Cigarette Magick

Warning: This is an article for those who already smoke. Smoking is harmful, expensive and not very socially acceptable either. If you don't smoke, don't even start.

Ok, so from the warning I think this is obviously a smokers only article. The thing is that when you already has a packet in the pocket, there is a couple of things that cigarettes are actually good for, so let's say a thing or two about cigarettes and their use in Magick.

As we all know, cigarettes contain tobacco, a plant that was originally sacred and smoked by shamans and elders for celebration purposes, thanks to the western society it became a casual thing so many of us "celebrate" daily, some people can hold even 60 such celebrations a day :-D.

Stress oriented
If cigarettes are actually good in something, it's a stress relief. Cigarettes can get you in the right mood, get you rid of stress and help you concentrate. I think I am beating a dead horse now as all practicing smokers probably already know, but 1 cigarette before and after the ritual is a real lifesaver. Before the ritual to get ready for what is coming and after the ritual to ground and get back to the every day reality.

Smelling around
Cigarette smoke is very thick, both in appearance and in the scent, this and its spiritual neutrality makes it a perfect portable incense stick (some spirits like it more, some less, but I have yet to find one that would really hate it). This also makes it a great offering tool, one lit up cigarette put aside for whatever spirits you are working with. I think I have already described this one in the past. But what I didn't say in the past is that you can actually inscribe a seal and name of the specific spirit to offer it directly to that spirit, limiting problems with unwanted guests.

For that quick fix
Whether you want to improve your health, get rid of a headache, or maybe get some money, a sigil inscribed on the cigarette can do real wonders, just make sure you keep focused on your goal while something the aforementioned sigil enhanced cigarette. You can actually use one and the same symbol for all cigarettes in the package, making your goal more likely to come true after the whole packet was taken care of (not at once). You can use this method to e.g. help you to quit smoking.

In a very emergency cases not even a sigil is needed, just write what you need on the side of the cigarette and smoke it. I think it's needless to say that such a method is less foolproof than others aforementioned, but yeah, emergency situation often requires emergency solutions.

Forgotten inside the flames
If you have problems with forgetting about your desires, then a pack of cigarettes is a perfect solution for you (if you are a smoker), just inscribe different sigils with different meaning on all your cigarettes so you forget which is which and then smoke them in a random order, in that case you don't concentrate on the desire during smoking as you don't know it, but you rather concentrate on the sigil itself and how is it burning away, slowly directing to the vast universe to make your wishes come true.


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  2. Quite fair thoughts. I agree that it is informative and brings some value for further considerations. Time to try duty free cigarettes.
    Of course only for people who isn't going to quit.


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