, but instead of throwing it away, you would use its screen as a scrying device, …

If Gandhi Took A Yoga Class

I usually do not post humorous videos, but I think this one is quite a spot on:

Messing around with Namtillaku

So, recently I keep hearing about how great ancestors are, how important they are in Magick, etc, so I decided to give it a try, and of course my middle man is no one else than Namtillaku.Dingir.

First test was conducted today in the bus on the way to the work, preliminary incantations were said silently together with Namtillaku's word of power: BANUTUKUKUTUKKU.

As the next part I have imagined a big open space with a giant dining table with white clothing where all my ancestors could sit next to me and give me advices. I think this settings was a part of the problem, as the voices were very silent, as coming from the distance. In the final conclusion I got an impression that I should focus more on the exercises (physical and metaphysical ones) and also that a theory of evolution has some mutually exclusive conclusions. I would say that it doesn't mean that evolution is fake, it rather means it works a bit differently than understood now, which I think is completely understand…

Speak about bad omens

So, I know I didn't post anything in the while, I was trying to figure out what article I could write, but today something awesome happened to me. It starts boringly with a dream, but keep with me, the end is better.So today I had a dream that one of my horses was lying on his side. I came closer to him to figure out what happened and as I am trying to figure out what is stuck in his chest and then I finally figured it out, that horse had 5 legs.Horse with 5 legs can mean more things, for me personally it is a bad omen, now I will stop describing the dream and tell you what happened in real life. That will be something worth reading.So, today, as I was sitting in the bus to Roudnice, trying to interpret that dream, something extraordinary happened. A couple of yards before my stop the bus crossed the path with a truck and 3 side windows of the bus got scattered, I was sitting right next to the second one and fortunately enough I have noticed what is happening, grabbed my bag and j…

Forums: Advice on exorcism, magic and invocation towards health

First of all, this is a new segment I would like to introduce to you called Forums. In this segment I will post a link to forum threads I find interesting and will also share some of the original post of the thread.

toothfairy wrote:

to make a long story short I recently spent several years following a Teacher of Meditation very closely, my whole life was dedicated towards the system of his linage, a mix of Qi gong/Meditation/Tai Chi. 

I have witnessed several teachers within the system to possess quite interesting qualities, such as transfer and manipulation of energies from distance ( subject being thrown great distance without touch etc ). My point is that they definitely possess a great understanding into the nature of manipulating energy, on many levels, exorcising and controlling spirits is considered daily business. 

A teacher and student within this system goes through hard mind training ( not unusual with 4-5 hours of training per day) and normally one is not allowed to teach …