Simple Sumerian Banishing Ritual

In this simple ritual we will call two entities that were given to Marduk.
Nariluggaldimmerankia, guardian of Igigi and Annunaki, enemy of all maskim and rabishu, and we will also call Asaruludu, ruler of the flame sword, giver of the perfect defense.

I am a bit tired now to give any more details, so here we go:
1) Face north and take a couple of deep breaths
2) Center and ground yourself (as described in How to begin with practical Magick article)
3) Call the word of Nariluggaldimmerankia, the word is BANRABISHU. Call this word to each direction, when you are done, turn back to north. This should clean the space of all negative energy, no matter if it consisted of negative emotions like anger, fear, frustration, negative entities like demons, larvae or some curse.
4) Call the word of Asaruludu. Proceed the same way as in step 3, call his word in each direction. His word is BANMASKIM.
5) Enjoy the effects.

This ritual is very simple, words of power can be easily memorized and the whole procedure takes just a couple of moments. It's perfect ritual to perform before you go to sleep, protecting you during the night and letting you wake up very energetic and happy.


  1. Thank you for your generosity! This ritual is simple and neat! Awesome! :)

  2. I am greatful for this small entry. but I am desparately seeking Sumerian/Babylonian Incantation, Evocation Intonation type prayer chants and rituals, something beyond the Necronomicon plethora which fills the internet. I am drawn to these dieties, and am almost at the point to try and create my own, but if something already exsists I would love to begin using it. Anyone knowing of Deep AND DARK Mesopotamian magick or anything close to it, please feel free to write me at my email

    1. Well, I know some Chaldean Magick, that's as close as you can get. Anyway, have you heard of this site?
      You can use the lexicon to build up your own incantations.

  3. the time is near to BANMASKIM

  4. Taken right out of the "Simon" "Necronomicon"


  6. Try an evocation with Asaruludu

  7. hello frater Akenu what is your experience with these two words of power. how do you feel after?

  8. Do you turn clockwise or counterclockwise for that?


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