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During my practice I have changed my methods a couple of times and it turns out that I forgot a lot of useful stuff and now I am recalling these... Rapport with Marbas is slowly progressing and I am beginning to see now that there won't be any increasing healing ability. Instead of that I am finding more and more sources about normal and alternative medicine and self-help manuals. I guess that Marbas is more of a doctor than a witch-doctor :D. It's not the result I wanted but it's still a result I found impressive. Note to self: Read past notes in journal from time to time, there are many forgotten techniques that are waiting to be used again.

Note to remember

Make 3 prayers for Marbas daily, for morning, noon and evening Working on the curriculum, don't forget to finish the tarot part for third week Holding brick breaking contest on weekend, don't forget to obtain some bricks

Arion Runes: Eh, Gibor, Results

Eh rune During practicing eh rune, I had a feeling of "push", like some physical object was pressing against my left hand Gibor rune Energy felt like water, slowly flowing downward through fingers and through legs to the ground. Results and overview I have done a 18 days long experiment, one day for each rune. I have certainly felt different energies during the experiment and these energies were certainly external, not going from my body but rather through my body, which was very refreshing experience, especially because current energy-work methods are mainly internal based, often causing rather false biofeedback than any results. As for results, I would say that one day for each rune was not enough, a week sounds more reasonable for perceiving these different energies and adapting my energy body to it. But generally I have become stronger, muscles didn't really grow, but everything now seems being lighter, easier to lift, easier to use, easier to bend. Overall I

Making rapport with Marbas: My depiction

Yes, I know, I cannot draw :-D

Arion Runes: Bar, Laf, Man

Bar rune Practicing the Bar rune was a very interesting experience. Different energy had flown to each hand, placement of the energy was also different. In the left hand the energy seemed to be placed in wrist, in right hand it was in a center of the palm. Distributing the energy across the body was a bit complicated, two different had to mix and I also had troubles getting energy in the left hand to leave the wrist. Laf rune This energy was warm, but not much, having lower resonation than other energies, but very pleasant. Man rune Strong enegy flowing through thumb, index finger and middle finger, I could actually feel the shape of Man rune in my hand, the energy felt as having some plasticity.