Chaotic Self-Initiation into Magickal Practice


I wanted to give my readers some way how to enter the world of Magick, the point was to create Self-Initiation that would be powerful enough but wouldn't drag those initiated into any dogma. Path of MHP, the middle path, is the path of personal choice and no one walking this path should be limited by false beliefs, dogmatic orders or binding oaths.

Why Chaos?

I chose Chaos to be the source of the initiation for a couple of reasons. First of all Chaos is neither good nor bad, Chaos simply cannot be categorized, that's why it is Chaos, after all.
Second reason is that Chaos doesn't signify any kind of order, in other words, it doesn't correspond to any dogma.
Third reason is the connection between Primal Chaos and THE ALL. These two terms go for the same thing, just one causes the fear within us and the second one creates respect.


For the purpose of the ritual you will need one candle and Chaostar as a reference point. Instead of Chaostar you can use the Symbol of balance, as well (can be found on my blog).
You will also need some quiet place where no one will interrupt the ritual, preferably during night, dim light background is the best bet.


Take the candle and carve your name to it using a knife or hot needle, this candle will represent your life and your existence, if you want to some incense sticks, go for Santhal wood, if you want to have some background music, you can, but neither the incense nor the music is important for the ritual, selection of the music will be left up to your intuition.

The Ritual

Light the candle and make few deep inhales, relax and let your mind to focus, gaze on the symbol and start with following incantation.

"I, [your name here], a human, was created by the Primal Chaos and born to this limited world. My eyes were blinded, my ears went deaf, my tongue was cut and my skin lost the feeling. My mind was blinded with half truths and brainwashed by fanatics. My power was lost during millenniums of this existence. Now I am here to retrieve it back.
I sacrifice my eyes for the power, I sacrifice my ears for the truth, I sacrifice my tongue for the salvation, I sacrifice my life for the Chaos, come and welcome my soul back with open arms."

Extinguish the candle and close your eyes, keep silent for a moment, experience power of the moment.

"I see nothing but darkness, the darkness of my past life. I see nothing but suffering, the suffering of my heart. I see nothing but weakness, the weakness of my former existence.
Chaos, I invoke you into my body, come, return me power that was lost, open my eyes so they can really see, fix my ears so they can really hear, let my tongue grow in power of speech and fill my soul with the existence. Return me back on the path, full and complete."

Relight the candle.

"I breathe, I live, I can see and I can hear, I am back and I am complete. I am Love and I am Hate, I am Sorrow and I am Joy, I am Life and I am Death, I am Darkness and I am the Light. I am the Chaos for the Chaos flows in my veins and fills my heart. I am Savior and I am the Beast, I am demon of heavens and angel of Hell, my name is Primal Chaos and I am full, once again. I am everything that was, that is and that will be."


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