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So, yesterday I wanted to keepo the change for the coffee on the station so during the train trip I have created a sigil mantra on the fly not to be met by the ticket inspector and he just went by.Today I needed to exchange the bill to get some change for the coffee so I used the same procedure but for the opposite effect, and I met the ticket inspector and bought the ticket.How probable that is? :-D

Magick is meant to be used

Many people nowadays take Magick as something abstract, mystical, thinking you can reach higher wisdom and mystical experiences by reading about it.If you want a good read, go for The Discworld. If you want to improve your life or even get yourself out of the dump, do Magick.Magick is a tool, created for some purpose, and as a tool, it wants to be used for that one purpose. Consider a knife, the tool created for cutting. It wants to cut and it doesn't matter whether you use it to slice bread, carve into wood or use it for the self-defense, that's its purpose. But you won't make the knife to sing, it doesn't sing. Grab the knife into the hand and feel its resonance, try to hear what it wants you to do, feel your hand trembling, slowly waving the knife, letting it's blade taste the air moving around it, trying to fulfill its destiny, its purpose.It's the same with Magick. Magick is a tool and has a purpose. Many New Age practitioners tried to use Magick for somet…


Today I am stuck on the Agile training for the whole day. It's one of those 101 introductions where you aren't going to find out anything new anyway, just 8 hours of boredom...Well, good time to mess with people's minds :-D

Slowly becoming a habit

So, I have another 48 hours waking state behind, night upgrade of OS turned into disintegration of the kernel and a complete loss in the boot loader, which gave me quite alive night, few coffees and led to the unresolved problem and another day without sleep.Thanks to the night I got some energy back (dunno why, I am just more alive during nights) and also made me experience something Io have totally forgotten, human mind :-D, that thing that makes it hard to focus on one distinct task for hours straight and keeps jumping back and forth across gibberish ideas that has no real value, just idle processing that occupies the mind of untrained person.Man, feeling human sucks indeed.

Readings results.

So far I got a feedback from 3 people out of 6, so far the feedback is very positive, in some aspects it was actually even a very accurate hit. Still waiting for the rest of the feedback.

Two out of six.

I got the feedback for a very last reading I did yesterday, another hit :D. I am happy for that one as it certainly felt off yesterday, I guess I shouldn't do so many readings in one day.


I had a nearly complete article and I accidentally pressed the custom function button just next to the dot key (being on the mobile).
Settings for the mobile appeared and effectively erased half of the article.I will complete the article in about 10 hours (after work) but GODDAMMIT!

Few fundamental mistakes in Magick

Only my tradition is the real one
Nope. People of different traditions and practices can easily achieve same results. It's not even true that some traditions are better for something and worse for something else. If you find some tradition that really suits you, you will be able to do anything with it.Only chasing enlightenment is the right path
Well, reaching enlightenment is possible only through selfless and devoted practice, I am sorry but that's not really possible if you are consciously chasing the enlightenment because that's selfish, practicing to gain the ascension is a selfish act. Not helping others because you are saving energy for you enlightenment is even more selfish. Rather than that do stuff for yourself, it will have better results in means of enlightenment than this.Magick is based on the subconsciousness
Simply no. All worlds, whether physical, mental, emotional, astral or spiritual, are merged together. Is Magick part of the subconsciousness? Yes, same…

And just like that...

And just like that I overslept.Those 6 readings yesterday really exhausted me. Hopefully I was able to get out of the house in 20 minutes after waking up, but man, my body feels crushed without the morning exercises :-D.I have already got the first reply, one of my last readings was a hit, I have also got a good lesson about some different meanings about the symbology because I misinterpreted one of the symbols I saw, still, I wasn't off too much :-D.I need to recover myself during the bus trip, if I manage to do so in time, I will write an article about urban legends and misconceptions in Magick.


I did about 6 readings today to catch up on the delay I had. Some people really waited for 6 months to get the reading.

Well, not much win, I guess I was mixing the readings a lot in the end, I think I overdid it.

Well, let's see what the feedback will be like :).

Sigil design

What is a sigil design?
Sigil design is a personal way of an individual using Sigil Magick. It's the style one develops through frequent use of Sigil Magick. The design is influenced by the method a practitioner uses for the Sigil creation, his personal background and also his personal tastes.Some Sigils are drawn.with a lot of curls, some contain flowers, crosses (as in old grimoire books), some are more smooth or sharp, some are even used as a filling within geometric symbols (mostly rectangles and circles, but squares and triangles can also be found, rarely even more complex geometry can be found), some are symmetrical in two or more sides.The design can also be used as an individual's signature. If you see your friend's Sigil you should be able to recognize its origin based on the design. Sometimes the Sigil even clearly gives away the intent without any use of clairvoyant and scanning techniques.Why is the Sigil design important?
Sigil design influences the success of…

Progress so far

For now it looks like there will be some snow soon (according to the weather forecast) so I won't interfere now.I started practicing 5 Tibetan rites again and I would say my meditation sessions improved thanks to that, I am able to achieve relaxed state more easily and quickly, as well.For the Astral projection I have to start going to the bed sooner than I am used to as I need more time to get to the projection state, which is kinda hard for me considering that my sleep cycle is greatly influenced by my offspring.

Body troubles

My meditation practice improved a lot, I am able to become more relaxed during the session. On the other side it also takes more time to regain the full control over my body after the meditation. It's like being in a half-asleep body, you can move with certain muscles to the extent (relaxed muscles feel heavier than usually) but you still miss some precision of movement.This week's agenda:
- going for Astral projection
- finish the readings people ordered 6 months ago!!!
- research current weather forecast (if there is no snow planned for the weekend then add it)
- start practicing 5 Tibetan rites again (being lazy lately)

Simple daily practice

So, this is the basic invocation I was talking about recently.You know, saying:ZI DINGIR ANNA KANPA,
ZI DINGIR KIA KANPArepeatedly is fine, but unless you know the meaning it will have the minimum effects. So I have come with a simple litany that can be used during the day and that has a clear message of what do you want to achieve:"Spirits, beings of the Light and the Darkness, don't forget about me, stand by my side and do my Will."Simple, compatible with all 3 paths in Magick, easy to remember and gets strictly to the point, to gain the spiritual authority. In that manner it's actually better than ZI DINGIR, as ZI DINGIR only calls the spirits of heaven and earth so they remember. But you know, you can actually remember someone while not really giving a damn about him. This litany makes your fellow spirits a bit more pro-active.

My normal sleeping cycle is back

I managed to restore my normal sleeping cycle, but it was certainly a difficult task, remember that day I omitted sleep? I got back home, went to the bed and once again I could't fall asleep.It turns out this problem arrived after an impromptu banishing I did a couple days ago. This procedure created an energetic field around my bedroom that caused I was too full of energy while in the room. Yesterday all my energy finally ran out and the field finally disappeared, on the other side I was pretty useless yesterday, like a zombie.This field accident was a pretty odd occurence, I remember doing the sacred chamber ritual, then my new invocation and then setting up the sphere around the bedroom AND. Specifying the duration time of the sphere which somehow didn't work as expected. I guess I have to be more careful when using the invocation.Anyway, I am fully back with a couple of projects for this year:
- write down the third stage for the curriculum
- compile all of my previous art…

Vacation's over

My vacation is officially over today. I am currently going to have a sleepless night so I can fix my twisted sleep cycle (being used to sleep 6AM - 3PM during vacation). So, let's make an overview of goals I had for the spare time:

1) Enjoy time with my family: partially done. I spent a lot of time with my son but frankly as soon as he felt asleep I went for the drink.
2) Finish the enlightenment ritual: Not even close. I have all the notes I need but I still have to compile it.
3) Read some Terry Pratchett's novels: 2 novels read, I am in about a half of the third one.
4) Write new book: He he, didn't find time for that. Maybe I will do just some compilation of my previous articles.
5) Create new invocation ritual: Done, done and done.
6) Keep up with the daily routine: Not even close. I kept doing the Five Tibetan Rites for about the first five days of the vacation, then my lazy self kicked in and training regime was over. I kept with the meditation exercises though and …