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Rune Magick

April, the month of Rune Magick has started, so I will be going for the month-long training.

More information about Armanen runes can be found here:

First scrying evocation: Anael

Who is Anael
Anael is one of angels of Venus. He is associated with the Fire element and he is called the messenger of God. anael's field of work are visions, messages, predictions, simply contact with the divine. That's also why Anael should be the first one to be evoked through a black mirror.First scrying evocation
Prepare your incantation. Make sure you call Anael a couple of times and you ask him to bless the mirror to give you messages through him.Mirror should be placed in an angle so you can see a reflection of your face (scrying bowls and crystal balls do not have this requirement). Your environment should be completely dark except two candles placed on the sides of the mirror. Play around with the position of the candles, your reflection in the mirror should be neither too sharp nor too vague. The reason is that your mind needs some reference point in the mirror to start with but having too sharp reflection will beat the idea and too vague image won't give you th…

Evocation through smoke

Smoke evocations are probably the most used ones in ceremonial magick. The setup is simple, has a lot of variations and can be done with any level of experience.Idea behind the smoke
Many Magicians believe that to have a visible contact with an entity, one needs a physical vessel to operate upon. For that purpose sensitive mediums were used to get possessed by the entity and hadle the message. Unfortunately this method makes the whole ritual fraud accessible. Is the medium a real deal? Can we really identify a genuine medium. In the second grade I gave you few tips about how to recognize suggestible Somnambulic subjects, but it can happen that some fraud will know Mesmerism or will be lucky enough to pass the test, so naturally we had to come up with something to get rid of our human oracle.Naturally, the next step were inanimate objects (animals are not very good mediators). But what object is light enough and easy to manipulate, after all we usually do not possess the power to craft…

Dream invocation

What is a dream invocation
We have already learned about invocation, so let's talk about one specific branch of this practice, the dream invocation.Dream invocation is a bit misleading term because this practice is more similar to evocations than invocations, except the evoked entity is commanded to appear in your dream, it is invoked into the dream but there appears external to your "dream body".Basic usage
Some entities are supposed to give us some information or knowledge. This means we are somehow expected to actually communicate with entities, to exchange information with them. This can be done either through higher senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc) or through tools (mirror, pendulum, ouija board, tarot...).Tools like tarot are too general for the exchange of specific information, pendulum is a bit one-sided and ouija is not suitable for longer communication (plus most of us need at least one another person for ouija to work).Black mirror is not a bad tool, …

Basic invocation

What is an invocation
Invocation is a process od summoning entities "inside" ourselves. Evocation calls the entity so we can make our demand. Invocation calls the entity within so we can temporarily or permanently gain new abilities or boost older ones.Sometimes during the invocation it happens the Magician becomes temporarily possessed by invoked entity and starts talking without conscious control. This memory is usually lost after the consciousness is regained, actually dreams and possessions are related so based on how well you remember your dreams, you will also remember your possessions. You can also use a recording device during your invocations to check later.Simple form of invocation
A simple way how to attune yourself to the entity and slowly gain its abilities is using its name as a mantra, repeating it again and again through the day. Most usual names for this use are names of deities, e.g. YHWH, IAO, Eheieh Asher Eheieh, AGLA. Sometimes the mantra can also contai…


I guess it's time for me to react on recent events on Ukraine.According to recent news UA soldiers were killed in Krym by Russian soldiers. Before I continue I would like to say I do not support neither of these countries so you don't think I am defending someone.What happened today?
Krym chose to separate from Ukraine and join Russian Federation.Suddenly few UA soldiers dies in Krym and Kyjev's INTERFAX informs attackers were Russian soldiers and current prime-minister (who became a prime-minister through revolution) yells about it. Later someone else says the attackers probably were not Russian soldiers but some of our news somehow "forgot" to inform about that...If Krym is going to join Russia soon, wouldn't it be a stupid step of Putin to invade it? It seems more reasonable that Kyjev took some action to look it this way, after all they are against the separation of Krym from Ukraine.But frankly I don't know. Kyjev's news says something, Krym'…

How to recognize a spirit's presence

To detect the presence of spirits at your home or ritual space is crucial ability. It is crucial for the success of the operation, it is crucial for your health, your sanity, and it can be crucial for saving your life, as well.Strange occurences
When things fall from the table, television switches on and off no matter what or your wardrobe sings, it certainly means there is some spirit present (or it can also mean you should stop doing drugs). The thing is that this usually doesn't happen, spirits do not usually levitate tables, pets, mother-in-laws... they do not break vases, windows, they do not turn on and off TVs and they certainly won't pay for your cable to watch adult movies. It can happen (and sometimes this happens during the rituals), but most of the time symptoms of having a spirit companion are more subtle.Feelings
The flow of a wind in closed room, feeling like someone's watching you from behind, tapping your shoulder, touching your back, sometimes there are a…

Strange healing occurence...

Yesterday I accidentally cut my nail, creating a deep little pocket in it. You know, that sort of the thing you must be careful not to rip off accidentally else you have a big problem. This happened to me in the morning.During the evening I wanted to show it to my friend to have some laught about it (the accident was kinda funny) just to find out the nail is completely healed.Now I don't know what just happened. Well, my regeneration is kinda funny, often I have starting symptoms of being sick which then just disappears, but I didn't expect this level of regeneration...

3rd Grade, Week 2: Eyeless evocation

What is the evocation
Evocation is a practice of summoning spirits to appear outside of you as opposed to invocation which calls spirits inside yourself (more of that later).Will the spirit be visible
For the spirit to be visible you either have to develop a specific clairvoyant sight or the spirit has to manifest physically (we will learn that later). For now we will have to stick with "feeling the spirit's presence", we will have to stick with eyeless evocation.What is an eyeless evocation
Eyeless evocation is a ritual performed with a closed eyes. During the ritual you will have feelings of "there is someone in this room with me", actually there will be multiple signals, as we specified before, there are always a lot of lurking spirits around rituals.
This feelings you will have will allow your mind to get to the gnostic state, right frame of the mind to perform Magickal practice. The reason is that the feeling of someone being in your space and you cannot r…

3rd Grade, Week 2: Preparing own incantations

What is an incantation
An incantation or enchantment is a charm or spell created using words. An incantation may take place during a ritual, either a hymnor prayer, and may invoke or praise a deity. In magic, occultism, and witchcraft it is used with the intention of casting a spell on an object or a person and may employ the use ofpharmakeia. The term derives from Latin"incantare" (tr.), meaning "to chant (a magical spell) upon," from in- "into, upon" and cantare"to sing". --WikipediaWhat to expect
This grade is mainly about evocations so that will be our focus here. Sorry there won't be much detail for anything else but readers can hopefully fill these gaps with logic.Existing incantations
Probably every grimoire has its own incantations, most famou probably being the Bornless ritual from Goetia (most probably Crowley's addition, but I can be mistaken).Grimoires usually ask you to memorize their incantations, which actually isn't a…

3rd Grade, Week 2: Magickal prayer

What is a Magickal prayer
According to Papus the Magickal prayer is the most pure and divine version of Magick ceremony, as such it shouldn't be done regularly but only during special occassions so it doesn't become a mindless and boring habit, but always stems from the heart.How to perform the Magickal prayer
First of all, I am going to present my modified version here, if any of you want to learn the original, you should study Papus' amazing work.First of all, the prayer is a ritual, check for the basic format of rituals as described in previous section regarding preparation and finishing of the ritual (centering, grounding, casting the circle, etc), as for the content of the ritual, you stand facing a direction of East, or North, or black mirror, or a chair and you pray to the force you believe in (God, deities, spirits, Chaos, life current, whatever...).I understand this might look too simple, but it really isn't. Your words should come directly from your heart, wh…

3rd Grade, Week 2: Charging the black mirror

Now it's time to charge our mirror. The mirror, just like any Magickal tool, must be "yours", it must become a part of your Self. First part of this process is hidden in the creation of the mirror, tools you craft with your own hands have a much bigger sentimental value then things you simply buy and more time you spend with crafting and decorating your items, more valuable these items will be for you.Put your mirror in the front of yourself, you can be sitting, standing, the mirror can be on the table, floor, simply anywhere. My personal approach is to sit down and place the mirror on my lap, that makes me more sentimental for me.Now it's time to let your mirror absorb your magnetic and electromagnetic fluids. Place your right hand just closely above the mirror, waving over the mirror as if you were petting its surface (don't touch the surface, have your hand just above it). Don't make the movement regular, use different patterns, speed, play with it as if y…

3rd Grade, Week 1: Basic format of the rituals

For a successful ritual we need to fulfill a list of procedures (no virgin sacrifice included, duh). So, first of all let's make the checklist:-preparation
-finishToo general? Well, let's take a look at these parts in depth:Preparation
Preparation starts with a pen and paper. You write down the intended outcome and then starts an annoying process of research... can I use some servitor for my purpose? Is there one already available or need I create one? Does the tradition I am borrowing from have any conditions required to call the servitor, e.g. a specific planetary time, incenses, color decorations? How many of these can I cheat?After the study is done and conditions filled or bent for the purpose we can start with the pre-ritual preparations:
1. centering and grounding
2. casting the circle around us to make us look more visible in the spiritual world
3. invoking/inviting deities/angels/demons/forces/divinity/whatever to gain spiritual authorityFor centering and…

3rd Grade, Week 1: Alphabet of desire

What is the alphabet of desire
Alphabet of desire and simply a collection of pre-made sigils that can be used to quickly form a new Sigil.
The idea is to save some time and also to gain some additional punch in your Magick by actually re-using the Sigils, charging them stronger and stronger, plus it looks like some mystical occult alphabet, which is cool, too.How to make your own AoD
Let's start traditionally, make a list of opposing aspects: yours can look like something like this:Love/Hate
.Continue till you run out of ideas.
Notice that some things on my list do not seem to be opposing, the reason is that we all are individuals and what's opposing to me doesn't need to be opposing for you (I also did it so you won't just copy/paste it instead of doing actual work).After your list is finished, make a Sigil for each and every force on the item, that means do a Sigil for Love, for Hate, etc, til…