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Salamander Experiment: Gematria

I was still thinking why my HGA recommended me using ELTASA instead of ELUTASA so I checked what Gematria can say about those two words. ELUTASA has value of 417, nothing special with that range. ELTASA has value of 217, same value as for God of Fire, also Atem Ra, Logos.

Salamander Experiment: Little delay

For lack of time I chose to continue with the experimentation during the weekend, at least I will have more time to suitable preparations.

Salamander Experiment: Settings and first day

I made a decision to do a salamander conjuration to test and learn new method of conjuring entities.

Key Objectives
Learn mirror conjuration with aid of smokeSummon a fire elemental with the new methodMeet a friendly and loyal salamander and gain his namePreparation
After discussing the topic with HGA I chose following settings:
Slighly charged black mirror placed on the base for correct positions and incense stick placed so the smoke will be placed just in the front of the center of the mirror. Three lit candles as a source of fire, two of them being placed on the sides of the mirror and one just below the tip of the incense stick, one unlit candle just below the stick to be lit by the conjured Salamander. No other source of light in the room except those three candles.
ELUTASA word of power created for this conjuration.

The ritual
I stood in the front of the mirror and prayed to God to cleanse the room of all negativity and to watch over the ritual. Then I stated my wish fo…

Traditional way of working with Sigils

I decided to create an article about how to work with Sigils as originally intended by A. O. Spare.
Sigil is a result of "encrypting" a message or intent so it can get past the psychic censor and get implanted directly into our unconsciousness. Sigil can be visual or audial, hidden in picture, sound, mantra or even in a book. Sigil can also be a gesture or feeling but in this article we will focus on visual Sigils.

What is a psychic censor
Psychic censor (sometimes called Holy Guardian Angel) is a filtering mechanism attached to the communication channel between conscious and unconscious mind. This psychic censor is believed to filter all Magick related communication to assure security of the person. Desires are not the only problem, without psychic censor, your fears could manifest as well.

Theory behind Sigils
After our intent is sigilized (transformed into Sigil), we have to temporarily disable the censor. This is done be reaching altered state of consciousness…

Recent info

My girlfriend is out of danger now, she will be kept in the hospital till Friday for observation and then she will be sent home. It seems the accident had no external influence, which is good :).
I am not still fully back but I will start posting again.

Personal issues

I need to withdraw from on-line life for a while. My girlfriend had a car accident and I need to fully focus on that case, so I want to say sorry to each of my clients, I cannot do the bidding now.
After healing is done I will search whether there was some external influence and if I find someone, I will collect heads.

Chaotic Self-Initiation into Magickal Practice

Introduction I wanted to give my readers some way how to enter the world of Magick, the point was to create Self-Initiation that would be powerful enough but wouldn't drag those initiated into any dogma. Path of MHP, the middle path, is the path of personal choice and no one walking this path should be limited by false beliefs, dogmatic orders or binding oaths.

Why Chaos? I chose Chaos to be the source of the initiation for a couple of reasons. First of all Chaos is neither good nor bad, Chaos simply cannot be categorized, that's why it is Chaos, after all.
Second reason is that Chaos doesn't signify any kind of order, in other words, it doesn't correspond to any dogma.
Third reason is the connection between Primal Chaos and THE ALL. These two terms go for the same thing, just one causes the fear within us and the second one creates respect.
Requirements For the purpose of the ritual you will need one candle and Chaostar as a reference point. Instead of Chaostar you c…

Experimentation with Okirot

Yesterday I ordered Okirot to bring me visions about future. Some visions arrived but without much sense.
After falling asleep I had a dream where someone was asking me what his food is missing... It was the smell.Today I opened newspaper and read that our famous chef doesn't believe in future of our traditional kitchen. The food he was talking about was the one from my dream...
Well, Mr Chef, learn how to cook it properly, then it will improve :-D.Okirot needs some more practice before I release him for public use.