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Leashing your desires

What are desires Desires are great thing. Some of them can easily overgrow you and become demons (bad habits). Whether we talk about smoking or masturbation (overgrown sexual desires), these can be easily commanded. Projecting the desire First thing you have to do is to wait for the desire to manifest. As the next part you should make the desire external (project it in front of yourself). Think, how would the desire look like when it was an entity? In this point you might also get some sort of a vision, eg sexual desire can look like small fat nasty man with perverted smile. Getting upper hand Once you got to this point, you have few options. You can eg banish the entity to make it lose control over your body. Or you can bind the entity into prepared custom sigil and power word, creating a servitor. Or you also can emit it into the absorption sigil to get rid of it forever. Archetypes of desires Human behavior does not change a lot during ages, we have some desires that are

Might be my new project?

I am currently playing around with an idea to create a sort of a frame that would allow any sigil placed inside to multiply itself till it achieves its goal.

Recent events

Last few days were very rich when it comes to occult phenomena. For example on Friday, during my bus trip to the office, I had a very vivid vision when I was meditating. In the office the bus and all the cars on the road disappeared and the road was full of snow. After about 10 minutes after this vision, the snow storm started. During the weekend I had seen blue flash coming from my fingers a couple of times. I don't exactly know what it was, but I am sure it wasn't hallucination, it did emit light.

Charging sigils

Introduction This is one of the most active topics in Sigil Magick: How to charge sigils properly. There are various death postures, breathing and meditation exercises, even drug abuse. Reason is to enter the gnostic state to quickly charge it. Then you usually have to quickly forget about the sigil and its purpose not to interrupt work of your unconsciousness. Lazy charging This is my personal approach I have developed over the years based on works of Spare, Frater UD and even Patrick Dunn. Partial influence also came from my original system of choice, Enochian Magick. Everything is in mind Most important thing you have to understand is that route for success and route to failure is heavily based on your mind. Your tastes and also your expectations are limiting factors. Esthetic feeling is also very important, I am going to present my approach but make sure to modify it or use different approach if it doesn't suit you. Feel free to experiment. What do we need First of a