Some updates

So, I am working on the planetary servitors project now, last week I managed to create 6 out of 7 servitors (I overslept on Sunday and didn't manage to create the Sun servitor).

I will keep charging the servitors this week (and fortunately create the last remaining one on Sunday), then I will vectorize their seals so I can print them and laminate them.

For now, the Moon servitor gives me quite a patronizing attitude, as an overprotective mother. Mars servitor is quite mean but can send the message across, Mercurial servitor gives me some sort of rush, very hard to stop thoughts in that mindset. Jupiterian servitor didn't show much yet and Venusian servitor brought quite a lot of unwanted attention in my direction (women seemed to be watching me a bit too much).

As for the Saturnian servitor, it is still undecided what his use might be, so far I managed to oversleep one day :D.


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