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Faking psychic abilities: Fake masters

Talk about fake masters about why you shouldn't waste your money on them.

New web

I have found a good webhosting and started already working on the CMS system for the new website. It takes a long time because most of my spare time is taken by my practices plus the web development changed a lot since my last endeavors with php. So I am currently learning php 5, mysql 5 and html 5 (with css 3) during the process.Generally I am very happy, php finally solved the problems with the sql injection via prepared statements, mysql got a lot faster and supports transactions and procedures now and html 5 even supports x3dom (so be sure to expect some cool 3d content on my new site).Plus I will get a lot of space from the webhosting so I will be able to host a lot of external sites and blogs, as well. So stay tuned and expect to be amazed :-D.

Getting annoyed

I am getting a little bit annoyed regarding the Blogger, I think I should write my own CMS system where I could separate the blog and articles and also put articles into appropriate categories with a possibility of translation to foreign languages.Well, it is possible to translate my articles here, but with a very shady ability to categorize my articles and with a very bad SEO possibilities.I also don't want to use commonly available content management systems because general solutions always sucked imho.Well, first of all I have to find a good webhosting provider.

Physical manifestation

What is a physical manifestation
Physical manifestation is purpotedly an event when a spirit attains a physical form during which it can freely communicate and interact with the Magician or anyone around.We split the physical manifestation into two categories: full manifestation and partial manifestation.Full manifestation is when the spirit is fully materialized, its whole body is visible and the manifestation is consistent (stable). Partial manifestation can be arms, legs, head, shoulders, usually also flowing from one body part to the other one during the course of the evocation.Concerns regarding physical manifestation
I am not a big fan of the idea of spirit being "materialized", I would rather explain it as "Astral light being densified to the point of being visible" than "assemling particles to the form of a spirit". It's true that I was able to achieve only a partial manifestation, never a full one, but I doubt the process is any different. Wh…